Be Holiday Ready with MOT Global’s Christmas Photo Booth Props.


Christmas time is such a fun and festive season. It brings so much joy, laughter, and creates so many wonderful memories. I really think the world is a better place during this time. Photographs are such an integral part of the holidays, too. With all of the new selfie gadgets, photos are really changing. There is a whole new perspective we are getting now. Not everyone can afford to have professional photos done for large parties, and family gatherings. I give props to these Christmas Photo Booth Props from Mot Global. Not only is this an affordable set, but they are cute, fun, and easy to use. In their set you get 52 pieces to spice up your photos with, as well as 4 festive, holiday bookmarks to use. They include the sticks, and double sided sticky tabs to attach the sticks to the props, as well.

It is so easy to attach the bamboo sticks to the props. Carefully peel one sticky dot off of the sheet, and place it onto your prop. Then, take one of the sticks, and place the end onto the sticky dot. The dots really are sticky and hold the sticks perfectly in place. I was very happy and relieved to see how well they worked. The props are made out of card stock. They all have a sheen to them as well. The colors are pretty vivid, and the props are hilarious. There are even props that can be used throughout the year. There are mustache props, pipes, bowties, a present, silly glasses, and even a tongue sticking out. These would all be appropriate for other seasons and occasions. They do, however, sell 3 other different options on their sale page, that are not Christmas themed. Overall, these are really fun, and would be great for simple photos to all out parties. We sure do love them.



I received these props for free, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. – MOT Global’s Christmas Photo Booth Props 52 Pieces DIY Kits Party Supplies with 4 Free Bonus Bookmarks


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Stapling with ease with GizmoMate’s GM-X Automatic Electric Stapler.


Whenever I think about staplers, I think about the infamous red stapler from the movie Office Space. That was hilarious. This stapler could become that for you, lol. It really takes stapling up to the next level. It even comes loaded with staples, and is ready to work right out of the box. Now they just need to offer it in red, lol. This stapler is black in color. No larger than a regular stapler. It measures only 6 7/8th” in length, and is 1 6/8th” wide. It takes the standard sized staples too (26/6 staples), so you can pick them up anywhere really, which is great. This is an electric stapler, and it uses a regular outlet. It comes with a detachable power cord, and is only a 2 prong plug. You can use this without electricity if so needed. On the bottom of the stapler there is a battery compartment. No tool is necessary to access it. This stapler can run off of 6 AA batteries. They are not included.

They state this stapler can staple up to 8000 times on one battery fill. Lol, I did not test that out. With regular weight paper, this baby can staple up to 25 sheets of paper at one time. That is huge. I hate all of my regular staplers, because I have them jam up on the paper all of the time, when I only have 2 pieces of paper to be stapled. Staplers have become a source of agitation to me, lol. So, I am loving these professional style electric staplers. They just work sooooo much better for me. This stapler staples with ease. It is easy to refill. Just press in the back of the stapler where it says push, and the compartment pops open. With two fingers, you can easily adjust the depth of the stapler, too. The tabs are on each side of the stapler. Just pull them out to your desired depth. It can be adjusted from between 0.2 inches to 1.6 inches. I love how quiet this stapler is as well. I tested another one recently, and this is just as quiet, so I was pleased. It is pretty lightweight, and is made out of thick ABS plastic. It is not a flimsy piece in the least, but highly portable if you work on the road. I haven’t had any issues at all with the paper jamming. It staples so quick and easily. You literally just push your papers into it, and it staples on its’ own. It really is the perfect stapler. I love it.

I received this for free. I was under no obligation to leave my unbiased and honest review. – GizmoMate’s GM-X Automatic Electric Stapler, Heavy Duty, No-Jam 25 Sheets ? Free AC Cord and Staples.


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This will light up your day. – Emart’s 600W Photography Light Photo Video Studio Umbrella Lighting Kit.


