Finally, a comfortable pillow with a cotton cover. – Deluxe Homes’ Gel Fiber Pillows.



I am insane about the pillows I use. I use multiple. Yes, I am one of those. I was so lucky, and found these on a flash sale, so I grabbed them. Normally I am hesitant about ordering pillows online. I have had bad experiences of them arriving and reeking of chemicals, and then having an anaphylactic reaction to them. I have insane allergies, and have to be so careful about my pillows. These pillows arrived in the most comical way. The box was heavy, and smaller, so I did not expect there to be 2 queen sized pillows in it. When I opened the box, it looked like there were two large cocoons in it, I kid you not. When you open the box, you will see two tightly wrapped up pillows. Each pillow is tightly wrapped up in a roll, and held in place with saran type wrap and packing tape. Fortunately, they are made in the USA, so I wasn’t too worried. I was so surprised that after I careful unwrapped them, they popped right out into pillow form. It took like no time at all, to be fully puffed right back up. Be very, very careful unwrapping them, though. Besides peeling, tugging, at the wrap, I had to occasionally use a pair of scissors and cut my way through the wrap and tape. I was afraid I was going to cut the pillow. After unveiling them, I found them to be odor free! They were also very clean, soft, and fluffy, and quite comfortable! These are not firm pillows at all. So, if you require a firm pillow, these are not for you. You sink into these. They do spring right back, though. These are meant to be squished and held, and pulled to support your head and neck. I sleep on my side a lot, and pull the pillow down on that side to my shoulder, to fully support my neck. This can be done with these pillows. The same goes if I lie on my back. I can grab a side of the pillow and pull it down over to each shoulder, thus again, fully supporting my neck. I had full whiplash from an accident in my past, along with my constant swollen throat from my anaphylactic reactions. So, supporting my neck is very important while I sleep. The gel fibers are made out of a Micro Denier Poly Fiber. They state that it is tougher than silk fibers. I personally do not have a way to test that, lol. But, they are performing better than my all cotton fill pillows, that have fallen apart after 6 months. I am very happy with these gel fiber down alternative pillows. The stitching was all done tight and on point. My pillows had no imperfections upon arrival. They do not bother my insane number of allergies at all. The internals haven’t become all twisted and malformed from my type of sleeping with them. Overall, I am a very happy camper with these pillows.


I purchased these with my own money for my own personal use.


If you would like to purchase this product, it can be found here on Amazon:

A beautiful set of sheers. – HLC.ME 2 Piece Sheer Window Curtain Grommet Panels.


I love sheer curtains, and I love how they are now available with grommets. I like to place a pair of sheers in-between a set of solid color curtains, on a large window. I think it softens up the look, and really adds some flare too what would otherwise be a flat look. It’s hard to commit to a pattern on curtains, because than you’re stuck with a design. But, with plain curtains, you can add sheers to add flare to the window. It’s like jewelry, and your clothing. These sheers are pretty. They are sheers and, we all know, that means thin fabric. These sheers arrived with no stains, tears, or snags. They had absolutely no odor to them upon arrival. I have anaphylactic reactions to heavy chemical use in fabrics, and I had no issues with these curtains. I can’t believe they have them available in 20 color options. I am loving my white ones. It’s such a fresh, breezy color. It’s perfect paired with my new grey curtains. Each panel is 54” wide, and I ordered the 84” length, to match my curtains. All of the grommets were done well. There are 8 per panel. They even have 4 length options as well. The stitching was as well done as expected on this sheer fabric. I have no unravelling spots, or pulled spots. I’ve tried sewing on this thin fabric before, and it’s an adventure if you don’t do it all of the time, lol. The material used is Polyester Voile. Fortunately, my 2 panels were the same length and size. They were ready to go right out of the package. When you hang them between two curtain panels, you can open your curtain panels, and still keep the sheers drawn. I love the diffused light, and it actually still helps with energy savings. I am really happy with my new sheers.

I received these for free, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. – HLC.ME 2 Piece Sheer Window Curtain Grommet Panels, total width 108″ x 84″ (274 cm x 213 cm) (White).

