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Bouncing Bots – The Game of Wobbly Widget Warriors

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Rooster Fin is a fun company. I mean, they sell games, after all. They major in fun 24/7. I was excited when I was approached to review their Bouncing Bots game. I had never heard of it before, and it really peaked my interest. The first thing I did was to check out their website. They broke the categories of their toys into: Family, Educational, Skill, Card, Strategy, and Party.

This is the description of their Bouncing Bots Game on their website:

Bouncing Bots is the board game where players compete to get the best score by bouncing their bots on the highest valued numbers on the target boards. Score the most points to win!

Players: 1-4

Ages: 7 to adult (On their box, it states 6 and up)

Skills: Motor Skills, Hand-eye Coordination


8 Bot Characters

2 Platforms

Simple Instructions “

The game has one small sheet of instructions in the box. On one side, it mentions all of the characters names: Axel, Crank, Tracker, Rock’in, Plug, Spark, Flack, and Smash. There is even a tiny Bio next to each character. Kids really love this type of stuff. My, just turned 10 year old, son sure does. Each character even has a unique face on it. My son picked out Tracker as his favorite. The other side of the one piece of paper, offers the easy to read instructions. I love that this can be a one person game. My son is homeschooled, and that is an important feature for us. There are directions for multiplayer play, as well as two person play. The whole goal of the game, is to get to 9 points first. That may sound easy, but it really isn’t, lol. Omg, did we laugh. I can get the bots to bounce backwards, completely sideways, and sometimes, over the target, lol. But, we have the darndest time, getting the bot to land on top of the target. There are five different scored areas on the top of the target. When you play by yourself, you can time your games, ad try and beat your time. This game is great for eye – hand coordination, problem solving, since he you have to figure out the best way to bounce, depending on your playing surface. Carpet, well, that is a priceless surface to play on. Lots of laughter there. Fortunately, the targets can be turned over, to form a bowl target. The underside also has the same targets on it, with designated points on the spots. It is easier to get the bot into the bowl, versus, on top of the target. My son was so relieved, once he found out that he could turn the target over.

Here is some fun information about Joe Roosterfin:

“Joe, the owner of RoosterFin brings a unique skill to board games with his ability to create authentic game engines. His gift is in understanding how math applies to games. Joe’s background, coupled with his years teaching kids, enables him to create award-winning games that are continuously simple to learn and fun to play. Since Joe has left his life in the classroom behind, he has devoted his full attention to making great games.”


Fun picture of Joe as a kid: bouncing bots 11

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Overall, we are really happy with this game. It is fun, for all ages to play together, and well put together. We like everything from the bright colors, to the simple to read, instructions. This company offers a wonderful variety of games. Their website is definitely worth checking out.

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I received this game as a sample. All opinions are honest and my own.

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4DBlocks helps your children’s imagination grow.


After raising three boys, I have gone through my share of toys. One thing that was common to all of them, was their enjoyment for building things. Be it building things from sticks outside to Lincoln Logs, Legos, and more, we have used them. My youngest is the only one that has been able to experience the world of Magnet type block building. He has the original brand that came out a few years ago, and now there are other companies making them as well. This particular set of 40 pieces is from 4DBlocks.

The set consists of different shapes, and bright, fun colored pieces. It encourages creativity, which helps strengthen the mind. All kids have a fascination with magnets as well, so it really is a well-rounded toy. They get to learn about magnets, in regards to both positive and negative polarities, and how they work together. They get to build and create, and have fun while doing it. The majority of the shapes included are triangular, and square. There are hexagons too, as well as a set of wheel bases and solid plates. So, not only can you build buildings, and creations, but you can also build vehicles with this set as well. Although, it’s hard to push a magnet car, lol. No matter what brand you use. It is easy for the car to fall apart, so you need to pull out your top engineering skills for this, lol. They also include an instruction booklet that gives some great building ideas. My son really never looked at it though. He likes to create on his own. Overall, this is a well-made, engaging building set. If your child enjoys building things, they will enjoy his set.

I received this set, at a discount, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. – 4DBlocks – Play it , Love it! – Magnetic Building Block Set.

If you would like to purchase this set, it can be found here on Amazon:

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Beads, Beads, Beads! – Liberty Imports’ 10,000 Beads DIY Bracelet Making Kit Mix & Match Style Jewelry Designer Studio.


This kit is so cute. I do not have any little girls though, just boys. So, I got to have all the fun playing with this myself. There are so many little beads that come in this kit too. So, try and make sure you can play and create with this set, in an organized manner. Well, as organized as you can be with 10,000 little beads, lol. No, I did not count them! They state this is for ages 6 and up. I’m not so sure about that. You would really have to set them up with more tools to help them, at age 6. This comes with no jewelry, beading tools, clamps, or stand. It all has to be done by hand, and that requires a lot of hand eye coordination, which normally isn’t that developed by age 6. What you do get is:

3800 decorative beads

 6200 crystal accent beads

1 roll of elastic cord

3 rolls of embroidery threads (pink, red, and orange)

1 plastic Butterfly jewelry designer work station tray


Now, do not try and poor the little beads into the tray. The tray is thin plastic, and it makes for the perfect trampoline surface for the beads, lol. Boy, do they ping, ping, ping, everywhere. I was not overly happy about it, either. So, take a few out at a time, with your hands, and place them in one of the compartments directly. I had the bag close to the tray too, when I tried to pour them. I made one bracelet and one creation that can attach to a hairclip, for this blog. I made the bracelet with the elastic, and the hair accessory with the embroidery thread. I could only get so far with the embroidery thread though. That type of thread starts to unravel, and unravel. I placed all types of emollients on the end to keep it together, so I could thread the beads, and it didn’t work. You could use a needle if you had one with a bigger eye, for that type of thread. There are so many designs and how tos, that you can find online. Our internet is a great resource tool. This set is a great source of beads. The tray can definitely help you organize your beads, especially if you have a specific design planned. You can count out, and place the beads into their own compartment on the butterfly tray, making them easy to spot and use. If you are getting this for a child, you will need to help. I also advise getting some additional jewelry making tools to make the process more efficient and easier. With those additional items, this would really be a fun and creative hobby to participate in.

I received this kit for free. I was under no obligation to leave my honest and unbiased review. – Liberty Imports’ 10,000 Beads DIY Bracelet Making Kit Mix & Match Style Jewelry Designer Studio      


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Bring some magic into your life. – Fantasma Toys’ Retro Magic Table Set.


I may be an adult, but this is the coolest setup for magician wannabees. I have two older boys, now 22 and 26, and a 9 year old, who is at prime magician in training age. My older sons would have loves, loved, loved this set. I could never find anything like this even remotely affordable when they were young, so I am extra thrilled with this set. It is well thought out, well planned. No, it is not professional quality, but I did not expect anything like that in a children’s toy. I love how it all folds back into the table. Every parents dream. This set includes all of the classics. I mean the ball and cup routine is even done with pet nowadays, lol. Here is the actual list of what comes in this set: “Magic Table Case (2 legs 3 feet), 3 Cups, 4 Balls, 4 Metal Rings, Magic Wand, Flying Coins, Magic Box, Money Paddle, Magic Cards, 2 Bizarre Boomerangs, Vanishing coin, Instruction Video Download and Book of Secrets.” I indeed receive everything stated too. They are the normal children’s magic toy quality I have purchased separately in the past. So, I am very happy with that. To buy all these separately would be a lot more money indeed, from my personal experience.

My 9 year old is so computer oriented, I love being able to get him something that will pull him away from the computer, but still allowing him to use the computer to grow an learn in the craft. That tie it in with the downloadable features, and video. He also watched YouTube videos on these magic tricks as well. We love the look of the table. It screams magic. It really is a blast, and they look soooooooo precious when they set up to do magic. It’s not the sturdiest table. I would let your kids know you can’t lean on it, just use it as a work base. It is made out of real wood, which is great. The base can be tricky. If one of the three legs won’t fit into a hole, just keep moving it around, and I finally was able to fit them all in just right. It gets easier with use, too. Yet again, it is what I expected, and I love it. There are so many tricks to learn and do with what is included. We absolutely love this set.

I received this, for free, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. – Fantasma Toys Retro Magic Table Set – Loaded with Props and Featuring 150 Magic Tricks – Includes Instructional Video Download and Book of Secrets – Ages 6 and Up


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It’s so fluffy! – Really Stuffed™ Volleyball Pillow.


My youngest has a freaky allergy to bugs. Not sure which ones. He severely reacts at times, and at other times, really welts up and feels very sick. He is not an outdoor type of kid because of this. So, I was happy to see this ball. It’s bright, and fun looking. It can be thrown in the house, and he can run around and be all “kid” with it. I don’t have to worry too much, about him breaking anything. This is a super plush, 8”, volleyball. The bright blue and yellow are reminiscent to me of volleyballs. It is also so vibrant and easy to see where it landed. It is so super plush, you could actually lay on it, like a pillow. This over stuffed ball, is even close to the size of a real volleyball. Depending on the size of your indoor basketball hoop, if you have one, you may be able to use this ball with it. It should swish right through. Since it is easy to grasp, because it is stuffed, it is even good for little ones, when experiencing their first ball play. All of the stitching was well done on this ball. Mine arrived in perfect condition. It has no holes, stains, tears, or odors on it and to it. It’s really well made. I love how all ages can play with this together, in home. Just because you are inside, doesn’t mean you can’t play around and have some fun together as a family. My son can even throw this around to himself to burn off that energy that all our young ones have. He always has to be busy, and this ball fits the bill. He can just hold onto it, and fling it around. He can roll it around with his feet, under his desk, when he’s at his computer, and so much more. It’s the perfect toy for indoors.

I received this, at a discount, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. – Really Stuffed™ Volleyball Pillow 8″ Round Plush Gift.

If you would like to purchase this product, it can be found here on Amazon:

REV cars in action. – Avalanche Brands’ Rev (2 Cars Included).


I have a now, 9 year old son, who loves toys like this one. So, I was thrilled to be able to review this with him. He is a big critic too. If he does not like something, he points out all the things he hates, lol. I do have to say, these cars arrive very well packaged, and arrive with an easy to follow instruction booklet. They stress in this booklet to be gentle with the cars, and advise that they be used indoors only. Keep that in mind. They also require that you have a smart phone or tablet where you can download the necessary app to utilize them. There are two Rev cars in the set, and each car requires 4 AA batteries, which are not included. You will need a Philips Head screwdriver to access the battery compartments. I have Android devices, and you can find the REV app in your Google Play Store, for free. It comes up as REV Robotic Enhance Vehicles by WowWee Group. It even has 4.2 stars, which is pretty good for a toy app. The app let’s your smart phone or tablet connect to the cars. It connects fast too. I was very impressed with it. You have to have a tablet or smartphone, there is no separate controller to operate these cars. These cars are operating off our Galaxy Note 5 phones, and Samsung tablets perfectly. You can just drive it around or battle them. I love the shooting sounds. They sound more futuristic, and not like real active guns. I am amazed at how fast the card actually go. The controls to make the cars move are finger controlled from you screen. Your right hand does the direction, and the left hand does the acceleration. There is actually reverse with the car too.  The screen on the app is easy to follow, and if you choose the wrong option, it’s easy to redo. My son loves the campaign mode. He was so excited once he beat it the first time. With the campaign mode the cars shoot lasers at each other, and score points, until one of them wins. He is such a computer kid, I am happy to see him up and at least playing with this toy. It’s great because he can play with someone else, as well as me or his dad. It’s fun for all ages. You don’t have to play with anyone either, My son even did the campaign mode as one person. So, this is a great set for an only child as well. I am very impressed at how responsive this toy is to the app. It’s really well done. And, the speed of the cars is so impressive. It’s a great set overall.

I received this product for free, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. – Avalanche Brands’ Rev (2 Cars Included).

If you would like to purchase this product, it can be found here on Amazon:

Family fun with this toy! – Avalanche Brands’ Miposaur.


I have a just turned 9, year old son. He loves dinosaurs, and interactive electronics. This toy combines the two. In other words, I have a very, very happy son right now. This toy is silly and fun. Does it run flawlessly, and perfectly, like the directions say. Well, no it doesn’t. But, no toy like this ever has for us, lol. It runs well, and really entertains, so it’s a winner in our eyes. My son does have another interactive toy like this; a cat. So, we are used to how they are supposed to operate. We are liking the additions of the trackball and Miposaur app for our Android devices. That adds two different levels of interaction, which is a nice plus. If you get tired, or bored, of one way, you have two other ways to interact with it at that time. The app is free on Android from the Playstore. Just type in Miposaur in the search, and it comes up as Miposaur from Wowwee Group Ltd. I cannot personally vouch for IOS.  The app did not take up a lot of room on our devices either.

The Miposaur requires 4 AA batteries, and the trackball requires 4 AAA batteries. They are not included, and you will need a Philips Head screwdriver to access the compartments. Our remote links up right away, and we haven’t had any issues with communication between the two. The trackball is easy to hold and use. Part of it is a dial, that you just turn to the action desired. There are no words to read, just pictures of the actions: Dance, Food, Teddy Bear, Ball, Leash and Beat Box modes. The Beat Box mode is so funny, I love it. You can also interact with hand gestures. Overall, it’s pretty easy to do. Sometimes, it doesn’t pick up on the hand gestures. The IR sensors are in located in the nose area. You need to do the gestures clearly in front of this area , and not to fast, or the Miposaur can’t read them. The same goes with the 2 clapping modes. You need to clap loud and clear, and concisely, and it picks it up well. If you rub the back of it’s neck, it makes the cutest sound. My husband, myself, and my now 9 year old, are having a lot of fun with it. Ours has been working very well. Most often when it doesn’t pick up our movements, it’s because we aren’t doing it right, or in the right place. Leash mode has been our most inconsistent mode. It will work on carpet, but definitely works smoother on hard surface flooring. We have also noticed that when using it outside, the sunlight can effect it, making it harder to read what you want it to do. Overall, it is a lot of fun. It brings out a lot of laughter in us. I love how smoothly the app works with the Miposaur. It’s really a fun toy.

I reviewed this product for free, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review: Avalanche Brands’ Miposaur.

If you would like to purchase this product, it can be found here on Amazon:

Attack lizard, lol. – iLoonger’s DIY Lizard Plastic Infrared Self-Assembly.


This toy is soooooooo much fun, it really is. Building it was a slight challenge, but well worth the effort. It’s a great brain boosting experience, lol. This toy is rated ages 10 and up. If your child has great motor skills, then they might be able to build it, with some occasional guidance. Besides motor skills, patience is what is needed with an assembly that this one requires. The directions are overall pretty clear to follow. We did not build it all at once. We dedicated some quite evening time to the toy. I had one plastic piece bend on removal from the sheet. This made it slightly difficult to assemble it. Over the next couple of days, I slowly worked it, and was able to finally snap it into place correctly, so the build could continue. The main portion of a kit like this, is building the gears. This makes it a very educational toy. I was just fascinated by it. The directions are not completely correct though when it comes to one component. There is one piece that they want you to assemble, and state you may need a small hammer. Do not search for these pieces. It arrives already assembled for you. This assembly does require cutting off the small plastic ends off of the pieces that stay connected after unsnapping it from the sheet. All of the main pieces are plastic and attached to a plastic sheet. You need to look closely, and you will see a letter stamped on each sheet: A, B and C. Then each piece has a number associated with it; for example, B5. Just like in the game Battleship, lol. You will need to supply your own AAA batteries. This toy requires 4. I can’t believe how well the lizard works, and how fast this thing can go. It is quite entertaining. It is an infrared toy, and responds to your movements in front of its face.

This lizard has two modes. In the first mode this lizard runs around like a mad man. If something gets in its way. It flares its frill and tries to escape. They call it the escape mode. In the second mode, which is the approach mode, it will come to you, and when you place your hand or foot in front of it again, it spreads it frill at you and the eyes glow red. The eyes are green when it is approaching. We are all loving this toy. My 8-year-old is absolutely fascinated with this toy. It is so interactive, which makes it so fun. So even when the build is over, it keeps entertaining. There is a switch on the back of it to change the mode. This toy is very easy to operate after the build. This has definitely been an experience, and a product I feel comfortable recommending.

I was afforded the opportunity to review iLoonger’s DIY Lizard Plastic Infrared Self-Assembly Induction Sensor LED Educational Model Building Science Dragon Robot Toy, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. This product arrives unassembled, as shown.

If you would like to purchase this awesome toy, it can be found here on Amazon:

Solar power, perfect for homeschooling and more. – iLoonger’s T4 Transforming Solar Robot Kit.


I homeschool my 8 year old. I love kits like this one. They can really inspire and teach. I talk about solar power to him all of the time. But, seeing his face light up with excitement over the toy coming to life, was amazing. When we brought it out into the sun, and the dinosaur jaws started opening and closing, and the feet started moving, he glowed. We kept moving it from the sun to the shade, over and over. It was like an instant on/off switch, lol. When they say full sun, they mean it. We made the dinosaur option, but you can also make a drilling machine, robot, or insect. You can only make one at a time.

At first glance, when you open your kit, you may say to yourself, “Nope!” Let me tell you this, even though at first glance, the instruction book looks daunting, it isn’t. I was able to go through it and easily assemble the dinosaur. My son watched, lol. The gear box is the main assembly. The solar wires are fine, so if you have a bruiser like my son, you may want to do the gear box, and let your child finish the rest. This kit does not store power. It uses it immediately to power the product. You will get 1 green sheet of parts, and 1 grey sheet. You also get a little bag of parts and stickers. Each sheet is clearly labeled. For example, you will see A12 or B6. You have to look closely though. The letters and numbers are imprinted in the plastic itself. The loose parts are listed out in the beginning of the instruction booklet. To change forms, you will not have to redo the gear box, just the added pieces to it. The even show you how to undo your pieces. The instructions are all illustrated out, which makes it really easy to do.

My son knew about solar power. But seeing the dinosaur start moving, and quickly too, was impressive. He really was able to grasp the actual sheer power of the sun, first hand. You need to have full sun too. We went out in the evening too, when the sun was low, but it still worked when we aimed the solar panel at the sun. He had the most fun this way. It was so easy to use the shade as an off switch this way; on, off, on, off, over and over again, lol. This first hand truly teaches the power of the sun to your children. It makes solar power come alive for them.

I was afforded the opportunity to review iLoonger’s T4 Transforming Solar Robot Kit- Robot Insect T-rex Drill Vehicle, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. This product arrives as shown.

If you would like to purchase this set, it can be found here on Amazon:

Time to play in the dark with Mindscope’s Light Up LED GLOW PAD, Writing Pad, BLUE, with 3D Activity Kit, Bundle Pack.


Almost all children love things that glow. You combine that with drawing, and it becomes even more entertaining. This set is so much fun. You will get 1 glow board, 4 markers, 11 prints, and 3D paper glasses in your packages. Technically there are 6 prints, but 5 are double sided. Each marker has two color choices on it. So in each 2 marker set you get these colors: yellow, green, orange and pink. The ink is almost translucent, and the light makes them really glow. One side of the glow board has an acrylic plate that covers the print. You slide a print in from the top of the board. Then you take a marker and draw where you want to on the board. You can go crazy with your imagination, or draw like you are coloring in the print. The light button is the white button at the bottom of the easel. Every press will take it to a different LED light, until you get to the cycle of rotating colors. The LED light colors I saw on my pad are: red, blue, green, purple, white, yellow, aqua, and a rotation of the colors. My son really likes the light feature, and how much it makes the marker glow. It’s pretty wild. There is no weird odor to the markers at all. I love the functionality of the glow board. First off, you will need to install 3 AAA batteries on the back of the board. You need to provide the batteries, and a Phillips Head screwdriver to access the compartment. This board has a pull out tab that lets you stand it up like an easel. There are also two thick and sturdy suction cups to mount it to the fridge, mirror or window, if they wanted to. It’s a lot of fun, and well made. You will also find a spot on the back of the board, to snap in your 2 marker set. The 3D glasses are the clear kind. So if your family has the plastic ones in home, they can use those. Only one pair comes in this set. It has a minor 3D effect, which is fun for kids. This is definitely a product kids can entertain themselves with.

I was afforded the opportunity to review Mindscope’s Light Up LED GLOW PAD Writing Pad BLUE with 3D Activity Kit Bundle Pack, at a reduced cost, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. This product arrives as shown.

If you would like to purchase this product, it can be found here on Amazon: