6/24 – Just trying to take my son for a hair cut….


Just because you have gone to the same place over and over without having an anaphylactic reaction, doesn’t mean one can’t happen the next time you venture there. I never take anything for granted. I am always as prepared as I can be.

Getting into the hair cutting place was without incidence, leaving was when the problem occurred. It was so odd too. As we were approaching the car, a wave of food odors hit me. I jumped in the car, but once you smell it, it’s too late if you’re allergic. This was a weird feeling one. They all feel different. The one on Father’s day felt like the left side of my throat was intensely numb, and unusable. That feeling lasted a long time too. This past one, though, Was tricky. It took a long time to open. I was questionable on a second epi-pen. Even with the amount I have, I still hesitate on the second epi-pen. No clue why.

I have to go back this week for my hair cut, so fingers crossed. As it is, I had a major bronchial attack trying to write this blog post tonight. I need a vacation from my body, lol.

Tips and hints if you’re in the throws of a violent asthma attack. – My personal experience. (Updates on June’s reactions)



June has been a different kind of month. It has been tough with various and frequent reactions. I’ve been busy and exhausted, and haven’t had the energy or time to write my blog. There has been a couple times this month that I have had a full blown asthma attack. The type where your airway violently and expectantly just shuts tight. At that point you only have a minute until you pass out. And God forbid, don’t make it. I have had these in the past. Two times close together in a month, on top of anaphylactic reactions, is pretty tough. Mind you, I have a background in nursing, with a very strong respiratory training background. I stay calm in an emergency naturally. It’s my personality. I run towards an emergency and try to take action. When you are in the throws of what could be a life ending asthma attack, you have to remain calm and be analytical. Otherwise, you might not make it through. You can break down and cry later, after everything is over with. The first thing I do is make sure I grab my bag of meds. I have my meds throughout my home, because every second counts. If I am out, I have a small expedition bag just for my meds. In it I have 2 epi-pens, Bronkaid tabs which is ephedrine, a Proventil inhaler (which is albuterol), and plenty of Benadryl fast melts. I also always have my phone with me. To also be prepared, I have an epi-pen tag hanging on my expedition bag, and I wear a USB bracelet on my wrist. The first thing you need to do after having your meds, is to resist the urge to breathe in through your mouth. In my personal experience, that is the worst thing you can do. You are actually making it worse. There is no way those muscles can stop the tight spasm they are in, if you are fighting it. You need to try and breathe in only through your nasal passages. I even had to do my inhaler through my nasal passages once. Wow, does it burn. But it started the opening process. I also puffed the inhaler in my mouth, because the med can start to work it’s way in. If you have an epi-pen, use it. If not, make sure someone will use it on you if you pass out. I also throw myself into a certain position. That way if you lose consciousness, you won’t hit your head when you pass out. If I am at home, I get on the ground on my knees, round my back, and put my elbows on the ground. Kind of like being in a turtle position, lol. Rounding the back really opens the lungs. I was in McDonalds this past week, with my son and mother. I leaned over to the side of my seat, and was able to stop some of the spasms with attempting to pull air in through my nose, and putting albuterol in my mouth. I was about to use the epi-pen when it started to work. You can’t get up and move around afterwards. Stay put. Anything will make it reoccur. I had to use my inhaler frequently over the next 20 minutes. You have to be able to pull in a somewhat stable breath before you attempt moving around. We stayed there for a good 40 minutes before leaving. It’s a very scary thing to go through. Always be prepared, and know what to do.

Some of the anaphylactic reactions I had this month were on 6/13, 6/17, and 6/21. I had other’s prior, I just can’t remember the dates unfortunately. I also had a couple reactions where chewing my ephedrine pills, instead of using an epi-pen worked. One of these reactions actually required two epi-pens. That’s always a tough one. Father’s day we went to McDonalds. The lady behind the counter handed me two cups, but then called me back and said she thought she saw something in one of the cups. It turned out to be chocolate syrup. I told her I was allergic to it, and that it would have closed my throat. She handed me two more cups. And, yes, there was more chocolate on them. I quickly gave the cups back and ran to the bathroom to wash my hands. That’s all it takes, it was anaphylactic reaction time. This is the first epi-pen that has made me bleed though. My body is tired with all of my constant anaphylactic reactions. I think that’s why the increase in my severe bronchial asthma attacks. I have been using a lot more eucalyptus oil under my nostrils. I have even used Frankincense essential oil. That really helps too.