If you would like to purchase this product, they can be found here on Amazon:

Sweet dreams. – Restoration Goods’ Italian Luxury Soft Brushed Microfiber 4 Piece Deluxe Bed Sheet Set.


I am always amazed at how much everything is going up in price. Basic necessities cost so much nowadays. Bedding is also getting out of hand. It’s truly ridiculous. I was so surprised to see sheets for a King sized bed be so affordable. Currently they are only $25.50 for a complete set. They are very soft to the touch, and are easily machine washed and dried. In a set comes: 1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet, and 2 King sized pillow cases. These are microfiber sheets, but the material used is Polyester. They happen to be 100% Polyester. I can’t personally sleep on these sheets. I have a huge skin sensitivity to Polyester. I, however, will be using the fitted sheet to cover up my box springs. We are going to a platform bed soon, and I needed an extra fitted sheet for this purpose. Putting a sheet over your Box springs helps to keep the dust down too. The pillow cases measure out at 40” long and 20” wide. There is a flap on the inside of the pillowcase to tuck your pillow in as well. That is a nice feature at this price point. My sheets arrived in very good condition. I had no holes, tears, stains, or snags on them. There was also no odor whatsoever to them as well. I love the fitted sheet in this set. It actually has the elastic sewn completely around it. I hate when the sheet only has the corners done. The sheet always pops off like this. This fitted sheet also is a deep pocket sheet. It can fit a very large mattress. It’s 18”, so I would say 16” well. You want it to be able to wrap the sheet around to the underside. Since it is a Polyester sheet set, with a microfiber feel, they are so easy to wash and dry. They don’t wrinkle as much as cotton. These are not ultra-thin like a lot of microfiber is. They will definitely last longer than others I’ve had in the past for the kids. They are basic sheets, nothing fancy. But for the price, they are pretty nice! They have them available in 10 other colors right now, and offer them in Twin, Full, Queen, King, and California King. You really can’t go wrong with this set.

I received the sheets, at a discount, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. – Restoration Goods’ Italian Luxury® Soft Brushed Microfiber 4 Piece Deluxe Bed Sheet Set Deep Pocket- Hotel Quality – King – Gray.

If you would like to purchase this product, they can be found here on Amazon:

It’s Space time! – Treepenguin’s Space Exploration Wall Decals.



Years ago, when my older kids were younger, and they wanted to personalize their rooms, that involved wallpaper borders and paint, lol. So, with my youngest, I am loving the new wall decals out on the market now. This set from Treepenguin, on Amazon, is a lot of fun. It is their Space exploration set, and it consists of the nine planets, the sun, stars, spaceships, comets, steroids, and a satellite. I love that the planets are labeled, so you can set them up in an educational manner for your kids. All the pieces do not have to be used either. If your kids are a little older, you do not need to put the spaceships up. Since these are easy decals, you can remove the spaceships as they get older to. These are made out of pre-cut vinyl. It is just peel and stick; so easy. They key is to apply these to clean, smooth surface. I do not have bumpy drywall, so I did not test these on that type of surface. I have regular flat drywall, and these work great on that, glass, mirror, and refrigerator surfaces. The key is to wipe clean the area first. Even your walls. You want to make sure there is no fingerprint, grease or dust residue on the surface. Otherwise, these won’t stick well. I placed a few in our bathroom to test how they did with humidity, and they do great. They have not started to peel off at all. The great thing about them is you can change your mind at any time. They do not cost a lot, and they will not mar your surfaces. These are a no brainer to apply as well. You can lift it up over and over until you get it placed where you need to. Included with this set is even a fun fact sheet about the planets, asteroids, comets, and stars. You can actually educate your child without even knowing that’s what you are up to, lol. It’s a parenting win! The planet vinyls range in size from 3” to 13”. Pluto being the smallest, and Saturn being the largest. So, these are not too big or too small. I am very pleased with this set overall, and really have no complaints.

I received these for free, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. – Treepenguin’s Space Exploration Wall Decals.

Planet vinyls 7

If you would like to purchase these decals, they can be found here on Amazon: