Soft leather and incredible convenience in this Yahoho Leather Convertible Purse


I love real leather. I love the smell of it, and the feel of it. It reminds me of my horseback riding days. This is a convertible bag too. You can use it as a cross body purse, a regular purse, or in back pack mode. I find that to not only be very useful, but a lot of fun. It will be hard to get tired of this one. Needless to say, I am quite pleased to be afforded the opportunity to review Yahoho’s Women’s Soft Genuine Leather Top Handle, Cross Body, Shoulder Bag, Convertible Backpack in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. This purse arrives as shown.
I received this purse in black. It also comes in a pretty red , and a deep navy blue. The leather is a soft cowhide leather. The hardware is all gold tone. The purse is nicely lined. There are 3 roomy pockets on the front of the purse. I can actually fit my phablet phone, a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in, an Otterbox Defender case, in the larger of the pockets. That made me so pleased. I have never been able to fit that phone in a regular pocket like this. There are two large divided sections in this purse also. I can fit magazines, my tablet, my big med bag, and so much more in here, while still having room. When you are using zippers with soft, supple leather like this, don’t just rip the zippers open. I always hold, and work my zippers down. I feel they last a lot longer this way. There is a zippered compartment in the back large compartment, and two open pockets in the front larger compartment of this purse. And on the back of this purse is another zippered pocket. There is plenty of storage in here! I am having to practice with changing the handles for the different purse positions, lol. But it’s well worth it. I am really, really enjoying this purse and it’s quality.

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Makes it easy to start playing music. – Bentoni 16 Keys Nickel Plated Plateau-Style (Closed Hole) C Flute.


I have a background with music. I really still enjoy it. I homeschool my son, and now that he can pay attention more, and not be such a bruiser, lol, it’s time to start him in music. I played an instrument throughout my schooling, and I feel it really makes a difference. It really helps to open and expand the brain. Needless to say, I am just thrilled that I was afforded the opportunity to review Coolig’s Bentoni 16 Keys Nickel Plated Plateau-Style (Closed Hole) C Flute w/ Case, Screwdriver, Cleaning Rod and Cloth, Gloves in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. In the package you will receive the flute. Each piece is meticulously wrapped inside the flute case. There is 1 cleaning rod. You will find this located in the large body piece of the flute. Also included is a small screwdriver. You will find this underneath the large body of the flute. And you will also find a small container of grease, a microfiber cloth, and a pair of gloves.
The cleaning rod has a slit in it, that you just slide the microfiber cloth through. It’s important to swab out your flute after every time you play. It also important to remember not to place your hands over the bars, or keys while putting the flute together. You could easily bend the bars, and keys, causing expensive repairs. Also, you should screw the flute parts on when putting it together. This way you won’t bend the openings. Each piece comes with a black end cap to help pr0tect them when being stored. Keep the case for the grease after your done with it. Just refill it, since there is a slot it fits in perfectly.
It’s been a while since I have had the pleasure of picking up a flute again. I had a lot of fun. My son was shocked at how loud one could be, lol. He had a great time. I finally just gave him the head to blow through, to practice mouth position. That’s half the battle. The closed key style is great for little fingers, and smaller hands. It’s a personal preference really. There really isn’t a difference. The keys all worked smoothly and beautifully for me. The pads were all in great condition. The flute itself is beautiful. The sound is crisp and clear. I am really impressed with this Bentoni flute package.

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So easy to use, and incredible video quality. – Conbrov’s T9 1080p Full HD Car Dash Cam.


This is my first ever car dash camera. I was just too excited when it got here. I had already purchased a micro SD card in preparation. Needless to say I was just thrilled to be afforded the opportunity to review Conbrov’s T9 1080p Full HD Car Dash Cam. in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. This product will have in the box: 1 HD camera, 1 12V power cord, 1 USB power cord, one window/dash mount, and 1 instruction booklet. The English instructions are toward the middle of the book.
I purchased a class 10 micro SD card. I found that if you do any video, you need to get a class 10. I also purchased a 16gb one. I feel that if you are going to be running this a lot, you should get a couple or get one bigger one. I went out today and used up just under 13gb of my card. I drove about 50 miles roundtrip. The instructions are so easy to follow. I used it today without even looking at the booklet. It arrived right as I was heading out, so I grabbed it and through it in my car. I was just so excited to use this today. The slot is open on the left side of the camera, if it’s facing you, for the micro SD card. The keys are clearly marked for power, M for mode, arrows for up and down scroll, an ok key, and a menu button that looks like a menu button on a phone. I love how simple those are. You use the USB cord to attach it to your computer. It will come up on the camera to choose between pc to USB to transfer files, or pc to camera, to use this as a computer camera. This camera has audio, night vision recording, picture taking. When it powers on, it comes on recording. I would power off when I got to my location, but when I started my car, it would power itself on, and start recording. I love that ease of use. The 12V power cord is really long. Depending on the size of car you have, you could probably set it up record out your rear window or side window. I cannot believe how clear the video actually is. I was so impressed. This camera is easy to use, takes incredible photos and video. It’s a win, win. I love it!

