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It is Shark Week!  We love shark week in our home.  We look forward to it every year, it’s a big part of our summer break.  One thing I have noticed though is that it’s not all kid-friendly.  My 8-year-old always wants to be involved but can’t watch all of the Shark Week shows so I like to add in some fun activities and things that she will love.  It gives me a chance to add in some education as well.  We love the ocean in our home so it’s always fun when we can teach our kids about sharks and the ocean.  I have put together the Ultimate Kid-Friendly Shark Week Guide with some fun books, movies, games, gear, and recipes.  Hope you enjoy it.  Make sure to scroll to through we have a great giveaway with some really awesome prizes.

Shark Week Schedule:

Shark week is on the Discovery channel and runs from July 23rd-3oth.  They will be featuring 18 shark filled programs throughout the week! (All time are ET)

Sunday July 23rd:

7pm-Great White Shark Serial Killer Lives

8pm-Phelps Vs. Shark: Great Gold Vs. Great White

9pm-Shark-Croc Showdown

10pm-Great Hammerhead Invasion

Monday July 24th:

8pm-Shark Vortex

9pm-Return to the Isle of Jaws

10pm-Alien Sharks:  Stranger Fins

Tuesday July 25th:

9pm-Sharks and the City: LA

10pm-Sharks and the City: New York

Wednesday July 26th:

9pm-The Lost Cage

10pm-Devil Sharks

Thursday July 27th:

9pm-Shark Exile

10pm-Shark Storm

Friday July 28th:

9pm-African Shark Safari

10pm-Lair of the Sawfish

Saturday July 29th:


Throughout the day there are also great shark related episodes and shows.  We love watching it and learning all about the sharks.  Check the Discovery page for show details and ratings to determine age-appropriateness.

Shark Week Must-Haves:

Shark Week must have books:

We love to read so we added some fun Shark themed books to our Summer reading list for Shark Week.  We picked up these great titles from Quarto Knows including:

Could a Shark Do Gymnastics and Other Questions

Spot the Shark in the Ocean

Would You Rather Have a Shark for a Sister or a Ray for a Brother

Read our full review here.

Shark Week Must-Have Movie:

If your kiddos are too young to watch the Shark Week on Discovery then check out this fun shark-themed move from NCircle Entertainment.  We love Octonauts so we were super excited to check out their new title Calling All Sharks.  It fit in great with our shark themed week!

Read our full review here!

Shark Week Must-Have Gear:

Janiebee will be keeping us comfy all week with their great shark week gear.  They have a great shark themed 3 piece set that includes a nap mat, backpack, and luck sack.  It’s the perfect accessories for Shark Week.  Lay on your nap mat while reading your books and watching shark week.  Pack your books, movies, and more away in your backpack.  Pack all your fun shark week snacks in your lunch sack!  So cute!!

Read our full review here!

Shark Week Must-Have Game:

If you read our blog then you know that we have a family game night every week. So we had to find us a shark game.  We found this awesome fun-filled game from Pressman Toys called Shark Bite.  See if you can evade the shark’s bite while having a fun family game night.  The anticipation will keep you on the edge of your seat as you dive into fun with this great game.

Check out our Family Game Night here!

Shark Week Recipe:

What would Shark Week be without some fun shark themed snacks?  We made these super fun shark attack cups and my kiddos loved them!

Get the recipe here!

The Giveaway:

Hosted by:  Parenting In Progress

Co-Hosted by: Cspierdowis’ Product Review, Ms. Cat’s Honest World, & KidCongeniality

Sponsors: NCircle Entertainment, Pressman Toys, Janiebee, and Quarto Knows

Entrants must be 18 or older & US residents to eligible to win. Entries will be accepted until 8/25/17. Use the below form to enter.  We will have 4 winners of one of four random prizes:

Prize 1: Octonauts Calling All Sharks sponsored by NCircle Entertainment

Prize 2: 3 Books from (listed above) sponsored by Quarto Knows

Prize 3: 3 Piece Set  (includes nap mat, backpack, lunch sack-shark set) Sponsored by Janiebee

Prize 4: Shark Bite game Sponsored by Pressman Toys

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Winner Announced for the Sashkaco Bracelets!


