So warm and cozy. – Natural Feelings Oblong Woven Cotton Soft Frilly Winter Scarf Shawl for Women.


Fall is here, and winter is around the corner. I love the comfortable, cozy feeling of winter clothes. I am all for comfort during the winter months. I hate being cold, though. That’s where warm clothing comes into play. I tend to wear mostly cotton nowadays, due to my long list of allergies. It is so had to find quality, and warm winter clothing made out of cotton. I understand that manmade fabrics can be warmer, but they are unhealthy for your skin and body. Some of the fabrics have such loose fibers, that you actually end of inhaling them, which is also so bad for your body.

I was so thrilled to find this winter scarf from Natural Feelings. What an appropriate name, too. It is soft, thick, and plush. The size of it lends to the ability to do so many styles with it, too. Thank goodness for our online. You can find so many ways to wrap a scarf online, nowadays. I grew up with the basic tie knowledge, so I am loving the new trends. This scarf measures out at 6’ long, and 2 feet wide. That includes the fringe. My scarf arrived in perfect condition. I had no holes, odor, loose threads, snags, or any imperfections on mine. It arrives in a black plastic bag. The bag has a ziplock feature to it, and minute holes in it. This allows you to reuse the bag for storage and travel. I love the idea of less waste.

They state that the fringe has an oblong design to it, and is handmade. You can tell where it was hand pulled to create the fringe, and it does indeed leave a pretty pattern to that specific area on the scarf. I’ve honestly never paid that much attention to fringe before. I guess I’ve been taking it for granted, lol. I ordered the scarf in their pretty “Silver” color. The Silver color is really a soft palate of grey, pink, blue, white and beiges. The grey is the base of the scarf, and the other colors make up the pattern. Since the palate is so soft, these colors can go with almost anything. I really love it. There are two bolder color choices to choose from, also. One of which reminds me of the color scheme from a Burberry scarf. This is their “Black” color choice. Then, the last choice they have the scarf available in is their “Red” color choice. This one has a lot of dark burgundy tones in it. It’s very rich in color. Overall, this is a well-made all cotton scarf. It’s soft, and comfortable, and surprisingly thick as well. It’s definitely going to be a warm and pretty scarf this winter.

I received this, at a discount. I was under no obligation to leave my honest and unbiased review. – Natural Feelings Oblong Woven Cotton Soft Frilly Winter Scarf Shawl for Women


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Fashion and Boots, Yeah Baby! – Abusa’s Women’s Heeled Buckle Leather Ankle Boots.



Fashion is important to so many people. A part of fashion, of course, is engulfed in footwear. The amount of different styles out there is immense, too. Boots are a great fashion pick. I have a go to pair I absolutely love, but they are cowboy boots and do not go with everything. So, it’s nice to have a classic pair, that can even be worn year round. This particular pair of boots from Abusa is like that. They are a pretty ankle boot that can be worn with a skirt or dress during the warmer months, or with a pants suit to jeans. I chose the black pair which are made out of dyed calfskin leather, and the sole is rubber. They do offer them in a suede finish, in “skin beige” and “wine red”.  I was really torn on which pair I wanted, because the wine red is so pretty. I decided to go with the smooth leather, so I chose the black pair. I have a pair of Abusa sandals and love them because of the quality and comfort.

So, I couldn’t wait to test out their ankle boots. They do run true to size, but since they have a tapered, rounded toe, I ordered up a ½ size, and they fit perfectly, and comfortably first time out. I’m so glad I ordered the 8. I can even wear a sock for added comfort. I hate shoes that pinch! I won’t even wear them once, if they are not comfortable. The leather quality in these boots is so sumptuous! It is soft, and supple, and let your feet be happy. It is so hard to find quality leather shoes anymore. I hate pleather boots. They make your feet sweat and smell. I also can’t stand hard leather, that has been treated in chemicals. Half the time it’s not full leather, but leather that has been laminated onto another material, and then it starts to crack and peel. And now, they are starting to use leather to describe manmade materials. It is getting to be so hard to trust what you are buying. With this brand, I have only ever experienced top quality.


I even own a pair of their ballet flats, which has the same beautiful leather on them. These ankles boots have a buckle on them, but slip on via the side zipper that is on the inside side of the boot. The zippers function smoothly, and I have not had any issue with them. They use YKK brand zippers. They stay put, and do not slide down while you’re walking. They are also very easy to walk in as well since the soles are rubber. The heel is only just over 2” in height, which is a very comfortable height to deal with. Lol. I cannot walk in taller heels to save my life. So, no worries with these out of the box. These really are a go to pair of boots. They go well with many styles of clothing. The quality is perfect, and they run true to size. The come in a sizes 6-12, which cover most women, but only come in a medium with. Remember to order accordingly though, because of the tapered, rounded toe. I absolutely love these boots.

I received these for free. I was under no obligation to leave my unbiased and honest review. – ABUSA Women’s Heeled Buckle Leather Ankle Boots.

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Be a fashionista this fall. -Blogory’s 2 Pack Women Short Crochet Boot Cuffs Toppers.



It’s fall fashion time, and there are so many cute pieces to choose from. Even if you live in a warmer climate, you can still enjoy something like this. I can easily see boot cuffs with a pair of cute boots and shorts. These boot cuffs are the Dickies of the boot world, lol. They literally function the same way. They offer a look of a thick, and well styled boot sock, without being the actual thick bulky sock. They can be worn with both ankle boots, and regular boots. I think they are really cute with cowboy boots, that’s what I have. You actually get two sets of cuffs in this order: 1 beige, and 1 black pair. They are pretty generous in size, and should fit a variety of women. I had tried on a pair like these, but a little different in style, and I popped a seam with my calf, lol. I do not have bird legs, but they are not large either. My calf size is 13.5 inches around the widest part. These are not like that at all. I am really happy to see that. Since they stick into your boot, they don’t slide on you either. Each boot cuff has a fold over look to it. This fold over is sewn down in place in a couple spots. There are also 2 buttons on each cuff. Unfortunately, on one of my black boot cuffs, one button was dangling.


beige-and-black-boot-socks-2It only takes a little thread and some time, to tighten back on, but, it’s not something I want to do with a new item. On the other hand, these cuffs are currently only priced at $8. For both pairs, which is really cheap. These boot cuffs are made out of 95% acrylic and 5% spandex. They did not have any funky odor to them upon arrival. The loose button was the only issue I could find on them, as well. I really looked too, after seeing the loose button. They are so easy to use, so they are a no brainer for the fall and winter seasons. You literally just slip them on, put your boots on, and tuck the ends into your boot. That’s it! Overall, these are really cute, and very stylish for the fall and winter seasons. Fingers crossed quality control will be better, in regards to the buttons, that is.

I received these for free. I had no obligation to leave my unbiased and honest review. – Blogory’s 2 Pack Women Short Crochet Boot Cuffs Toppers Winter Cable Knit Leg Warmers with Buttons

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A big ol pack of 60. – Best Standard Everyday White Hangers.


Hangers are not fancy to talk about, or even a common thought in ones’ head. But, they are one of those household items that we all have around the world. I really needed hangers, so I was looking forward to getting such a large set. I don’t like buying multiple small sets. I find that annoying for some reason. So, the thought of a set containing 60 hangers, was pretty awesome. These hangers arrive in a generic brown box, and yes, there were 60 in the box. They, unfortunately, are thinner than what I am used to using in a plastic hanger. Mind you, I normally only buy them at Walmart or Target. So, I was surprised that these were thinner than what I was used too. It has been some years since I have been hanger shopping though. I played with them, and played with them to see if they would be worth using, and they are. The corners have a webbed like feature, which actually make the thinner main bar, more sturdy, than I thought it would be. This is the same for the side rails as well. I was afraid the thinner design would make them too bendy when you had pants on them, and not just a simple shirt. They do have a lot of flex in them, don’t get me wrong. But, they are very usable, so I will be using them in my home. They measure out at 16″ long x 10″ tall x 1/4″ thick. I won’t be using clothes pins attached to them to hang dry pants, though. They are not sturdy enough for this purpose, unfortunately. I’ll have to use another set of hangers for that purpose. They may not be the thickest, or he fanciest of hanger, but they work for the everyday, lightweight wardrobe. I like using same color hangers in a closet. It gives the closet a clutter free look, as well as a more organized look.

I received these at a discount. No review was required, but I wanted to leave an unbiased and honest review. – Best Standard Everyday White Hangers, Made in USA Long Lasting Tubular Hangers, Value Pack of 60 (60 Count)

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Fuzzy slippers! – Norty – Grizzly Bear Animal Claw and Paw Slippers.


My son was so excited to get these slippers. He picked out the Polar Bear ones, from the different designs offered. We measured our feet, and know our shoes sizes, and we ordered accordingly. Unfortunately, these slippers run very small, so I have an upset young man on my side. He wears a size 5, and I wear a 7 ½ women’s. His feet are slightly smaller than mine, and our toes are pressed at the end of them. That, by the way, isn’t comfortable at all. So, be careful ordering these size wise. Quality wise, they were what I was expecting. We’ve all seen fuzzy slippers at the stores around the holidays, because they make fun gifts. These are quite fuzzy, and you will get some fuzz coming off the slippers at first. The fake claws are done in a padded shiny white material. There are 4 claws on each slipper. Overall, really cute. Mine arrived with no odor to them at all. Overall, very clean. They are highly padded as well. The bottoms were covered with silicone dots, creating the non-slip grip. Which is imperative on non-carpeted flooring. There is a tag in the slippers, by the heel area. You may want to cut that out so it doesn’t rub your heel. I’ve noticed no holes on mine, and the only imperfections noted were the fuzz coming off, and that this style runs small. The fuzz does stop coming off, though, so no worries. I’ve experienced this with other fuzzy items, like jackets and stuffed animals, so I wasn’t surprised. Overall these are well made, provide a lot of padding, and are comfortable to walk in. Down side, this style (polar bear) runs small.

I received these for free.  No review was required, but I decided to leave an unbiased and honest review. – Norty – Grizzly Bear Animal Claw and Paw Slippers

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So, so soft and comfortable. – North 15 Boy’s %100 Cotton Flannel Pajama Pants (Size 8 – 18).


Deer flannel pajamas 9

I have all boys. Some love to hunt, but all love animals. Even my husband is a hunter. So, I was thrilled to see this line of flannel pajama pants. They offer several different patterns with deer, and hunting dogs, as well as your traditional plaid flannels. They offer them in sizes from 8-18, and I find that they run true to size. At least the size we ordered was right on target. I love that this is true flannel, and is 100% Cotton. So many companies are cheaping out now, and use Polyester. My pair of jammy pants arrived with no odor to them whatsoever. They were very clean, and fresh looking. My younger son absolutely loves them, especially because they feel so soft and comfortable. He will only wear things that are soft and comfortable, lol. Quality wise, they are top notch. All of the stitching was done tight and on point. I didn’t even have a dangly thread to trim. They arrived with no stains, tears, holes, snags, or deformity. The legs are nice and even. The waist has a 1 ½” wide elastic band and draw string. The draw string does not have to be used though, the elastic was done well, and holds the pants up perfectly. Since it is a wider waistband, it sits flatter and won’t roll on you. They also stitched the elastic very well. When it’s not done well, it can start rolling on you right away. These are not flame retardant, like some children’s jammies. I rather have my son wear cotton anyhow. It is healthier for the skin. They can be washed and dried. They are all cotton, and can shrink a little. I suggest drying on a cooler temp, and we wash everything with cold water. Overall, we are extremely happy with these flannel pants. They more than met our expectations. I can’t express enough how much my son loves them.

Here is their size chart:

Size 8  Waist 11 inches front rise 10 ½ inches Back rise 12 inches Out seam 36 ½

Size 10-12  Waist 12 inches front rise 11 ¼ inches Back rise 12 ¾ inches Out seam 37 ½

Size 14-16  Waist 13 inches front rise 12 inches Back rise 13 ½ inches Out seam 38 ½

Size 18  Waist 14 inches front rise 12 ¾ inches Back rise 14 ¼ inches Out seam 39 ½

I received these, for free, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. – North 15 Boy’s %100 Cotton Flannel Pajama Pants (Size 8 – 18).

Deer flannel pajamas 8

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Deer flannel pajamas 11

Yoga with a little flare. – Poshsquares’ Women’s Fashion Wide Leg Flare Comfy Yoga Pants.


I rarely wear yoga pants when I head out on the town, but I wear them at night and to sleep. They are quite comfy!. I was interested in this pair, they looked so different from the basic pair of yoga pants. These have a flared leg, instead of the tight legs, which are a lot dressier, and more relaxed. The material they are made out of is clearly printed on the label as well, which is nice. I’ve received other clothing items in the mail, and there has been no material listed at all. These pants are made out of 95% Rayon and 5% Spandex. So, they won’t shrink on you, and are comfortable against your skin. My yoga pants arrived with no odor to them at all either. That was a big relief for me. With my asthma and allergies, I am very sensitive to fabric that has been heavily treated in chemicals. I’ll tell you what’s hard to believe. They have these pants available in 35 different colors. Lol, I ordered black, my favorite color with yoga pants. I mean, I don’t have any in any other color. To top it off, they are also made here in the USA. I love that!. I can say that these pants have unique laundering instructions for them. They suggest hand washing them, and line drying them. They also say to never iron them. Let me say, I am a machine wash kind of gal, so that’s what I did. Yes, I am rebellious, lol. They came out just fine. The material is soft though, so make sure there is nothing that will snag them if you do. I also do not have an agitator in my machine, and that does make a difference. I am only 5’3”. The inseam is 31” long, and the waist, straight across is 12”, not stretched out. These are my measurements with my tape measure. These are too long for me to wear out and about, but are perfect for hanging around the house in the evening. I will say, that being 5’3”, and the pants having a flared leg, that these pants make you look thicker than you really are. I wear a size small too. So, you need to make that personal choice on your own. Now, all of the stitching on my yoga pants was done tight and on point. I had no snags, holes, stains, or tears. I do have to admit, they are very comfy on. They also, do allow you great freedom of movement like yoga pans are supposed to.

I received this product at a discount, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. – Poshsquares’ Women’s Fashion Wide Leg Flare Comfy Yoga Dance Fold Down Waist Pants USA.

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Very supportive. – Welcos Women’s Women’s Yoga Pants Seamless.


So many people wear yoga/exercise pants nowadays. Not only are they comfortable to wear, but they are also supportive. Pants like these are, anyhow. These give your legs some support, which ends up giving your legs more energy. They have a nice compressive value to them. These pants are made out of 87% Polyester, and 13% Spandex. The spandex is what gives you the support. These are made on the narrower side. I always order a Medium, and they are normally loose on me. These fit to a T, which means they run smaller, lol. I never wear my clothes snug, for some reason; even exercise clothes. All the stitching was done well on my pair of yoga pants. They are not loosely threaded, and should last a long time. They wash and dry well. The rise is a modern fit, not low. I am 5’3” and it comes up a little too close to my belly button, lol. So, if a bend over, so does the waist band. I really don’t like that. The waist band is thick, and made quite well. There is a little pocket on the front side of it as well. You could put your key in there, or a couple dollars. They did not have any odor to them at all upon arrival. They are ready to go right out of the package. I like the styling. They are pretty current, and look great on. I really have no complaints. If you like your clothes on the looser side, or normally wear relaxed fit, because you have an awesome booty, lol. Then, I suggest ordering up one in size.

I was afforded the opportunity to review this product, for free, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review: Welcos Women’s Women’s Yoga Pants Seamless.

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Swim in comfort. – Qeartex’s NorthPole Mens Swim Trunk With Cargo Pockets.


I may not be wearing them, but I like it when my husband has pockets in his bathing suit. It makes life easier for him, and I notice that. That’s important. I picked out this bathing suit in grey for him. I love the color grey, and it looks great with pretty much any shirt he chooses to wear with it. The material is really soft. He already had a pair like these in black, so I was happy to be able to review a similar pair in a different color. The style looks pretty nice on, and they function like a pair of shorts. You can wear these fishing, boating, out to an amusement park, swimming at the pool or beach. They are a great overall design; high functionality. There are a total of four pockets on these swim trunks. Two cargo pockets and two traditional pockets. The cargo pockets have two grommeted drain holes, each, and a Velcro closure. These are great to carry your wallet and keys in. I picked grey, but they offer these trunks in 10 different colors and sizes ranging from Men’s Small to Men’s XX Large. The thighs do accommodate muscular thighs, as well as tushies, lol. There is a mesh liner in these trunks, which we just cut out. My husband prefers to wear his own briefs, and this way he can use them as shorts while fishing, etc… It is so fast and simple to cut out the liner with a pair of scissors, in case that is what you prefer too. The waist has both an elastic and drawstring closure. I think that really makes for a more comfortable fit, especially when you are being physically active, like boogie boarding, and fishing, swimming, and the like. They are made out of Polyester, and so are easy to wash and dry. They will not shrink on you, and are pretty durable. We find that they run true to size as well. The length really depends on your height, lol. My husband is 5”11” and they go a little past his knees. So, they are the longer length. The inseam measured out at 9 ½” for the size L we received. Our pair will get a lot of use this summer, for sure.

I was afforded the opportunity to review this product, at a reduced cost, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. : Qeartex’s NorthPole Mens Swim Trunk With Cargo Pockets.

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Ties for everyone! – Winnerbuy’s Mens Wholesale Groomsman Solid Color Skinny Ties Lot of 5.


I have to be honest, it has never occurred to me to look for a grouping of ties to order. I didn’t even know that was out there, lol. It’s a great option for group events though, so I’m glad it is an option. Such an easy one too. This set from Winnerbuy is a set of 5 ties. I picked Navy Blue, but you can choose an assortment of colors, or a set of 5 in one of the other 26 color options. They have a lot of color options. That was impressive to me. There are so many crafting projects to be made out of ties as well. I was amazed when I started doing a search. I love the footstool and chair recovering ideas. You can make really cute skirts out of ties as well. These are more of the skinny tie model, but not nearly as skinny as I remember from the past, lol. These ties are 2 ¾ “ at their widest, so not Miami Vice thin. They are also 59” long and are made out of polyester, and well made. They are even lined. The Navy Blue ones are lined with a pretty black fabric. None of my ties have loose stitching, snags or tears. They arrived with no odor to them as well. These would be great and inexpensive for a wedding party. All budgets can afford these, which is great. Right now they are only 20.99 with free shipping. You can order these to unify a group outing, or event. Even for children, like Boy Scouting special events. It would even be fun to show up at a party with a group of people, all wearing the same ties. They sell all colors, including pretty shades of pink. Think of the fun women can have with those at parities. Overall, I am very pleased with this set of ties. I really can’t complain at all.

Here is one link with some crafting ideas:

And a link to learn how to tie a tie:

neck ties 8

I was afforded the opportunity to review Winnerbuy’s Mens Wedding Tie Wholesale Groomsman Solid Color Skinny Ties Lot of 5, at a reduced cost, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

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