It’s time to sparkle with A Touch of Dazzles’ Joy to the World Necklace.


I love the holidays, all of them. I also love jewelry. Jewelry personalization is a lot of fun. It adds a whole new layer to the enjoyment of jewelry. I love that more companies are offering a version of clear lockets, and locket charms. A Touch Of Dazzle has a great variety of jewelry. I was very happy to get acquainted with this company. I ordered their Joy To The World Christmas Necklace Charms Locket. It is absolutely adorable, and oh so Christmassy.

They offer all types of jewelry: earrings, dangles, bangle bracelets, bracelets, charm necklaces, charm sets, necklaces, key chain charms, and even a DIY Locket Party Set. I’ve never seen a DIY party set before, for sale. What a fun idea! So many age groups would really enjoy that. A lot of their jewelry is even 18KT gold plated, or Rhodium plated, for those of you with metal sensitivities.


I absolutely love, love, love the Joy to the World necklace, I received. They have other versions of the same necklace, as well as charm packs, for purchase. The case surround is encircled with pretty, sparkly red crystals around it. It arrived nicely packaged, in a jewelry gift box. Perfect for gift giving. The necklace itself is stainless steel, which is very durable, and long lasting. It won’t turn on you, like other metals, and shouldn’t bother most people. My guys love stainless steel jewelry, as do I. The charms included with my locket are: 1 Joy to the World plate, 3 green floating crystals, 1 gold tone star, 1 wreath, 1 candy cane, and 1 Santa. I love them. Not only are they so cute, but the detail is perfect. The locket stays closed tightly due to the strong magnets used. It shouldn’t just pop open you. There is an indent on the right side of the locket, where you place your nail into it to pry it open. It’s pretty easy to do. Both sides of the locket are clear glass. The chain opens and closes via a lobster claw clasp. I find this type of clasp to be easier to do by oneself, and more reliable too. That has been my personal experience. I love that lockets like this can be changed out. You do not have to order a whole new necklace just to change the look and feeling of it. You can just order new charms. I love charms, especially ones this tiny. They add that touch of whimsy and personality that I really love. The chain on this necklace it a 22” chain with the extender. The extender has a pretty oval charm on it that states A Touch of Dazzle. Overall, this is a well made, and festive necklace. It is absolutely perfect for the holidays! I love it.


I am very, very happy with a Touch Of Dazzles’ jewelry. A Touch of Dazzle provides beautiful jewelry that expresses precious moments of happiness for Moms, daughters, friends, and everyone in between. Find all of their amazing products using the button below.  My Readers save 15% by using code: KARMAS15. Just apply this code at checkout. It’s very easy to do.


I received this as a sample. The opinions expressed are solely my own.


You can customize your own Dog Tag Necklace! – RitzPix’s Customizable Aluminum ID Tag With Chain.


Customized products are so fun to both do and receive. I’ve been able to do a few customized products recently, and it is always a memorable experience. Our photo albums are so different from years ago, and we don’t just sit and randomly go through old photos. So, seeing products with special photos on them, is such a great experience. This aluminum dog tag necklace with chain is beyond cute. You can do anything with it too. The theme and feeling of the dog tag will depend on the photo you choose for it. My younger son is really into FNAF (Five Nights at Freddys). He loves the character Foxy, too. They do sell FNAF dog tag necklaces, but you can’t pick and choose. They are only available in surprise packs. So, I had a picture of him in his costume. I chose to upload that picture. Now he has his Foxy necklace, and it’s really him. He just loves, loves, loves it. The chain is the usual ball chain that accompanies this style necklace. It can fit over your head, at 24”. But, it does have the usual clasp opening as well. The charm itself is 2” long and 1 ¼” wide. The photo will be printed on one side, and the backside is all white. The photo I uploaded is bright, vivid, and clear. When you go to purchase this item, you have to have your photo ready to upload. You cannot even put the item in your cart without having the photo ready. So have that in mind when ordering a customized product. If it comes up as your file is too large, just crop your photo and reload it. It works almost every time. Since it is aluminum, you won’t have to worry about it rusting. The finish was done professionally, and we just love it. This is a great product for anyone as a gift, or of your spouses or family members’ photo, while they are deployed. Or even as a memento of a loved one that has passed.

I received this, for free, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. – RitzPix Customizable Aluminum ID Tag With Chain – Perfect Personalized Gift with Custom Image or Text

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A great way to be prepared. – BHBody’s Keychain USB Rechargeable Mini Necklace LED Flashlight.


My family is big into being prepared. It amazes me how many people do not have the basic items in their home, that can help them and their families in an emergency. From my past experience as a nurse, and in life in general, I can say that a lot of emergencies involve the lights going out, or occurring at night. I believe that you should have at least one flashlight per person, in your home, and extras for company, or flashlight failure. We have several different types per person, in our home. This particular flashlight necklace from BHBody is so unique. I love how it has entered the preparedness arena. People wear neck knives, and tools, and now we can add a stunning looking necklace flashlight. My guys love the look. I, as a female, absolutely love the look. It is a great size at 1 ¾”, it’s an easy size to wear. The chain and flashlight are made out of titanium alloy materials. I think the chain is stainless, but I’m not positive. The chain is a 26” chain, and slips right over my head. That is my personal measurement. So, there’s a great chance you won’t have to undo it to put it on and off. That is highly convenient. The length of the chain, also allows you to use the light, without removing it from your neck. Obviously, that won’t be convenient for everything, but it’s a great option. This is a twist on light to, which is quick and silent, in case you need to be silent. Just twist it clockwise to turn it on, and counter clockwise to turn it off. When the light starts to get weak, just plug it into your micro USB, and let it be. It will not overcharge, and there is an LED light that goes from red to green, once it’s fully charged. It took about 30 minutes for my light to charge. You need to supply your own micro USB. Now, the charging port is located under the top of the flashlight. Unscrew it like you are turning it off, but keep on turning until it comes off completely. You will see the micro USB port on the side of the light. This is pretty bright for a tiny light. It puts off 130 lumens of a bright, white light. I love LEDs. They are so much more user friendly. No poisonous chemicals to deal with. They do not break easily when you drop the light, and they last soooo much longer than regular bulbs as well. This LED is a CREE-XP-G2 LED, and is rated for up to 50,000 hours. No matter how many times I see a lifespan of a LED, it always impresses me. I am a bit of a LED nut, lol. What I also find impressive, is that this tiny light is also a dual mode light. It actually has low and high. High is the 130 lumens. When you start to turn the cap to turn it on, it will first reach low mode, and when you keep turning, you will reach the high mode. You can’t miss it. It has an IPX8 waterproof rating, which means that it is water resistant up to 2M, and has an impact resistance rating of 1.5m. So, this means you can use this light in the rain, and if you drop it from standing, it will be fine and dandy. The internal rechargeable battery is an 10180 Li battery. They state that you can change out the battery when it finally goes. The LED will last longer than the battery. I have dropped the light and ran the light under the faucet. I have had no issues with it. I absolutely love it. It would make a great gift, as it even comes in a fancy gift box, that looks just like a jewelry gift box. You do have the option of putting it on your key ring as well, so it’s not stuck as a necklace only. It’s quite the handy and usable flashlight. I really love it.

I received this, at a discount, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. – BHBody’s BINGONE WUBEN Keychain USB Rechargeable Mini Necklace LED Flashlights Torch Gift Box.

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So feminine and beuatiful. – J.Rosée 18K Rose Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver Bead Charm Link Bracelet and Anklet.


I love summertime. You can really show off your jewelry during this time of year. Especially your anklets. These two pieces of jewelry from J.Rosee are so feminine and beautiful. I have been nothing but happy with my other J.Rosee jewelry, so I was so happy to be able to review these pieces, and even more excited that they are matching pieces. One piece is a bracelet, and the other is its anklet doppelganger. They may be sold separately, but they make a perfect pair. The pieces are delicate looking, but well made. They are both made out of 925 Sterling Silver, and plated in 18K Rose Gold. So, no matter what, you should me perfectly safe with these, if you have metal sensitivities. I did have problems with my bracelet upon arrival. One strand separated from the clasp, where it was attached. The company was great and sent out a new one. No, they did not just do that because I was reviewing. 99.9% of the time, I do not get a replacement if something is wrong. Amazon does not replace broken items for reviewers. So, I was very happy to see the integrity of this company be so high. They wanted to learn and see if their design had any weaknesses. I actually have been sleeping in the anklet, as well, to see how durable it was, while waiting for my new bracelet. It is made the same, only longer. It has held up perfectly. I do say, that the anklet fits me perfectly, but it just fits. If you have larger ankles, this one may not be for you. If you have lager wrists, then this might be perfect as a bracelet for you. It is a feminine and beautiful piece and would look great as your bracelet. The plating was done well on the pieces, and have even put up with me showering with them on, lol. I really tested them out. When my replacement bracelet arrived, I was able to play with it and put it on without any problems. It fit well, and has put up with the same testing as the anklet. I have yet to remove the anklet, lol. I slept and showered with the bracelet on as well. It has held up wonderfully. I even picked up and moved some furniture today, and both pieces go unscathed. They are very comfortable pieces to wear as well. With the extender, the anklet measures out at approx.. 9 ¾”, and the bracelet with the extender measures out at approx. 7 ½”.  So, they will fit the average person without issue. I can’t express enough how much I love this set. I never sleep in bracelets or anklets. This set is very lightweight and comfy. I love how it matches too. It’s beautiful, and well made jewelry.

I received these products for free, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. – J.Rosée 18K Rose Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver Bead Charm Link Bracelet 7″ with Extender – J.Rosée 925 Sterling Silver Double Heart Bead Anklet Bracelet.

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A beautiful message. – Parati’s Genuine 925 Sterling Silver Weight Lifting Fitness Bodybuilding Charm Pendant Necklace.


I really like the message this necklace states. It states that ”Strong is Beautiful”. Yes, there is a weight charm, but that is an obvious symbol of strength. I believe this necklace can be worn by any woman or girl who is strong. Although, commitment to physical health is also a great attribute! Females can be strong in any way. There is strength in being true to yourself, not bowing down to peer pressure. You can be strong in dealing with illness, and struggle. Keeping your head up high in times of diversity. A survivor of domestic abuse, and more, as well. Strength in women should be a loud and proud characteristic. Somehow, a lot of girls and women, are afraid to be strong in a more male dominant world. They are under some perception that men won’t find them attractive if they show their strength. I believe strong women are beautiful.

This necklace is so pretty in person. It is more demure than the pictures show on the ad page. It is a very feminine looking necklace, while proudly stating who you are. The two charms are separate from each other on the chain. The wording is very clear on the charm, and the weight is really nice looking. The necklace and charms are made out of 925 Sterling Silver. They have a beautiful polished look and shine to them as well. The chain closes vis a traditional circular spring clasp. Mine was done perfectly, and performs flawlessly. This is a great length to wear with a v-neck shirt, 18 inches. It would be great with any neckline, really. Nothing was cheaply made on this necklace. It is so pretty in person. It would make a great gift. Besides being very affordable for 925 Sterling Silver, it arrives in a really pretty velvet jewelry gift box, with a microfiber jewelry silver cleaning cloth. What a statement you would be giving the woman in your life. You really can’t go wrong with this beautiful necklace from Parati.

I was afforded the opportunity to review Parati’s Genuine 925 Sterling Silver Weight Lifting Fitness Bodybuilding Charm Pendant Necklace for Women, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

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A modern, fresh look. – Infinite Charming Jewelry Silver Tone Bar and Ball Layered Necklace.


Infinite Charming Jewelry’s Silver Tone Bar Bell Necklace. Such a modern piece, I love it. I love the layered look with the bar against the ball. It’s quite geometric in design, yet so beautiful on. I love summertime, because your jewelry can really shine as part of your outfit. This particular necklace will be so pretty in anything from a tank top to a dress. I also think its suitable for a large age range. This necklace has a pretty dual chain. The chain itself was designed so it sparkles a lot when the light hits it just so. I use jewelry to help me express my mood as well as change up my outfits. I have my favorite pieces of clothing that I wear all of the time, so a piece of jewelry can help change it up, lol. I know a lot of people that do the same. This is a fun necklace. It has a layered design to it, and both chains link up and close via the same Lobster Claw clasp. The Bar chain is 17” long, and the Ball chain is 18.85” long. There is also a 2.16” extender on this necklace. So, it should fit a variety of women. The metal use is not stated, but they did state it was constructed out of a base metal. A base metal can be any non-precious metal. Copper, Nickel, and Brass are the common ones used. The high polished chrome shine was done well. My necklace arrived in perfect condition. It had no flaws, no discolorations, or scratches. The packaging this necklace arrived in is so gift worthy. It arrives in a velvet jewelry box, and the box was in a large, drawstring velvet bag. This set up really presents well, as well as is great at protecting the jewelry inside of it.

I was afforded the opportunity to review Infinite Charming Jewelry’s Silver Tone Bar and Ball Layered Necklace, at a reduced cost, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

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