The Winner for the Sashkaco Bracelets is:

Ann B. !!!!!!!!

Congratulations! I will pass on your information to Sashkaco, and they will email you with a code to order from their website.

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I am in no way affiliated with Sashkaco. They were kind enough to participate in our, I Love Daddy Giveaway Hop.



It’s time to sparkle with A Touch of Dazzles’ Joy to the World Necklace.


I love the holidays, all of them. I also love jewelry. Jewelry personalization is a lot of fun. It adds a whole new layer to the enjoyment of jewelry. I love that more companies are offering a version of clear lockets, and locket charms. A Touch Of Dazzle has a great variety of jewelry. I was very happy to get acquainted with this company. I ordered their Joy To The World Christmas Necklace Charms Locket. It is absolutely adorable, and oh so Christmassy.

They offer all types of jewelry: earrings, dangles, bangle bracelets, bracelets, charm necklaces, charm sets, necklaces, key chain charms, and even a DIY Locket Party Set. I’ve never seen a DIY party set before, for sale. What a fun idea! So many age groups would really enjoy that. A lot of their jewelry is even 18KT gold plated, or Rhodium plated, for those of you with metal sensitivities.


I absolutely love, love, love the Joy to the World necklace, I received. They have other versions of the same necklace, as well as charm packs, for purchase. The case surround is encircled with pretty, sparkly red crystals around it. It arrived nicely packaged, in a jewelry gift box. Perfect for gift giving. The necklace itself is stainless steel, which is very durable, and long lasting. It won’t turn on you, like other metals, and shouldn’t bother most people. My guys love stainless steel jewelry, as do I. The charms included with my locket are: 1 Joy to the World plate, 3 green floating crystals, 1 gold tone star, 1 wreath, 1 candy cane, and 1 Santa. I love them. Not only are they so cute, but the detail is perfect. The locket stays closed tightly due to the strong magnets used. It shouldn’t just pop open you. There is an indent on the right side of the locket, where you place your nail into it to pry it open. It’s pretty easy to do. Both sides of the locket are clear glass. The chain opens and closes via a lobster claw clasp. I find this type of clasp to be easier to do by oneself, and more reliable too. That has been my personal experience. I love that lockets like this can be changed out. You do not have to order a whole new necklace just to change the look and feeling of it. You can just order new charms. I love charms, especially ones this tiny. They add that touch of whimsy and personality that I really love. The chain on this necklace it a 22” chain with the extender. The extender has a pretty oval charm on it that states A Touch of Dazzle. Overall, this is a well made, and festive necklace. It is absolutely perfect for the holidays! I love it.


I am very, very happy with a Touch Of Dazzles’ jewelry. A Touch of Dazzle provides beautiful jewelry that expresses precious moments of happiness for Moms, daughters, friends, and everyone in between. Find all of their amazing products using the button below.  My Readers save 15% by using code: KARMAS15. Just apply this code at checkout. It’s very easy to do.


I received this as a sample. The opinions expressed are solely my own.


Check out A Touch Of Dazzles’ Jewelry!


For the ones you love and care about, treat them to something special from Touch of Dazzle. A Touch of Dazzle provides beautiful jewelry that expresses precious moments of happiness for Moms, daughters, friends, and everyone in between. Find all of their amazing products using the button below.  My Readers save 15% by using the code: KARMAS15. The jewelry is vibrant and fun, and some even provide ways to personalize them to the recipient.


Buy here with confidence! buy-now-button-1

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Time to relax. – JD Gems’ 6inch 8-9Lbs Himalayan Salt Lamp.