I love how organized this lighting kit arrives. I am a nut for storage and organization. I do a lot of videos. I have a backdrop that is a little plain right now, but the lighting is never what it should be. I also homeschool my son, and he obviously never gets school photos done. I was so inspired by this lighting set. I’m going to initiate my own, taken at home, homeschool yearly photo. I constitute this a homeschool win, and any homeschooling family can do the same. This set arrives with a great, well-constructed storage bag. It is made out of the material like backpacks are made out of. It has a double zipper on the bag, which make access very easy. Inside of the bag you have 2 white umbrellas, and 2 black umbrellas. They operate just like any regular umbrella. They just do not have a handle. You then have 3 lights, 3 light bulbs, 2 tall tripod stands, 1 smaller tripod stand, and 1 book of instructions. The bulbs included are compact fluorescents, and they are 45 watts each, and have a 5500K. That is close to natural daylight. I recommend trading them out for LED, if you are going to be traveling with them. Compact fluorescents have Mercury in them, and can be broken easily. I like how they included a separate bag for the actual lights. I thought that was a very nice touch. It is not padded, however. You can easily throw a couple microfiber cloths in the bag as padding, which can then be used to clean your lenses with as well. The bulbs that can fit are the regular type bulbs, E26. The white umbrellas the translucent ones, and the black umbrellas are the Reflex ones, or more reflective ones. The instruction pamphlet is pretty nice and easy to follow. Even for a first timer like me. I am used to tripods from my past in music as well as my tripods I use for my backdrop. The tripods are metal, and easy to operate. They very bottom of the tripods are like flat plastic. They do not have a lot of grip to them, but I can’t see that being an issue. Otherwise, they are solid tripods. They function smoothly, and are just like all my other tripods I have currently, and the ones from my past. You screw to tighten into position, and it holds well. You attach each lamp base to the tripod, screw in the lightbulb, and thread the umbrella through the lamp base as well. It’s pretty easy to do. If you are new to this system like I am, it’s a test and see situation with where to angle the lights and umbrellas to achieve the desired lighting. I’m sure a pro can do it in minutes. The umbrellas are made well. They open and close with ease. One of my umbrellas had the end cap fall out a couple times. I glued it back in, and I no longer have issues. The material is in perfect condition. The bags are constructed well. There was no odor to any part of the kit. All the stitching is tight and on point, and my zippers are performing smoothly. Overall, this is a great kit. It really covers all the basic needs. You can change the light bulbs out for what your preference is for your situations. I am comfortable recommending this product.

I received this, for free, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. – Emart’s 600W Photography Light Photo Video Studio Umbrella Lighting Kit.

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Formaldehyde, silent and dangerous! – TONOR Portable Formaldehyde Detector.


I have insane allergies, to the point that they are life threatening. I have always wondered about how I could detect formaldehyde and other chemicals. I have asthma attacks and anaphylactic reactions to chemicals put in materials, and clothing, etc.. This machine can only detect formaldehyde, but nonetheless, I was very excited to be able to test one out. We, as a family, went out on the town and tested this at mattress stores, furniture stores, and our local Lowes home improvement store. I also tested air outside by busy streets. Before testing out this machine, I did a lot of research, and studied many a government page. There is a lot of information, and not surprising, some contradictory information on these sites. One thing that is known, is that it is a carcinogenic chemical. It’s important to test your air, and know what your body is breathing in, and absorbing. This machine is pretty easy to read. You can choose between mg, and ppm, as your reading. I did parts per million. That’s what the charts on the OSHA and other government sites used. You can find formaldehyde everywhere which is scary. Exhaust from cars will put out formaldehyde. They use it in a lot of building materials, and furniture, especially foam. RVs and mobile homes can also be hotbeds for formaldehyde. FEMA recently was sued for the high formaldehyde counts in their trailers. You can never get rid of the formaldehyde in your home, it’s everywhere, but if you know the count, you can lower it with proper ventilation, and changing items out. Higher counts can cause asthma, sinus infections, eye and ear irritation, cancer, allergic reactions, and more. If you are pregnant, and or, have little ones in the home, they are even more susceptible. This reader is very simple to operate. The instruction pamphlet is just that, a pamphlet. It is pretty easy to follow. I tuned the audible alarm off, and left the vibration on. I didn’t want to freak people out. You can set the high and low alarm parameters as well. They come preset as 0.1 as the low, and 0.3 as the high, and I left them there. I sis read in my research that OSHA will only allow workers to work in an environment with a reading of 0.75, for only 8 hours at a time. One of the furniture stores I went into had very high readings, of up to around 0.936ppm. That is very high. We had been talking to a salesman for a while, when I finally brought it to his attention. He said they recently had construction work done on the building, and one coworker became ill. He was very concerned. I actually emailed him the photo of the reading, and he said he was going to contact OSHA. Only you can protect yourself, so it’s important to know what the environment you are in is really like. Believe it or not, they even “size” material in formaldehyde, and other harmful chemicals. If your clothing, or leather item, you just bought has an odor to it, more than likely it’s the chemicals your clothing was processed with. Some clothing shuts my throat just by being too close it, and especially by touching it.