Practice what you need to do. Make sure all your meds are where they need to be in home and when you are out. Only you can help yourself. My mom sat there and said what should I do. I mean, really? People freeze in an emergency. Know what to do, even if that includes texting 911, asthma attack and doing what you need to. Too many people pass away every year from asthma attacks. Way too many people!

A quick shout out for my husband. He’s my rock. I get so much strength from him and his intense love.

May 23rd, 27th, 28th, and 31st. – Too many reactions close together.


I can definitely say my body is tired, and hurting. I have been having way too many anaphylactic reactions. And I have been having them way too close together. Between inhaling food smells, and touching lotion that I ended up being allergic too, I have had to fight way to much this week.

Some of these reactions have been slow onset. This type of onset, may not seem as severe to family members around you, but they can tend to be the scariest ones to battle. What you are not realizing, is because the onset was so slow, you’ve delayed administration of your medication needed to stop it. Then you are always trying to catch up. It’s like a never ending battle. You are also prone to more relapses.

My symptoms are still always different. You would think with so many, I wouldn’t have any surprises, lol. This week, I’ve had a lot of trouble walking with a couple of my reactions. Some due to intense muscle weakness, and some combined with incredible dizziness. It took about a week to get control of a wonderful infection that went from the inside of my mouth to my lip. The key to getting rid of that one was a combination of a topical acne treatment, which is really an antibacterial cream, and organic emu oil. I tried tea tree oil mixed with coconut oil, but that combination dried out my lips too much. Emu oil is absolutely incredible for your skin. It is so healing. I use organic rosehip seed oil and organic emu oil. The two of these are just so nourishing for your skin. They are full of vitamins and antioxidants.

What’s driving me nuts the most, is that it’s so hard to sleep. I always try to go to sleep more upright, but within 30 – 40 minutes after I fall asleep, I jolt awake as my air flow is stopped. When your throat is so swollen, lying down is hard. If you lean back, you can feel pressure on the front of your throat. Now imagine if your throat is highly swollen. Even just turning your head to the left or right can cut off your air flow. I end up taking Benadryl throughout the night also, because of relapses. I can’t stress enough, to always have a supply of meds throughout the house. You shouldn’t have to run and search for your meds. It could cost you your life.

May 14, 16, and 19th. My reactions never stop.


It’s been tough. As soon as I have an anaphylactic reaction, I seem to have another one right away. I actually woke up today, feeling great. For me great still equals a lot of pain, and only drinking smoothies, and eating yogurt, lol But I feel steady and alive, hopeful. Then I apply a new lotion, that looked ok, and Bam, just reached for an epi-pen about 15 minutes ago. I’m trying to keep focus, so I decided to finally write.

On the 14th I went shopping. My son’s shoes were so tight. He loves his shoes, and was afraid to tell me they hurt, lol. Poor thing. And I really need a new bathing suit. I dropped 12 pounds just having my mass removed in February. We went out, and I first encountered 2 dogs at Lowes. I tried to stay far away, until I could quickly check out and leave. I was still feeling pretty ok, just iffy at that point. We went to a store on the island on the way home, a clothing store. On the way in, suddenly there was a woman behind me with a dog. That’s all it took. These are not normally places I have to worry about running into dogs.

The next throat closure took place on the 16th in Jacksonville. We went to Marshalls and Ross Dress for Less, still shoe shopping. I either touched something or encountered food smells. My throat slammed shut in the car as I tired to drive home. That’s a tad scary.

And to top it off, I am on steroids. I went to my doctor’s office on 5/14 after all the other reactions. He gave me a steroid shot in the office and placed me on steroids for 6 days. This has helped the severity of my reactions, but still needing the epi-pens. And tons of Benadryl.

It’s going to be a long night.

May 7th and May 9th, two more anaphylactic reactions. They just keep coming.


I wasn’t even close to being healed from my weekend past with 2 reactions, when Wednesday’s hit. I ran out to my car to get some information I needed. It turned out that my mom had gone out onto the porch to eat some food I’m highly allergic too. Lol, she put a microwave in a cabinet on the porch, so she can do that from time to time. She really needs to let me know before hand, so I can plan on not going outside for a couple hours. When I ran past her down the stairs, I got in my car and closed the door while I looked for what I needed. But I had to walk past it to walk into the house. Within minutes, my throat slammed shut. Within having my nurse history, I still tend to be analytical. I so didn’t want another epi-pen. I looked in my throat with a flashlight to make the decision. Doctor’s have a chart they can look at for severity. There was no opening, no chart needed. I quickly made the decision to take my epi-pen. I had already chewed ephedrine and had it sit in my mouth, and the same with liquid Benadryl. Never delay the epi-pen. I thought I might not it through the night. It was terrifying actually, and I’m used to it. No matter which way I turned my head, it was almost just too much pressure for my throat. Albuterol, allergy meds, eucalyptus oil, and a ton of liquid Benadryl were used throughout the night.

These are incredible for your respiratory system! – Home Healthy’s Aromatherapy Blank White Nasal Inhaler Sticks & Glass Roller Bottles.



These are absolutely incredible. I am just so excited about them. I have asthma and intense, life threatening allergies. These are truly the answer for people with respiratory and sinus issues. I am beyond thrilled that I was afforded the opportunity to review Home Healthy’s Aromatherapy Blank White Nasal Inhaler Sticks & Glass Roller Bottles at a reduced cost, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. In this set you will receive 12 inhaler stick sets and 2 10ml roller glass essential oil bottles. Big warning on putting the sets together. Do not practice putting a set together, lol. I did, it’s the nurse in me, lol. I practiced and put an inhaler stick together. They come in pieces, and you have to piece it together and add your oil of choice. Anyhow, I snapped the bottom cap on. You can’t get that off, lol. It snaps tight. So, to save yourself some stress, make sure you add oil to your wick before snapping the cap on. There are obviously some holes in the inhaler. With a dropper I can add my essential oil to the wick inside, so no worries.
I am allergic to many, many things. I have frequent anaphylactic reactions. This particular week has been really bad, and I have had 4. I can’t just use my albuterol all day long. It doesn’t work enough, and it’s not good for you. I use organic eucalyptus essential oil all the time. It really helps to open the sinuses and airways. I added this oil to my inhaler stick. It really amplifies it, and makes it so easy to carry with me. I can not stress enough how well this set up works. It’s absolutely amazing. It reminds me of a brand name that used to sell their chemical based product this way. Natural eucalyptus works much, much better and it’s so good for you too. This way is also  much cheaper. It’s a win, win situation. When you go to put it together you will notice that there is a white open tube, a wick, and a cap. The tube has the inhaler part in it. You can pull it out to look at it. You will notice the tiny holes it where the scent comes out. Place the wick in the tube, add 15-20 drops of your essential oil. I added 20. And then, snap the cap on. Now you are good to go. The roller bottles are just as easy. Fill it with your essential oil or oils of choice, snap in the roller top, and then screw on the black cap. You can make your own natural cologne, bug deterrent, or anything else you want to make. I tend to stick to respiratory and antibacterial blends.  I am absolutely in love with this product. It is making a great impact in our lives.

If you would like to purchase these, they can be found here on Amazon:http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00WASY2AE/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Great product to have in any first aid kit. – EasyHome’s Fingertip Pulse Oximeter with Luxury Dual-Color OLED Display.


I decided to add this review to this blog site of mine, due to the importance of having one in a home of anyone who suffers from anaphylactic reactions.

