From Work light to Holiday Décor, this light can do the job! – LOFTEKs’ 50W LED Flood Light, and RGB Light.


LED lighting has been a saving grace in the lighting industry. It is a healthier choice, a greener choice, and an economical choice, as well. I have had the pleasure of being able to test this light out. It is a 50W LED floodlight from Loftek. It comes with a REMOTE! Love that. Remotes do make everything better. This is not only a work light though. It also has RGB possibilities to it too. So, this light is also great to dress up holidays setups, and sets, for stages and shows. With the remote you can set a timer for it to run a certain number of hours: 3, 6, 9, or 12 hours. The light is very receptive to the remote, too. It’s a breeze and a pleasure to use. This light is rated for 50,000 hours of light, and is quite weatherproof and dust proof as well, with its’ IP66 rating. The construction appears very solid. They even offer a diagram on their site to show you how it was put together. They used double O rings, an aluminum reflective plate, tempered glass, and a die cast aluminum frame, in this lights’ construction. You can both stand this light up, or hang it, as needed. It comes with a bolt to hang it, and it has a large handle that can be used for both positions. I’m really happy with how sturdy and well-built this light is.

Now, this work light has a 3-prong plug on it, and runs off of regular 110 power. It is stated to be able to run off the following input, though: AC 85V–265V. When you plug this light in, it comes on in a color, not the white light. So, make sure you do not lose the remote, lol. Although, it does have memory retention. So, if you have it o the white light when you turn it off, it will come back on in the white light. This feature is very handy. But, do not do what I did, and look at the light when you change it to the bright white light. I saw stars for such a long time, after that. This light has so many fun features. It has a total 16 color and 4 light modes (Flash / Strobe / Fade / Smooth). You can even dim the light down, as needed. It only goes so low though, so keep that in mind with this feature. Here are their instructions for using the timer feature:

“For example: Press button “3h” (light will flash twice) and then press “Enter” (light will flash twice again), it will start to count down and automatically turn off after 3 hours. If you want to stop the timer setting, press “Exit” and it will stop count down.”

It really does not come with its’ own thorough instruction booklet, but everything else is self-explanatory. The remote works distance wise, like a lot of Bluetooth devices. You really need to be within 30ft of this light for it to work, and in view, obviously. Overall, this light is pretty great. It really makes for a fun decorative light, as well as a solid work light. The white light is a bright cool white light. I do not know the actual rating for it though. The light angle it throws is about 120 degrees. This is the stated lumen count for the lights: “Output Lumen: Red 640-800LM ; Green 960-1120LM ; Blue 240-400LM ; White Triad light, no lumen value.” No clue why they didn’t state a lmen value for the white light.

  I cannot wait for the different holidays now, like Christmas, and Halloween, especially. You can really have a lot of fun with this light, lighting up a spooky scene, or a beautiful Christmas scene. The different light options really give this light a lot of usability, and the quality will ensure that it lasts. I really like this product.

I received this product for free. I was under no obligation to leave my honest and unbiased review.  – LOFTEKs’ 50W LED Flood Light.


If you would like to purchase this product, it is available here on Amazon. Also check the whole page, they currently have a buy one get one option going on:

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