I am a fan of Himalayan Salt lamps. I have one that is the traditional shape, that I have seen over the years. My mom has had them for years now, and I was first introduced to them by her. I love this globe design. It is so different from what I am used to seeing, and brings a more modern flare to the scene. It is such a relaxing feature to have in home. It is not just an accent light, or night light. It helps soothe the room by causing a more relaxing atmosphere. This light is actually healthy for you as well. It is made out of Himalayan Salt. When it is warmed up by the bulb, it helps to clean and purify the air around it. In a large room, it will only get the air circulated in that area. This particular lamp is effective for a 50-80sf room. The bulb included is a regular nightlight type bulb, 25watts. So, replacing the bulb will be easy to do. The power control switch is right on the cord too. This light plugs into a regular plug, and it is just a 2 prong plug too. So, if you needed to use an extension cord, you can. The power switch is also a dimmer switch. I like being able to dim the light. I absolutely love the soft glow of this light. It really is soothing to have in the room. It’s a nice, soft glow; simply beautiful. The base on this lamp is a stained dark brown wood platform. It sits very securely on the table. Remember, this is made out of real Himalayan salt. It will not tolerate moisture or humidity, and will start to break down. So, no windows open in the room. Do not clean it with a damp cloth either. Keep it in a nice, dry place. My mom forgot about this once, with her lamp, and it started breaking apart. So, we learned this lesson the hard way. Overall, this is such a pretty light. Mine was well made, and functions as it should. It’s really pretty.

I received this for free. I was under no obligation to leave my unbiased and honest review. – JD Gems’ 6inch 8-9Lbs Himalayan Salt Lamp Globe Hand Carved from Crystal Rock Salt Nightlight on Wood Base with Dimmer Control.

If you would like to purchase this product, it can be found here on Amazon:

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Holiday decorating with ease! – PADEK’s 10PCS Pattern Lens Projection Light.


I love laser projectors. Last season was the first time I was lucky enough to use one. We all loved it so much. My mom is actually looking forward to using it this year. She has been talking about it since the Fall season hit. I love that. It really brings a level of happiness and excitement to the coming holidays. The light we already had is just the red and green colors. This light brings a whole different pattern to the game. It also has 10 different patterns to choose from. When my laser projector arrived, it already had one slide installed, and there were 9 other in the package to choose from. Also in the package was the 2 prong AC adapter to attach for power, and an information sheet. No real instruction sheet was included, and it arrives in no frill, mail order packaging. Fortunately, the light is a lot of fun! The slide already inserted upon arrival is the snowflake slide, but these are the slides that are supposed to come with this projector light: heart shape, snowflake, clover, high heel, pigeon, skeleton, maple leaf, birthday cake, Santa, Christmas tree, butterfly, and star. That is not actually what arrives. In my set, I have: 1 snowflake slide, 3 Christmas themed slides, 3 Halloween themed slides, 1 hearts design slide, 1 stars and moon designs slide, and 1 winter themed slide with wine glasses and what looks like Christmas candles. This one could be good for New Years. When on, the shapes slowly move around in circular patterns. It runs silent, which is awesome! I hate noisy products. I even like silent clocks, lol. This is a laser product, so remember when setting it up, to not look directly into the light. Make sure your kids know this as well. Now, on the top of the laser projector you will see two screws. Get out a regular sized Phillips Head screwdriver, and open this area up. This is where you change out the slides. I guessed, and I was right the first time; yea! One issue I have, is not all the shapes move around in an upright position. The hearts are pretty much sideways, but still pretty cute. My 9 year old still really loves it, and that is what matters to me the most. The LED lights that display with the shapes is always a mix of red, white, green, and blue. This unit has an IP44 waterproof rating. I can handle the weather, but not being submersed. After you change out the slide, make sure the silicone o ring is placed back correctly. Now, the plug connection is not at all waterproof. That is completely up to you. Last year I wrapped my whole plug assembly in gaffers tape, lol. It worked perfectly for me. This unit is said to be able to cover up to 2100sq ft. at 15 ft. away. I really can’t measure that out. My home is on stilts, since I live by the coast. It however would work well for a two-story home, and if you had a ranch, I would suggest one for each side. It would not cover the whole front, unless you had a small ranch with no attached garage. You can use the light indoors or outdoors. The stake screws onto the bottom, so just don’t attach it to hang mount it or for table top usage. Overall, I am very happy this light has heart, and Halloween themes, instead of just Christmas, like a lot of lights have. This light is newer to me, but so far it is running very well for me.