I have been wanting to buy my own pulse oximeter for so long. I have a past history as a nurse, with a specialty in respiratory care. I think every household should have one, especially now that the price has come down so much. Too many people wait and wonder if they should seek help. Sometimes, they wait too long, and it’s too late to get the help they needed. This might help you make the decision sooner. I am thrilled that I was afforded the opportunity to review EasyHome’s Fingertip Pulse Oximeter with Luxury Dual-Color OLED Display at a reduced price, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. In the box you will get instructions, a neck strap, a storage case, the oximeter and 2 AAA batteries.
The bottom of the unit slides off easily to install the batteries. Then you just need to attach the neck strap, and peel the film off the top and it’s ready to go. You just press the on button on the top of the unit, and squeeze the back end. It will open and you slide your finger in just like at the doctor’s office. It’s no different. Just wait a few seconds and your pulse, the pulse wave, and your blood oxygen level will pop up on the screen. So easy to use. I have really wanted to get one so I can check myself. I have asthma and frequent anaphylactic reactions. So, this will really come in handy. I also have a highly stubborn mother, lol, who has smoked all her life. She struggles some times, and I’m hoping she will allow me to use this on her. She’s like a big gruff mama bear when it comes to her health, lol.
I love the pulse wave feature. You can see how steady it is, or unsteady. I wouldn’t take it too heart though. If you see your pulse jumping around though, take that to heart and call your doctor. The LED lighting display really makes the levels easy to see and read. I can have trouble seeing sometimes while in the middle and after an anaphylactic reaction, so I am really appreciating this feature. It will fit a child on up. I was easily able to take my 7 year olds pulse and 02 Sat rating. This oximeter is FDA approved. It can also be handy for sporting events you or your child are participating in. I know pilots need to have one with them too. They are just a common sense item to have in your first aid kit nowadays. If you push the power button more so on the right side of the button, it changes the direction of the screen display to suit your needs. My chest was hurting just now, so I did another reading. My SaO2 went down to 88%. I did some deep breathing, and used my albuterol inhaler and that brought my 02 Sat up to 99%.  My asthma presents differently, lol. It presents as chest pain for me. Yes, I have been through a gambit of tests by a pulmonologist, just to determine that I have asthma. It was like a duh, moment. But this just goes to show you how beneficial this pulse oximeter can be. I was just ignoring my symptoms.

If you are interested in purchasing one, it can be found here on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00KGP7L38/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1

2 Recent Reactions…


I always tend to write the day of a reaction, but I’m kidding myself. Going through an anaphylactic reaction is just so rough. I have so many, and deal so well with them, that most of my family even  takes it for granted that I will be ok. This is very frustrating and hurtful for the person going through the reaction. No one should ever take anyone or anything for granted.

I had a reaction at a McDonalds on Sunday night, the 19th. My husband put the tray down on the table.  touched the handle, and there was a bunch of clear sticky stuff on the handle. I washed my hands right away, but that’s all it took. All my reactions shut my throat. This one had a weird feeling. For the rest of the night, it felt like there was a clamp straight down my trachea. Quite painful, and unnerving.

My last reaction was yesterday, It was a very slow onset reaction. These can be very dangerous. They can be more dangerous, because you end up with a delay of needed medication to stop the reaction. My mom had me get out of the car outside of a Food Lion. I normally don’t have trouble outside of our Food lion. I can’t go inside of it, but outside is normally safe. Anyhow, there was a strong food smell. I hopped back into the car, and we drove straight home. After being home for 10 minutes, I noticed my throat was definitely shutting. I started the gambit of meds, including epi-pen. I’m so tired of the pain and fear. I’m pretty strong. I can focus my way through one. I can even lower my heartbeat and blood pressure with my focus. I’ve been blessed with my strength and ability to overcome. These slow reactions are famous for rebounding. I was scared to go to sleep, but then I normally am. Every night I go to bed with my inhaler, Benadryl, ephedrine and eucalyptus oil by my bedside. I have so many reactions close together , it can happen at any time. Always be prepared.

Eucalyptus oil is wonderful for helping to open up the sinuses and airways. My son has bad allergies, so the two of us inhale it and place some under our noses every night. It’s a much healthier alternative and it does wonders.

My doctor saw me recently, and wanted me to have 4 epi-pens around me at all times. That’s if my stupid pharmacy could keep them in stock. I’m still blown away by how a pharmacy can’t keep these stocked.

Tough week – 2 separate reactions.


This week I have had two anaphylactic reactions. The first one happened on the 14th, and the second one happened on 4/16/2015.

On Tuesday the 14th, I was at Trader Joes with my husband and youngest son. It’s the only grocery store I can walk in because of my allergies. We were walking down an aisle and my husband grabbed me and pulled me away. There was a lady walking a big dog behind me. I am deathly allergic to dogs. With that reaction I was able to get my throat and airways to open with a lot of Benadryl, albuterol, and ephedrine tablets I chew and hold in my mouth. It’s disgusting but it can work and it’s so much cheaper than an epi pen. It just doesn’t deliver as fast. I’ve continued my nebulizer treatments but than I had attack number 2.

We were leaving Lowe’s hardware store and I walked by the hotdog stand at the exit so I could get to the parking lot. By the time I hit the car my throat was swelling shut and I could barely speak. I took a lot of Benadryl, my albuterol inhaler and chewed an ephedrine pill. It kept shutting unfortunately and I also development intense muscle weakness, especially in my dominant arm. It was completely locking up, it was so weird. I tried to do one epi-pen and I just couldn’t do it, I wasted the med. I finally got the cap off of pen number 2 and with two hands, I was able to administer the 2nd epi-pen fully. I should have gone straight to my doctors. I am still having trouble getting any liquid down, and I have obviously haven’t eaten anything today. I am so thirsty. I am also still having muscle pain and weakness, but mainly in my right arm.

Today started off weird. I woke up with a strange rash and discovered my taste was way off. I have almost no sodium in my diet, so I crave salt sometimes. When I was at lunch at McDonalds, where I can’t eat anything, I put a little salt on my tongue and it tasted bad, like chemicals. I was the only one who thought it tasted like that. These symptoms must have been remnants from reaction number 1 this week.

4/4/2015 Another Anaphylactic Reaction


Me, my husband and my youngest drove out a few hours to a dealership to trade in my car for a more reliable one. We have purchased all of our used cars there. I actually have never been in the office before. My husband has always handled it. Anyhow, I walked in, saw a dog. I’m deathly allergic to dogs. My husband stated it’s hypoallergenic. I said, no it’s not, but I so had to go to the bathroom. I went quickly, and on my way out (it was a very short walk) my voice was already almost gone. Our car was still by the door luckily.I got inside and started all my meds: inhaler, ephedrine tabs I chewed and let sit in my mouth, Benadryl galore. My throat kept closing, I could barely focus and I had incredible muscle weakness. I finally went to do my epi-pen, but had a lot of trouble working it. I sent my husband a text he came right out and gave it to me. It took a bit before I noticed a positive difference. We almost did number 2 on the epi-pens. Looing back, we should of. If you have to question it like I did, just do it. Lol, I need to take my own advice. I had to down so much Benadryl, allergy pills, ephedrine tabs, inhaler and nebulizer treatments the rest of the day. I was able to speak the next day at least. I have finally had the ability to get back to doing normal things for me, today, and that includes this post.

I went to refill my epi-pens.You should always have 2 on you. I have stated this before but they do have a healthy rate of failure. I asked the pharmacist if I could just lean and press the epi-pen into my thigh and then press the button. I explained my muscle weakness and inability to focus. She stated it could be done that way, but it might not get deep enough into my muscle. This would cause me to not get enough ephedrine, so I would need to do my second epi-pen at that time. She said if there was ever anyone else around, to have them do it instead. I normally don’t have anyone else around who can help me, so at least I will have 2 on me at all times.

That counts 3 reactions in a week. Tough week. My body really hurts. But, I’m blessed with a great family, and I’m alive. That’s all that matters.