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One very strong and secure magnet. – Direct Deals4U’s Quick Draw Gun Magnet By GERO.


gun magnet 2 gun magnet 3

We have been wanting to try one of these gun magnets since we learned about them last year. There are so many more ways you can secure a firearm with one of these. Needless to say, I was beyond thrilled when I was afforded the opportunity to review Direct Deals4U’s Quick Draw Gun Magnet By GERO in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. This product arrives as shown. There are no instructions included with it, but they are so not needed either.

This magnet is one solid piece. There are two screw holes already in place. The screw or adhesive needed is dependent upon what you are attaching it to. The purpose of the magnet is to safely secure your firearm in an easy way. A way that won’t mar your firearm, and where it would still be quickly accessible in an emergency. For example. You can have a hidden picture frame some where toward the front of your home. So, if anyone was trying to break in, you could unsecure the frame, lift it up, and quickly draw out your firearm. There are an amazing amount of home invasions now They seem to come in groups of criminals, and they are violent on a whole too. The base of the magnet is made out of steel. It is thick, and should most definitely last a lifetime. They say it can hold onto your firearm in a 7 magnitude earthquake. I find that impressive. It does really onto it. They state that if you are going to mount a rifle or a shotgun, that you should use 2 magnets. Each magnet is rated to hold 25lbs. It really holds to. It’s absolutely nothing for this magnet to hold onto a handgun, that has a fully loaded magazine. To pull it off, just turn it to the side. They compare it to a door lever handle. I know a lot of businessmen, or small businesses, like to have one mounted under the counter or their desk. This really makes it easy to do. Always adhere to your state laws regarding firearm handling. Safety first, before convenience. I like there disclaimer and I am using it here: Disclaimer: If a weapon will be mounted to this magnet, please keep this magnet out of the reach of all Children. Please remember buyer takes full responsibility of this product.

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If you love science, you will love these. – Evviva Science’s Bacteria Science Kit – Pre-poured Agar Plates and Swabs Science Kit.


petrie 2petrie 1

I have always been a science nut. I have a background in nursing too. I also homeschool my youngest. When I saw this science kit, I was over the moon excited. Needless to say I was just thrilled to be afforded the opportunity to review Evviva Science’s Bacteria Science Kit – Pre-poured Agar Plates and Swabs Science Kit in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. This is amazing. It arrives with a great pamphlet of instructions, 10 cotton swabs, 1 bottle of antibacterial hand gel, 2 transfer pipettes, and 10 pre-poured sterile TS (tryptic soy) nutrient agar plates.

We were so excited to use this kit, the day it came in we got things ready to start our experiments. My son and I went over what we wanted to test, and when we were going to do it. We picked an odd time, but one we could overall adhere to. I also got my labeler ready. I wanted to label each container to ensure accuracy. Then, we of course, read all the directions. You will need an area that is flat, and where you can set these up with a light directly on them for approximately four days. Unopened plates can be stored at room temperature or in the fridge. They cannot be frozen. Once you cut open the seal of the bag, they need to be refrigerated up to 30 days. If you do put them in the fridge, they will need to put out to warm up prior to doing your experiment, so they can reach room temperature. Now it’s time to do your experiments. If you are swabbing dry areas, get the cotton tip damp with water prior to swabbing it. Swab your chosen area. Then you just swab the cotton tip over the agar plate, cover it back up, and turn it upside down. When you swab over the agar, do it gently. petrie 6 petrie 7 petrie 8 These three photos are when we first swabbed and set our plates out under our light. See how well a labeler defines them. There is no mistaking which agar plate goes with what sample. We swabbed our mouths, the toilet rim, the tub drain, kitchen sink drain, the bottom of the TV, our tap water, both our laptops’ keyboards, and the bathroom sink drain. We were quite pleased to see there was really no growth in our tap water at the end, phew. For the experiments where we needed to get the cotton tip wet, we used bottled water so it wouldn’t interfere with our testing of our tap water.

petrie 9, 25 hours This photo is our experiment at 25 hours. We could notice a little growth started. To make sure no family turned the light off, we let everyone know to not to touch. If you need to, leave a note by the lamp that clearly states to never turn it off.

petrie 49 hours, 1 petrie 49 hours, 2These two photos are at 49 hours. Notice, there is a lot more growth of our wonderful bacteria, lol. We were very excited.

Petrie 75 hours Here we are at 75 hours. There is a lot more growth noted. We decided to continue on to see how it would grow.

petrie 99 hours, 2 a.m. This is at 99 hours. But, since it was 2.a.m., we didn’t turn off the light until the afternoon.

petrie 116 hours At 116 hours, the warming light was officially turned off. We had some trouble with out microscope not working, Murphy’s Law. Fortunately, I have a large, lighted magnifying glass. We were able to see these bacteria quite well. We discovered that every drain swiped pretty much showed the same bacteria. The toilet rim was disgusting , lol. It had great bacteria to look at. I left it dirty for the experiment, and as soon as we had swabbed it, I used my usual toilet cleaner with Clorox to clean it. I was shocked to see my keyboard had more bacteria on it than my son’s. His is always dirty, and I clean mine off, hmmmm. My son just turned 8, and had an absolute blast doing this. He would sit and check on them daily. We would talk about them daily. He was really engaged in a subject he had trouble connecting with prior to this experiment. Kids really do get inspired with hands on experiments. This one is a no brainer to do. It is so simple, anyone can do it. I am highly pleased with the quality and ease of this kit. This has really brought the world of science to my son and that is invaluable.  Here are the individual pictures of the plates at 116 hours:

petrie end 116 petrie end 2 116 hours petrie end 3 116 hours petrie end 5 116 hours petrie end 6 116 hours petrie end 7 116 hours petrie end 8 116 hours petrie end 9 116 hours petrie end 10 116 hours petrie end 11 116 hours

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Bright, lightweight, and multi-use. – Triumph Innovations Power Sports Headlamp/Tactical Flashlight Tool.


My family and I believe in being prepared. One easy way to do that is lighting. We believe that you should have one headlamp, one flashlight and one lantern for everyone in your housed, and a set for at least one guest. Needless to say I was thrilled to be afforded the opportunity to review Triumph Innovations Xtreme Bright Pro Series X55SPorts Headlamp in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. Included in the box is one bicycle attachment, 1 headlamp, 1 spare lighting cable. The directions are printed directly on the box. They are located on the bottom of the box.
This headlamp runs off of 4 quality brand AA batteries. They are not included. No tools are necessary to access the battery compartment. The battery compartment is on the back of the headlamp. It has a silicone covering that completely surrounds the batteries. It just pulls of from the bottom. Read the battery markings to properly install them. If you just glance, it looks like they all go the same direction, but they don’t. The on /off button is on the top right of the battery compartment. It’s a compression button. Press once to turn on full bright, press again to turn it to low setting, press a third time to turn it on strobe mode. If you press and hold while it’s on, it goes into SOS mode. This headlamp is waterproof. It is a LED headlamp which sports 350 lumens of light. It is zoomable. The front end of the flashlight pulls out to zoom. It has a 2000x zoom. This light can throw out light up to 500ft. It has a 25 hour continuous run time on fully charged batteries. The light unclips from the front and back of the headlamp strap. Then you can attach it to your belt or pack. You can also attach it to the included bike mount. It unscrews, and the top pulls off, letting you attach it to the handlebars. Then attach the light to the bike mount. The flashlight also tilts downward if you need to focus in that direction. Being hands free can be vital in emergencies. It’s a great all around headlamp. The nylon straps are easily adjustable. This headlamp is very comfortable on too. It weighs only 9.6oz without the batteries, so it is pretty lightweight. It is made from military grade aluminum. It is tough and can take a beating. The LED lighting is clear, bright and long lasting. I love the long lifespan of LED lights. I am really appreciating how multi-use this headlamp is. I also love that it is waterproof and light weight. It’s a great addition to our home.

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Light, bright, and easy to use. – Soloneer’s LED Micro Lantern.


My family and I believe in being prepared at all times. One of the easiest ways to have your family prepared for an emergency, is lighting. I am so pleased that I was afforded the opportunity to review  Soloneer’s LED Micro Lantern in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. In this package you will receive one lantern as shown. It does require 3 AA batteries. They are not included. No tools are needed to open the battery compartment.
This lantern is only 6″ tall, and it’s very, very lightweight. Even with the batteries installed. The bottom of the lantern unscrews to reveal the battery compartment. The batteries fit up into the lantern, increasing it’s water resistance value. I love that it only takes 3 AA batteries. They are more efficient, cheaper, and much easier to find everywhere. The handle has finger grooves in it. This also makes it easier to hang up. I would advise that you attach a carabineer clip to it for easy hanging at anytime. Just another way to be prepared. This way you can also clip it to your pack or belt loop for hands free use in an emergency. There are 4 0.5Watt LED’s in this lantern. LEDs are long lasting. They afford bright clear light. And they are so much more durable than regular bulbs. I am a huge LED fan. We have gone to all LED spare light sources. This lantern is made out of lightweight, and durable ABS plastic. My son has a collection of lanterns now. As soon as I handed him this one, he states’ “wow, I really like this one.” He’s too cute, and brutally honest. If he doesn’t like something, he lists out all the reasons why, lol. I am very happy with this micro lantern. It has definitely been infused into our emergency back up lighting lineup.

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