Tough week – 2 separate reactions.


This week I have had two anaphylactic reactions. The first one happened on the 14th, and the second one happened on 4/16/2015.

On Tuesday the 14th, I was at Trader Joes with my husband and youngest son. It’s the only grocery store I can walk in because of my allergies. We were walking down an aisle and my husband grabbed me and pulled me away. There was a lady walking a big dog behind me. I am deathly allergic to dogs. With that reaction I was able to get my throat and airways to open with a lot of Benadryl, albuterol, and ephedrine tablets I chew and hold in my mouth. It’s disgusting but it can work and it’s so much cheaper than an epi pen. It just doesn’t deliver as fast. I’ve continued my nebulizer treatments but than I had attack number 2.

We were leaving Lowe’s hardware store and I walked by the hotdog stand at the exit so I could get to the parking lot. By the time I hit the car my throat was swelling shut and I could barely speak. I took a lot of Benadryl, my albuterol inhaler and chewed an ephedrine pill. It kept shutting unfortunately and I also development intense muscle weakness, especially in my dominant arm. It was completely locking up, it was so weird. I tried to do one epi-pen and I just couldn’t do it, I wasted the med. I finally got the cap off of pen number 2 and with two hands, I was able to administer the 2nd epi-pen fully. I should have gone straight to my doctors. I am still having trouble getting any liquid down, and I have obviously haven’t eaten anything today. I am so thirsty. I am also still having muscle pain and weakness, but mainly in my right arm.

Today started off weird. I woke up with a strange rash and discovered my taste was way off. I have almost no sodium in my diet, so I crave salt sometimes. When I was at lunch at McDonalds, where I can’t eat anything, I put a little salt on my tongue and it tasted bad, like chemicals. I was the only one who thought it tasted like that. These symptoms must have been remnants from reaction number 1 this week.

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