Holiday decorating with ease! – PADEK’s 10PCS Pattern Lens Projection Light.


I love laser projectors. Last season was the first time I was lucky enough to use one. We all loved it so much. My mom is actually looking forward to using it this year. She has been talking about it since the Fall season hit. I love that. It really brings a level of happiness and excitement to the coming holidays. The light we already had is just the red and green colors. This light brings a whole different pattern to the game. It also has 10 different patterns to choose from. When my laser projector arrived, it already had one slide installed, and there were 9 other in the package to choose from. Also in the package was the 2 prong AC adapter to attach for power, and an information sheet. No real instruction sheet was included, and it arrives in no frill, mail order packaging. Fortunately, the light is a lot of fun! The slide already inserted upon arrival is the snowflake slide, but these are the slides that are supposed to come with this projector light: heart shape, snowflake, clover, high heel, pigeon, skeleton, maple leaf, birthday cake, Santa, Christmas tree, butterfly, and star. That is not actually what arrives. In my set, I have: 1 snowflake slide, 3 Christmas themed slides, 3 Halloween themed slides, 1 hearts design slide, 1 stars and moon designs slide, and 1 winter themed slide with wine glasses and what looks like Christmas candles. This one could be good for New Years. When on, the shapes slowly move around in circular patterns. It runs silent, which is awesome! I hate noisy products. I even like silent clocks, lol. This is a laser product, so remember when setting it up, to not look directly into the light. Make sure your kids know this as well. Now, on the top of the laser projector you will see two screws. Get out a regular sized Phillips Head screwdriver, and open this area up. This is where you change out the slides. I guessed, and I was right the first time; yea! One issue I have, is not all the shapes move around in an upright position. The hearts are pretty much sideways, but still pretty cute. My 9 year old still really loves it, and that is what matters to me the most. The LED lights that display with the shapes is always a mix of red, white, green, and blue. This unit has an IP44 waterproof rating. I can handle the weather, but not being submersed. After you change out the slide, make sure the silicone o ring is placed back correctly. Now, the plug connection is not at all waterproof. That is completely up to you. Last year I wrapped my whole plug assembly in gaffers tape, lol. It worked perfectly for me. This unit is said to be able to cover up to 2100sq ft. at 15 ft. away. I really can’t measure that out. My home is on stilts, since I live by the coast. It however would work well for a two-story home, and if you had a ranch, I would suggest one for each side. It would not cover the whole front, unless you had a small ranch with no attached garage. You can use the light indoors or outdoors. The stake screws onto the bottom, so just don’t attach it to hang mount it or for table top usage. Overall, I am very happy this light has heart, and Halloween themes, instead of just Christmas, like a lot of lights have. This light is newer to me, but so far it is running very well for me.

I was lucky enough to purchase this on sale, for my own personal use. – PADEK’s 10PCS Pattern Lens Projection Light.

If you would like to purchase this laser projector, it can be found here on Amazon:

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