There are only 5 buttons on the machine, and they are clearly labeled. The main button is the power button, which is the center button. When you press it , hold it for a second, and you wil hear a beep. The screen will pop on, and count down from 10. Then you will notice the reading pop up. At the bottom right, of the reading, you will notice the air temperature reading. It comes on in Celsius, but you can switch it to Fahrenheit by pressing the right arrow button once. You will also see the battery reading. This requires 3 AA batteries to operate. They are not included, and no tool is needed to access the battery compartment, which is located on the back of the unit. If you do  quick press of the power button, it will bring you to a menu screen, where you can choose to change the settings for the high and low, or alarm on or off, as well as an auto off. Mine powers off at 30 minutes. You press the up and down arrows to scroll through the list. The first list is only two items. Bring it down to alarm, and then press the right arrow button. That will take you to the list to choose alarm options. To get back to the main screen, just press the button on the left once. The “autooff” section is where you would go to choose your preferred time for the auto off. If you had a small tripod, you could attach it to the back of the unit, to have it freestanding in an area. This is good if you want to walk around the room, and hit items, to create more airflow, and still being able to read the unit. For example, when we hit the mattresses, the formaldehyde reading would go up. You need to create a flow of the item in the air. You will also notice that when the air system comes on in the room, your reading just may go up as well. I find this machine very easy to operate, fascinating, and highly helpful.

Some of the sites I researched are as follows:


I received this in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. – TONOR’s Portable Formaldehyde Detector with Sound-light Alarm.

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Smokin Hot! – Sywon’s 6-in-1 Soldering Iron Kit with Carrying Case.


Soldering irons can be used for many tasks from jewelry making, to electronic repairs, and LED lighting projects, and more. We are pretty happy with this set up from Sywon. It comes with a great storage case as well as solder, a solder sucker, solder stand, and 6 soldering tips. The soldering iron is a 60W iron. The Y solder stand probably won’t last very long though. It’s thin metal, and comes in a credit card form. You unfold it to make the stand. You can just lay it down so the tip area is on the metal card. That might be safer. My husband says there’s tips that would also be great for wood burning as well. This soldering iron is also adjustable from 200-450?, which is equivalent to 392F – 842F. So, be careful if you haven’t used one before. Make sure your work surface can tolerate the heat. It works on our traditional 110 US voltage. The soldering vacuum is pretty cool. It is made out of aluminum and plastic, and provides solid suction. Press it against your skin to test it. My husband really likes how fast this soldering iron heats up. He said he has to wait so much longer for his old one. He is able to accomplish a lot of his wiring jobs on the lowest of the settings too. In other words, this is new soldering iron.

I was afforded the opportunity to review Sywon’s 6-in-1 Soldering Iron Kit with Carrying Case, Including 60w Temperature Adjustable Soldering Iron, Solder Wire, Solder Sucker, Solder Stand and Soldering Tips, at a reduced cost, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

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Lights up the dark! – D.L. Life’s 50W LED Outdoor Security Floodlight.



I’m not so fond of the darkness, lol. I can be outside of my home and feel very secure. As soon as night time falls, everything changes. In other words, I am a fan of outdoor lighting. This light is very bright indeed. It really lights up a large area. It’s a hard wired light, and a 50W LED. That’s a lot of light. They state it puts off approx.. 4000 lumens. I do not have the ability to test it, but if we look toward it we do see stars, lol. This makes a great shop light/work light. You can hang it under an eave to illuminate the outside of your home as needed, or your garage, etc. My husband is a commercial electrician and really likes this light. It is made out of stainless steel and glass. Ours is well made. It is outdoor worthy with it’s IP65 waterproof rating. Make sure you mount it securely. It weighs 5.6lbs, and has an adjustable handle so you can set it at the angle you need. It measures out at 11.9” long, 9.7” tall, and 6.4” deep. It is equivalent to a 500W Halogen bulb, for comparison. This light is eco-friendly. It uses a lot less energy, and is more durable and long lasting. It has no toxic chemicals in it if broken, and can be disposed of in a regular manner. It’s not hazardous waste, like fluorescents. Our light is steady on. We have no flickering or dimming with ours. It’s nice and quiet, and doesn’t do any buzzing or humming. I love how bright it is. You don’t have to second guess what you are looking at if you are using it as a security light. While I was testing it out with our makeshift plug, it lit up our entire living room/kitchen combo room; pretty impressive. If you are looking for a cost effective way to really light up your shop or for added security, this one will definitely do the job.

I was afforded the opportunity to review D.L. Life’s 50W LED Outdoor Security Floodlights, High Output Waterproof spotlight Flood light, White, free, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

If you would like to purchase this light, it can be found here on Amazon:

A great way to detect moisture lurking in your home. – Sgot’s Obecome LCD Display Digital Wood Moisture Meter.


Years ago I was a Real Estate agent for a while. It was important to make sure the inspector tested areas for moisture during a home inspection. Every since then I have realized about the importance of knowing these things. I think it should be part of your household tools. Water is so damaging to your home and health, if mold starts to grow because of it. This particular unit from Sgot comes with the 9V battery, and a great zippered storage case to keep it in. The instructions are written in broken English, lol, but are still easy to follow. This unit will give you a lower power indicator. If you are using this for your job, I suggest carrying an extra battery with you. It is simple to operate. The top of the unit comes off with a push of the button, and pull of the top, at the same time. The battery compartment can be accessed without a tool, so it’s quick and simple to place the battery in it. The power button is clearly marked on it as well. After you take the top off, turn it on, and place the spikes into what you are testing. They recommend about 5mm. Instead of questioning if you have a slow leak in your shower, test it. If you think the water is flowing to far toward your home, check your exterior walls, and see if they are holding moisture. And so on, and so on. The LCD screen on this unit is large and clear. It will work in temperatures ranging from 32 degrees Fahrenheit to 104degrees Fahrenheit. It is small, lightweight, and high portable. The measuring range is 5 – 40% with a +/-1% accuracy. When you are doing a wall check, let’s say, you want to work your way up from the base to see how far the water issue is running. This unit even has the ability to store some of your recent measurements. That is pretty handy if you are checking multiple areas. Overall, I am pretty happy with this unit. It’s easy to use and read. What else can you ask for.

I was afforded the opportunity to review Sgot’s Obecome MD812 LCD Display Digital Wood Moisture Meter for Measuring Percentage of Water in Wood, Sheetrock, Carpets and More, at a reduced cost, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

If you would like to purchase this product, it can be found here on Amazon:

Perfect to hang your stage lighting. – D.L. Life’s Truss Hook Clamps.



I’ve reviewed my share of stage lighting, so I was quite pleased to finally get my hands on some of the clamps. Even though I knew these D.L. Life Truss Hook Clamps were 2 inch clamps, they are very impressive in person. These are metal, thick, and made well. They arrive with a high polished aluminum finish. They are made out of Aluminum. They are easy to operate, and securely attach your lighting. All the hardware is included with the clamps. That includes the bolt to attach it to the light itself. The top of the clamp operates on a hinge system. Unscrew the wingnut, about half way, and the bolt mechanism slides out of the way for you to open up the clamp. It makes it so fast and easy to do, since you do not need to remove the wing nut to open the clamp. These will fit a 2” pipe perfectly. They are 1 ¼” wide.  Since most lights ae positioned above your head, it’s great to have such an easy system to operate. All of my clamps I received in this set of 4 are in great working order. They should last for years.

I was afforded the opportunity to review D.L. Life’s Truss Hook Clamp JFDWOPHT 4PCS Heavy Duty 2 Inch O Stage Light Hook Clamp, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

If you would like to purchase this product, it can be found here on Amazon:

Time to be louder! – Pyle Voice Amplifier PA MP3 Bluetooth Speaker.