I was lucky enough to purchase this on sale, for my own personal use. – PADEK’s 10PCS Pattern Lens Projection Light.

If you would like to purchase this laser projector, it can be found here on Amazon:

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From Work light to Holiday Décor, this light can do the job! – LOFTEKs’ 50W LED Flood Light, and RGB Light.


LED lighting has been a saving grace in the lighting industry. It is a healthier choice, a greener choice, and an economical choice, as well. I have had the pleasure of being able to test this light out. It is a 50W LED floodlight from Loftek. It comes with a REMOTE! Love that. Remotes do make everything better. This is not only a work light though. It also has RGB possibilities to it too. So, this light is also great to dress up holidays setups, and sets, for stages and shows. With the remote you can set a timer for it to run a certain number of hours: 3, 6, 9, or 12 hours. The light is very receptive to the remote, too. It’s a breeze and a pleasure to use. This light is rated for 50,000 hours of light, and is quite weatherproof and dust proof as well, with its’ IP66 rating. The construction appears very solid. They even offer a diagram on their site to show you how it was put together. They used double O rings, an aluminum reflective plate, tempered glass, and a die cast aluminum frame, in this lights’ construction. You can both stand this light up, or hang it, as needed. It comes with a bolt to hang it, and it has a large handle that can be used for both positions. I’m really happy with how sturdy and well-built this light is.

Now, this work light has a 3-prong plug on it, and runs off of regular 110 power. It is stated to be able to run off the following input, though: AC 85V–265V. When you plug this light in, it comes on in a color, not the white light. So, make sure you do not lose the remote, lol. Although, it does have memory retention. So, if you have it o the white light when you turn it off, it will come back on in the white light. This feature is very handy. But, do not do what I did, and look at the light when you change it to the bright white light. I saw stars for such a long time, after that. This light has so many fun features. It has a total 16 color and 4 light modes (Flash / Strobe / Fade / Smooth). You can even dim the light down, as needed. It only goes so low though, so keep that in mind with this feature. Here are their instructions for using the timer feature:

“For example: Press button “3h” (light will flash twice) and then press “Enter” (light will flash twice again), it will start to count down and automatically turn off after 3 hours. If you want to stop the timer setting, press “Exit” and it will stop count down.”

It really does not come with its’ own thorough instruction booklet, but everything else is self-explanatory. The remote works distance wise, like a lot of Bluetooth devices. You really need to be within 30ft of this light for it to work, and in view, obviously. Overall, this light is pretty great. It really makes for a fun decorative light, as well as a solid work light. The white light is a bright cool white light. I do not know the actual rating for it though. The light angle it throws is about 120 degrees. This is the stated lumen count for the lights: “Output Lumen: Red 640-800LM ; Green 960-1120LM ; Blue 240-400LM ; White Triad light, no lumen value.” No clue why they didn’t state a lmen value for the white light.

  I cannot wait for the different holidays now, like Christmas, and Halloween, especially. You can really have a lot of fun with this light, lighting up a spooky scene, or a beautiful Christmas scene. The different light options really give this light a lot of usability, and the quality will ensure that it lasts. I really like this product.

I received this product for free. I was under no obligation to leave my honest and unbiased review.  – LOFTEKs’ 50W LED Flood Light.


If you would like to purchase this product, it is available here on Amazon. Also check the whole page, they currently have a buy one get one option going on:

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Finally, a comfortable pillow with a cotton cover. – Deluxe Homes’ Gel Fiber Pillows.



I am insane about the pillows I use. I use multiple. Yes, I am one of those. I was so lucky, and found these on a flash sale, so I grabbed them. Normally I am hesitant about ordering pillows online. I have had bad experiences of them arriving and reeking of chemicals, and then having an anaphylactic reaction to them. I have insane allergies, and have to be so careful about my pillows. These pillows arrived in the most comical way. The box was heavy, and smaller, so I did not expect there to be 2 queen sized pillows in it. When I opened the box, it looked like there were two large cocoons in it, I kid you not. When you open the box, you will see two tightly wrapped up pillows. Each pillow is tightly wrapped up in a roll, and held in place with saran type wrap and packing tape. Fortunately, they are made in the USA, so I wasn’t too worried. I was so surprised that after I careful unwrapped them, they popped right out into pillow form. It took like no time at all, to be fully puffed right back up. Be very, very careful unwrapping them, though. Besides peeling, tugging, at the wrap, I had to occasionally use a pair of scissors and cut my way through the wrap and tape. I was afraid I was going to cut the pillow. After unveiling them, I found them to be odor free! They were also very clean, soft, and fluffy, and quite comfortable! These are not firm pillows at all. So, if you require a firm pillow, these are not for you. You sink into these. They do spring right back, though. These are meant to be squished and held, and pulled to support your head and neck. I sleep on my side a lot, and pull the pillow down on that side to my shoulder, to fully support my neck. This can be done with these pillows. The same goes if I lie on my back. I can grab a side of the pillow and pull it down over to each shoulder, thus again, fully supporting my neck. I had full whiplash from an accident in my past, along with my constant swollen throat from my anaphylactic reactions. So, supporting my neck is very important while I sleep. The gel fibers are made out of a Micro Denier Poly Fiber. They state that it is tougher than silk fibers. I personally do not have a way to test that, lol. But, they are performing better than my all cotton fill pillows, that have fallen apart after 6 months. I am very happy with these gel fiber down alternative pillows. The stitching was all done tight and on point. My pillows had no imperfections upon arrival. They do not bother my insane number of allergies at all. The internals haven’t become all twisted and malformed from my type of sleeping with them. Overall, I am a very happy camper with these pillows.


I purchased these with my own money for my own personal use.


If you would like to purchase this product, it can be found here on Amazon:

Cutlery on the go. – Hale Baby’s Kakalu 3 Piece Stainless Steel Flatware Set.



Working on the road can be tough. Fast food ends up being your daily food intake, for the most part. Even if you prefer fast food, if you order something through the drive thru, half the time they forget your cutlery you need to it. But not only that, even if you take food with you on the road, you will still need cutlery. I, in the past, have lost many a utensil to on the road, food needs. It got to the point, where I said, no more, buy disposable utensils. Disposable utensils are convenient, only if you remember to buy them, lol. They, however, are not eco-friendly, or durable.

A set like this, from Hale Baby is very convenient. But not just for you on the road eaters, but for prepping, camping, road trips, and picnicking, to mention a few. I love how this set includes its’ own zippered storage case. The case is simple, and works perfectly. It is made out of backpack material, and has a zippered closure, which works very well. Also included in the set, which is just a perk, is a nice measuring tape, which is very convenient to own and have. It’s good to keep one in your car. I can’t tell you how many times we have been in a home improvement store, and needed to measure s piece to see if it would work. That, and with the ever changing clothing sizes, it’s good to know a measurement. My mom, last year, went clothes shopping for my bday. She bought me 4 pairs of shorts, and they were all different sizes. Same brand and model too, lol. She took a tape measure, and measured across the waist line. So, it’s very convenient to keep one in your glove compartment.


In this set you get 1 zippered case, 1 tape measure tape, 1 teaspoon, 1 fork, and 1 demitasse spoon. They are labeled and made out of stainless steel. And, they are not bendy either. I always do the bendy test. If I can bend it in my hands, then it wouldn’t last at all with my strong guys! So, they would be worthless, then. The teaspoon measures 6.69″ in length, dinner fork size is 6.77″ in length, and the demitasse spoon size is 4.8″ in length. The small spoon is great for little kids, your coffee, or as a backup spoon if you haven’t washed your regular spoon. The utensils themselves are comfortable to hold and use. It’s a great basic set, and really comes in handy. When you have a safe room for Tornados, etc., with food in it, don’t forget your utensils. A set per person, of these would be great to store. Overall, this is a well-made set. Mine arrived with no imperfections, and I think it s a very handy set to own.

I received these, at a discount. I was under no obligation to leave my unbiased and honest review. – Hale Baby’s Kakalu 3 Piece Stainless Steel Flatware Set ( Dessert Spoons, Dinner Fork, Demitasse Spoons)

If you would like to purchase this product, it can be found here on Amazon:

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