It’s time to sparkle with A Touch of Dazzles’ Joy to the World Necklace.


I love the holidays, all of them. I also love jewelry. Jewelry personalization is a lot of fun. It adds a whole new layer to the enjoyment of jewelry. I love that more companies are offering a version of clear lockets, and locket charms. A Touch Of Dazzle has a great variety of jewelry. I was very happy to get acquainted with this company. I ordered their Joy To The World Christmas Necklace Charms Locket. It is absolutely adorable, and oh so Christmassy.

They offer all types of jewelry: earrings, dangles, bangle bracelets, bracelets, charm necklaces, charm sets, necklaces, key chain charms, and even a DIY Locket Party Set. I’ve never seen a DIY party set before, for sale. What a fun idea! So many age groups would really enjoy that. A lot of their jewelry is even 18KT gold plated, or Rhodium plated, for those of you with metal sensitivities.


I absolutely love, love, love the Joy to the World necklace, I received. They have other versions of the same necklace, as well as charm packs, for purchase. The case surround is encircled with pretty, sparkly red crystals around it. It arrived nicely packaged, in a jewelry gift box. Perfect for gift giving. The necklace itself is stainless steel, which is very durable, and long lasting. It won’t turn on you, like other metals, and shouldn’t bother most people. My guys love stainless steel jewelry, as do I. The charms included with my locket are: 1 Joy to the World plate, 3 green floating crystals, 1 gold tone star, 1 wreath, 1 candy cane, and 1 Santa. I love them. Not only are they so cute, but the detail is perfect. The locket stays closed tightly due to the strong magnets used. It shouldn’t just pop open you. There is an indent on the right side of the locket, where you place your nail into it to pry it open. It’s pretty easy to do. Both sides of the locket are clear glass. The chain opens and closes via a lobster claw clasp. I find this type of clasp to be easier to do by oneself, and more reliable too. That has been my personal experience. I love that lockets like this can be changed out. You do not have to order a whole new necklace just to change the look and feeling of it. You can just order new charms. I love charms, especially ones this tiny. They add that touch of whimsy and personality that I really love. The chain on this necklace it a 22” chain with the extender. The extender has a pretty oval charm on it that states A Touch of Dazzle. Overall, this is a well made, and festive necklace. It is absolutely perfect for the holidays! I love it.


I am very, very happy with a Touch Of Dazzles’ jewelry. A Touch of Dazzle provides beautiful jewelry that expresses precious moments of happiness for Moms, daughters, friends, and everyone in between. Find all of their amazing products using the button below.  My Readers save 15% by using code: KARMAS15. Just apply this code at checkout. It’s very easy to do.


I received this as a sample. The opinions expressed are solely my own.


Sweet and Stylish. – Tom David Lewis’ 8 Piece Set of Holiday Bracelet Charms & Pin.


My mom loves wearing pins. It’s an accessory she has always loved. I was excited to receive this set to review for her. Since it’s a pin, you don’t have to worry about what metal type it’s made out of, which makes it an easy gift to give. Included in this set is 1 pin, and 7 charms. The pin is the shape of a bow, and in a gold tone. The charms, although highly decorated, are also a gold tone as well. The charms are holiday related and are pretty darn cute. Included in this set is: 1 Santa, 1 Valentine Charm, 1 Easter Charm, 1 Pumpkin Charm, 1 Red. White, & Blue Hat Charm, 1 Turkey Charm, and 1 Mother’s Day/Father’s Day Charm. They are really solid too; not bendy at all! All charms are approximately 1 to 1 ½” long too. They are a good size, I think. Not too big, where they can be gaudy, but not too small, where it will go unnoticed while you are wearing it. The Mother’s Day/Father’s Day pin is so cute. It says I love you so you can wear it anytime. The Mom and dad are labeled Mom and Dad though, in case that does not fit your family. You could still use the other charms though. The charms are really easy to put onto the pin. The pin has a spring clasp dangling from the middle of it. Just open the spring clasp and put your charm on it. That’s it; so easy. Just make sure you are facing the charm the right way, lol. I keep putting them on backwards the first time. The clasp on the pin is very tight and secure. Don’t over bend it though, or you’ll break it. It’s going to pin onto thinner material the best, since the backing of the pin is small. Overall, it’s a solid set. You really can’t beat it for the price. My mom is very excited about it. She wore the 4th of July pin this whole holiday weekend.

I received this at a discount, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. – Tom David Lewis’ 8 Piece Set of Holiday Bracelet Charms & Pin – In an Attractive Gift Box, Holiday Gift Bracelet Charms.

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