Sometimes you just need to be a little louder. This new toy from Pyle will definitely let you do that to. It is a small, and lightweight personal amplifier, Bluetooth player, recorder, and FM radio. You will get 1 charging cable, 1 unit, and 1 headset in your package. Do not lose the charging cable, it is not a micro USB cable. Once it’s charged up, it’s fairly easy to use. It pairs very quickly as Pyle Audio and no code is needed to pair. It gets really loud, lol. Be careful not to get the microphone close to the amplifier. You will get this deafening high pitched squeal sound; it’s horrible! This unit has a belt clip on it for easy carry. So, you can walk around with the headset on, and have the freedom of your hands. If you are using this as an amplifier to give a class, or a presentation, you can still use your hands to show displays or go over charts and graphs. The Bluetooth mode plays your music, or audio books quite well. There are buttons to go back or forth through your playlist. The volume control is the on/off turning knob on the top of the unit. The mode button is the multipurpose button. Press and hold it to change the mode. It does tell you what mode, plus it displays the mode on the LCD screen, on the front of it. You can also save your radio stations to designated buttons, on the front of the unit. If you supply your own micro SD card, you can record and playback on it too. You can also play your own music from your micro SD card. My husband loves to sing, so he is definitely using it for Karaoke as well. The FM radio is by far my least favorite feature on this unit. The volume control isn’t great on this machine. It’s easy to get it very loud, and almost off, lol, but in-between is not that doable. Especially with the radio. There is an antenna to pull out which does help with the FM reception. As a PA system, I think it works great. It’s loud and clear. The headset is lightweight and comfortable on. It is also very adjustable too. They have an FCC disclaimer on their ad, and let’s just say, I’m not happy about all the control there is on everything nowadays, lol. So, Here is their disclaimer:

“ Consumer Alert: Most users do not need a license to operate this wireless microphone system. Nevertheless, operating this microphone system without a license is subject to certain restrictions: the system may not cause harmful interference; it must operate at a low power level (not in excess of 50 milliwatts); and it has no protection from interference received from any other device. Purchasers should also be aware that the FCC is currently evaluating use of wireless microphone systems, and these rules are subject to change. For more information, call the FCC at 1-888- CALL-FCC (TTY: 1-888-TELL-FCC) or visit the FCC’s wireless microphone website at”

Overall, this is a great personal PA system. It’s fun to sing on, especially since you can record. You can’t go wrong with Bluetooth either. You can’t beat it for the price.

I was afforded the opportunity to review Pyle Voice Amplifier PA MP3 Bluetooth Speaker for Tour Guides Rechargeable and waste Clip, at a reduced cost, in Exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

If you would like to purchase this unit, it can be found here on Amazon:

The perfect sticky pad! – Boschi’s MG Super Sticky Notes, 3 in X 3 in.


Yea, it’s office supply time, lol. Well, no one says yea, but supplies are always needed. We all go for sticky notes too. They are one of those indispensable needs. My kids have used them as well as us adults. People do crafting with them, leave love notes with them, and so much more. They don’t just have to be for work. They are definitely a great way to leave reminders for yourself, that’s for sure. I don’t recommend covering up someone’s car with them though, lol.  This set of sticky notes from the Boschi store on Amazon, are a set of 10 pads. They are the yellow color we are all used to seeing. They all arrive individually packaged inside of the box. Haha, you could sell them to your employees then. Or, you could be nice and share. These are 100 count pads and measure out at 3” x 3” by my ruler. So, they will fit into those sticky pad holders. They are very sticky. I played around with them. Stuck them on my forehead, my eyebrows, lol. My 8 year old got a big laugh out of my shenanigans. I had no trouble taking them up and replacing them down. The stickiness factor is there. You can write well on them too. Just like any other sticky notes that I have used. This is a great way to stock up too. I hate running out. It’s one of those things we use, but I always forget to put on the list to buy.

I was afforded the opportunity to review Boschi’s MG Super Sticky Notes, 3 in X 3 in Convenience Stickers, 10 pack, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. This product arrives packaged, as shown.

If you would like to purchase this product, they can be found here on Amazon: