Finally, a comfortable pillow with a cotton cover. – Deluxe Homes’ Gel Fiber Pillows.



I am insane about the pillows I use. I use multiple. Yes, I am one of those. I was so lucky, and found these on a flash sale, so I grabbed them. Normally I am hesitant about ordering pillows online. I have had bad experiences of them arriving and reeking of chemicals, and then having an anaphylactic reaction to them. I have insane allergies, and have to be so careful about my pillows. These pillows arrived in the most comical way. The box was heavy, and smaller, so I did not expect there to be 2 queen sized pillows in it. When I opened the box, it looked like there were two large cocoons in it, I kid you not. When you open the box, you will see two tightly wrapped up pillows. Each pillow is tightly wrapped up in a roll, and held in place with saran type wrap and packing tape. Fortunately, they are made in the USA, so I wasn’t too worried. I was so surprised that after I careful unwrapped them, they popped right out into pillow form. It took like no time at all, to be fully puffed right back up. Be very, very careful unwrapping them, though. Besides peeling, tugging, at the wrap, I had to occasionally use a pair of scissors and cut my way through the wrap and tape. I was afraid I was going to cut the pillow. After unveiling them, I found them to be odor free! They were also very clean, soft, and fluffy, and quite comfortable! These are not firm pillows at all. So, if you require a firm pillow, these are not for you. You sink into these. They do spring right back, though. These are meant to be squished and held, and pulled to support your head and neck. I sleep on my side a lot, and pull the pillow down on that side to my shoulder, to fully support my neck. This can be done with these pillows. The same goes if I lie on my back. I can grab a side of the pillow and pull it down over to each shoulder, thus again, fully supporting my neck. I had full whiplash from an accident in my past, along with my constant swollen throat from my anaphylactic reactions. So, supporting my neck is very important while I sleep. The gel fibers are made out of a Micro Denier Poly Fiber. They state that it is tougher than silk fibers. I personally do not have a way to test that, lol. But, they are performing better than my all cotton fill pillows, that have fallen apart after 6 months. I am very happy with these gel fiber down alternative pillows. The stitching was all done tight and on point. My pillows had no imperfections upon arrival. They do not bother my insane number of allergies at all. The internals haven’t become all twisted and malformed from my type of sleeping with them. Overall, I am a very happy camper with these pillows.


I purchased these with my own money for my own personal use.


If you would like to purchase this product, it can be found here on Amazon:

Perfect for on the go. – RobinTech’s Premium Wireless Bluetooth Headphones.


My guys live with their headphones on. They are commercial electricians, and need to be available by phone at all times, but have to keep their hands free to work, obviously. And, not just work, but while driving too. Wireless, Bluetooth headphones are an essential for them. They also need to be durable to put up with the wear and tear they give them. This set from RobinTech is pretty nice. It arrives nicely packaged. Not the cheaper mail order packaging, used a lot, nowadays. In you package you will get 1 headphones, 1 micro USB charging cable, 1 instruction pamphlet, 1 storage case, 2 pairs of extra silicone ear buds (different sizes), and a little plastic clip to keep your wires gathered. They suggest charging them in full before use. A full charge from empty only takes about 1 ½ hours. There is a tiny red LED light showing it’s charging, and this light turns blue, when the earphones are fully charged. I love not having to guess; simple pleasures. The internal battery is an 85mAh battery. It may seem small, but for headphones, it’s not too shabby at all. You will actually get about 6 to 8 hours of play/talk time. The louder you play your music, the less battery time. The more you do on it, also cuts into battery time as well. If you have a week charger, it may take longer to charge. The ear buds are labeled R and L, on the ends. All of the controls, including the charging port are located on the right ear. On the side of the right ear, you will see their logo. This is actually the power/multipurpose button. Press and hold to turn on and pair. It will flash red/blue, and comes up Robintech to pair. It paired immediately with my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 phone. The sound quality is fantastic, and their CVC 6.0 Noise cancellation technology, coupled with how well thee ear buds sit in your ear, really work. My husband was trying to talk to me, while sitting right next to me, and I was clueless, lol. They have a really high water proof rating, IPX7, which means you can shower with them. Most headphones have an IPX6 rating, so this one has upped the game. My husband sweats like it’s raining when he’s working out, and working hard, lol. He has ruined many a headphone due to this. So, we shall see how long these last with him. These have the normal 10m/33ft distance from the Bluetooth deice, rating. That is same room. If you go behind a wall or door, it will drop the signal. Now, on top of the bar, on the R earphone, you will see a + and – buttons. You short press to lower, or heighten the volume, and long press to move forward or restart your song. You can also pair two devices at once, which is pretty cool. It does work with both Android and IOS systems. I only tested with Android, and these headphones worked flawlessly for me.

Here is a quick break down of some functions. They had it listed in their instruction pamphlet like this:

Ending a Call – Short press the MFB one time

Rejecting a Call – Short press the MFB for one second

Last Number Redial – Press the MFB twice

Cancel/End Dial in Practice – Short press the MFB one time

Music Pause/Play – Short Press the MFB one time

See, very basic, and easy to do.

The ear hook design is one of my favorites. My older son loves it as well. You can do handstands, and they stay put. My long hair knocks everything else out. Now, if you wear glasses, it makes this design a tweak harder. You have to put the earphones on first, and then your glasses. I was able to do this without issue. I love how they actually state the phone number when you call, so there is no guessing. That is important when you are driving. You never have to glance at your phone, even for a second. If you have to use your phone while you drive, due to work. Then having a solid pair of Bluetooth headphones is imperative. The calls came through loud and clear. The listener also heard what I was saying, or my husband, without issue. Overall, these are turning out to be a solid pair of headphones, and we are very happy with them.

Robintech Headphones 1

I received these, at a discount, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. – RobinTech’s Premium Wireless Bluetooth Headphones.

If you would like to purchase these headphones, they can be found here on Amazon:

Wow. New and Exciting! – Just Add Color Monthly Subscription Box.


Adult coloring books are the new craze today. I know so many adults who just love to color in these. They help you to relax, de-stress. They trigger the creative side of your brain, which is very important. Adult coloring books are not just for adults either. They are great for kids who still like to color, but have outgrown regular coloring books. Most children’s coloring books are geared to really young ages. I have a 9 year old son who still loves to be creative, but won’t touch a regular coloring book. Even his drawing has turned to drawing apps on his tablet. This is a great way to get your older children unplugged!

I am really excited about this new monthly box concept:

Just Add Color Box Monthly subscription. It’s a new idea now on the market. It’s an exciting new monthly subscription service. It brings the world of coloring, and creativity to your front door. Every month you will get a surprise box filled with new, and different adult coloring books and more. They even offer 4 different ways to join and experience. The first launch is scheduled for an August 15th ship date. If you sign up by this August 6th, they will even give you a $10 discount. These are the different options for signing up and joining:

Monthly $19.99

3 Months $49.99

6 Months $99.99

12 Months $199.99

(When you sign up, please add my name in the note to merchant box under the total when you check out. That way I can be entered into a separate contest, with the same prize, too. Look further down this blog for your area to enter the contest.) 

This concept is even great for gift giving. I think it would be fantastic to set this up for your loved one in a nursing home, etc. It can be your secret treasure that you can hide in your car, lol. You can indulge and try and relax on your lunch breaks at work.

Just add color 3

I received a box to sample. When I opened my box, I really did not know what to expect. Let me tell you what, I was really surprised, and in a good way too. I received 2 coloring books of different sizes, and many different coloring options. The pictures in both books are only printed on one side, which I always prefer. No bleed through to the other side this way. The pages in both books are perforated, in case I want to take one out, and frame it. Also included in my box was a pencil/pen storage case, and a box of 18, double tipped markers. They are water based, and non-toxic. Which is great if you have nosey pets, and small children in your home. I have asthma and allergies, and these markers had no scent to bother me. It was a great, well balanced set. The set had a lot of floral in it, but it also had animal prints, and abstract prints, so something for everyone. It even had some great quotes on some of the pictures. The double tipped markers are great. There is a fine tip on one side, and a broader tip on the other. The markers really cover well, too.


There is an exciting contest going on right now too. I did a recent blog on the contest, but I will add the information again here for easy entry. The prize: A 3 Month subscription. That is pretty awesome.

                             Launch Giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check it out this fabulous contest to win a three month subscription to the Just Add Color Box Subscription:

There are several ways to enter including following us, visiting the site & referrals!

Good luck everyone in the contest, and enjoy this new way to experience the adult coloring book experience.

The best wine glass ever! – The Lone Star Store’s Good Day – Bad Day – Do NOT Ask – Shatterproof – Wine Glass.


I absolutely love this glass. I try to be a positive person, and I don’t label my days as bad days on purpose, but even if I have a fantastic day, this glass will just make it better. Something about it just makes me smile! I love the non-breakable Tritan glasses, like this one. I am not new to them at all. Most of the name brand sports bottles are made out of Tritan material as well. I am famous in my home for breaking glass wine glasses. Not when I’m drinking out of one, but when I wash them. I have no worries about that with this glass. It arrives in a basic brown box. Not really a “Gift Box”, like they stated in their ad, lol. But, it is easily wrapped because of the box it arrives in. So, I actually really like that. This is just like a regular wine glass. The shape is elegant, and it holds like a stemmed glass. But, since they are not real glass, this one is perfect for outside as well. You can use this poolside, patios, picnics, traveling in a RV, and more. This glass is 12oz. There are three markings on it: Good Day, Bad Day, and Do Not Ask!. We all know we are filling it to the top line, which is the Do Not Ask! line. I have a glass similar to this, but stemless. My 21 year old son loves it and immediately stole it from me. He drinks everything out of it but his coffee. My husband took one look at this glass and laughed. He says my son is going to steal this one too. This may be a hazard at your home too. It’s a glass that everyone ends up loving. It’s fun. This glass even fits into my wine glass lawn stakes I have. Since they are just like a wine glass, it fits perfectly. But, I have the added safety of the Tritan security. I can drop it in my sink, or on the ground, and it doesn’t crack at all. I hand wash everything, but this glass can go into the dishwasher as well. It is EA and BPA free. I love that this company donates money to St. Judes. That hospital is amazing! This is from the company’s ad page, “$1 for each item purchased will be donated in honor of Team Samuel at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.” This really makes me love everything about this glass.

I was afforded the opportunity to review The Lone Star Store’s Good Day – Bad Day – Do NOT Ask – Shatterproof – Wine Glass – Unbreakable Eastman Tritan – Gift Box Included – 12oz, at a reduced cost, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

If you would like to purchase this awesome glass, it can be found here on Amazon:

A different way to diffuse. – Innovation Product’s Electric Fragrance Oil Lamp, Essential Oil Diffuser with 35 Watt Halogen Bulb and Touch Dimmer Switch.


I love essential oils. I use them all of the time. I normally use essential oil diffusers to disperse them throughout the room. This light is different. It’s a light/fragrance lamp. You can use it without the plate, as just a nice accent lamp/nightlight. This lamp comes with a 35W halogen bulb, and a glass plate. The power cord is attached. You can use it with or without the plate. It is not recommended to leave the plate on longer than 8 hours. It does get hot. It is also not recommended to place oil on the plate if it’s already hot. The light does get warm to the touch. Little ones might burn themselves on it. This would be something I would recommend placing on a counter top, away from the edge, if you have little ones, or inquisitive pets. It doesn’t feel hot to me. I can wrap my hand completely around it. I can also lift the plate up, and hold it on the palm of my hand when heated up. It is ok to use essential oils on this unit. I did some research to make sure it was healthy to do, and it’s fine. Only use pure essential oils, for healthy benefits. It is a nice, all natural way to freshen up your home. Most store bought air fresheners are so unhealthy for you. Right now I have lemongrass on my plate. I like to use Lavender and Eucalyptus a lot, as well. You also want to make sure the plate is cooled off before washing it. Otherwise, you will have a cracked plate on your hands. The attached cord to this lamp is a 2 prong plug. So, it is handy to be plugged in anywhere. It also has the power/dimmer switch attached to it. It is placed approx. ½ way down the cord. The cord is just under 4 feet long. The turn knob is pretty cool. It is a lot larger than I am used to. It is so easy to turn, and dim or brighten the light. You can turn it on and off here as well. The lamp has a honeycomb like pattern built into it It throws a really pretty light pattern. I received it in pink, but they currently have it available in purple as well. The unit is made well. It’s thick and solid, not easily broken. I placed about 5 drops of oil on the plate at a time. It lasts for a few hours that way, which is a good amount of time. With the plate on it, it is only 4 ½” tall. So, it’s a very convenient size. I love it as a nightlight. It’s a really pretty light.

I was afforded the opportunity to review Innovation Product’s Electric Fragrance Oil Lamp, Essential Oil Diffuser with 35 Watt Halogen Bulb and Touch Dimmer Switch, at a reduced cost, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

If you would like to purchase this product, it can be found here on Amazon: