Greater Technology’s GEYUEYA Home Stainless Steel, 2-Tier Dish Drying Rack


Greater Technology’s GEYUEYA Home Stainless Steel, 2-Tier Dish Drying Rack. It can also make for great kitchen storage, and organization. I love the modern look of this rack. It is two tiered, which seems to be all the rage nowadays. For people with less counter space, going up, really makes sense. You can dry more dishes, or store more dishes, in a much smaller area. It does arrive needing to be assembled, but I didn’t have to consult with my husband, so it’s not that hard, lol. I suggest having two pliers handy, so you can secure the hardware. The pan is included, to rest the rack on. It is a frosted/clear pan. I like the look, and it’s pretty thick and sturdy, too. The Product Dimensions are: 16-1/2″L x 10″W x 14-3/5″H. This rack is made out of 304 Stainless Steel; a great material in the kitchen. There are predrilled holes, and included hardware, in case you want to mount this on your wall. A great option for Tiny Homes, and House Boats.

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The best storage solution for my SUV. – Kodiak Autos’ 2 in 1 Backseat Car Trunk Organizer.



I drive an SUV. I love this type of car, but I have never loved how cluttered the back of the car can get. Everything just slides around, and containers can topple over, spilling their contents. Unless you leave the back of your SUV empty, it always looks messy, too. I own and use car organizers, but they never keep things handy or neat. Until this one, that is. I really love this car organizer. We always have extra tissues and movies in or car. My son has a constant runny nose, and hates being in a car. So, we always play a movie, or have him on his tablet. Our lives are better this way, lol. This organizer is the first I have personally seen that not only spans the back seat, but has actual deep pockets, not just flat expandable pockets. My husband has used the flat style before, in his pickup, to organize work papers, but even he really likes this design a lot better. In this organizer from Kodiak Auto, there are 3 pockets with Velcro closures, and one open pocket. The open pocket can fit a large sized water bottle, if needed, and that includes a 2L bottle of soda, lol. Two of the pockets with the flap closure are the same size, and can actually fit a large sized tissue box. The other pocket is much larger, and about double the size of the other two pockets. We fit a ton of movies into this pocket. It is so nice that my son can lean over a pick a new movie out, when we are parked. I don’t have to get out and go to the back of the car anymore! I am loving that. The same thing for tissues, when he runs out. He also never reminds me that he is running out of tissues until we are driving down the road, lol. Now, I always carry an extra full box with me. You can so much into these pockets, and keep your vehicle more organized and cleaner looking. I’s a wonderful thing for both Trucks and SUVs. It can also be used in cars too, though.

The organizer is 36” long, 10” all, and the pockets are 4 ½” deep. It has two nylon webbing straps with plastic buckle closures. They are easily adjustable, like backpack straps. Just place each end around your headrest, and tighten them in place. So, easy and quick to install. It doesn’t bounce around against your seat either. There is a Velcro strip that runs along the back of it. This helps keep the bag still on most seats, anyhow. The bag is constructed out of a thick and durable 600D polyester material. It is just like thick backpack material. Mine arrived with no odor to it. It was in perfect condition, and the stitching was all done very well. This should last for a long while. I am truly very thrilled with this organizer. It pretty much is the answer to my car organizing dreams.


I received this at a discount. – I was under no obligation to leave my unbiased and honest review. – Kodiak Autos’ 2 in 1 Backseat Car Trunk Organizer.


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A big ol pack of 60. – Best Standard Everyday White Hangers.


Hangers are not fancy to talk about, or even a common thought in ones’ head. But, they are one of those household items that we all have around the world. I really needed hangers, so I was looking forward to getting such a large set. I don’t like buying multiple small sets. I find that annoying for some reason. So, the thought of a set containing 60 hangers, was pretty awesome. These hangers arrive in a generic brown box, and yes, there were 60 in the box. They, unfortunately, are thinner than what I am used to using in a plastic hanger. Mind you, I normally only buy them at Walmart or Target. So, I was surprised that these were thinner than what I was used too. It has been some years since I have been hanger shopping though. I played with them, and played with them to see if they would be worth using, and they are. The corners have a webbed like feature, which actually make the thinner main bar, more sturdy, than I thought it would be. This is the same for the side rails as well. I was afraid the thinner design would make them too bendy when you had pants on them, and not just a simple shirt. They do have a lot of flex in them, don’t get me wrong. But, they are very usable, so I will be using them in my home. They measure out at 16″ long x 10″ tall x 1/4″ thick. I won’t be using clothes pins attached to them to hang dry pants, though. They are not sturdy enough for this purpose, unfortunately. I’ll have to use another set of hangers for that purpose. They may not be the thickest, or he fanciest of hanger, but they work for the everyday, lightweight wardrobe. I like using same color hangers in a closet. It gives the closet a clutter free look, as well as a more organized look.

I received these at a discount. No review was required, but I wanted to leave an unbiased and honest review. – Best Standard Everyday White Hangers, Made in USA Long Lasting Tubular Hangers, Value Pack of 60 (60 Count)

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Yes, staplers with power! – Sharpcarts’ 25 Sheet Capacity Electric Stapler.



One of my pet peeves are staplers. They are so annoying to me. Even if I am trying to put in one staple into one sheet of paper, I can manage to jam it up, or have it not fully go through the one piece of paper. I kid you not! Staplers are not my friend. I was beyond ecstatic to come across this automatic, electric stapler from Sharpcart. There is no squeezing involved, you just shove your pile of papers into the opening, and BAM, it staples it for you. Yes, it is an automatic stapler. There is nothing I do not love about this baby. It is small, but packs a punch. It actually has a 25 page capacity. It is electric, but can be run off of battery power also. Underneath the stapler, you will see the battery compartment. No tool is necessary to access the compartment either. It takes 4, AA batteries. Now, in the package you will get 1 instruction pamphlet, 1 AC power cord, and 1 stapler. Unfortunately, no staples are included. So, I guess there is one thing I didn’t like about it, lol. Now, for the 25 sheets of paper it’s capable of stapling with one staple. The paper cannot be heavier than 20lb paper. So, most everyday printing will be alright. If you are using a heavier stock, then you will have to adjust it accordingly. I stapled some thicker paper for my husband, and his packet had 13 sheets in it. It went through like butter. The irony here is that the staples I used in my new electric stapler, were the ones that came with my cheap, regular stapler. For some reason they can’t go through one sheet with a regular stapler, but put some power behind it with the electric stapler, and ba bam, it goes through many sheets at a time. See, Tim the Tool Man Tayler from the TV show, Home Improvement, was right. All you need is, More Power! This stapler is so easy to utilize too. There is a push button on the back of it that states, “PUSH”. Just press this, and the staple compartment will pop out. Just finish pulling it outward by hand, and fill it with staples. Push it shut, and then, either plug it in, or place batteries in it. You are ready to go. The plug is a regular 2 prong plug. Then you are good to go. You can’t miss the slot you push the paper into to staple. You might want to practice a bit on scrap paper, to get a feel for the correct area of where it actually staples on your paper. You can easily adjust the depth of where your stapler staples as well:

“You can easily adjust and lock-in the stapler’s throat depth with ease and accuracy between 0.25″ and 1.5″ by 1/10″ intervals. It gives you a total of 14 precise stapling depths to choose from.”

On each side of the stapler, at the back of the paper opening, you will see a black button like objust. Grasp each side, and then start pulling them toward the front of the stapler. This is how you adjust the depth. See, yet again, so user friendly. It really couldn’t get any easier. It uses sizes 24/6 and 26/6 sized staples. Now, the stapler is lightweight. The body is made out of ABS plastic. It is only offered in black, and its’ pretty sleek looking. You can staple very fast as well, which makes you more efficient at work. I am loving this new stapler, and I am very comfortable recommending it.

I received this at a discount, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. – Sharpcarts’ 25 Sheet Capacity Electric Stapler – Automatic Heavy Duty No-Jam Noise Free Stapler.

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Shopping in style – No. 1 Supplements’ Trolley Bags Pack Of 4 with Insulated Cooler Bag.


trolley bags 1

I have been seeing those really cool shopping cart organizer bags for a while now. They are really an organizers dream. I have been wanting to see one in person. Get my hands on one, myself, to see what they are really about. So many things look great in ads, but then when you see them in person – meh! Well, now that I have one to try out, I still think they are so cool! They really are. This is a set of 4 bags. When they arrive, you need to unroll them, and ten just organize them. They have the handles all tucked into the Velcro, to make it a tighter roll, easier to ship. Once it’s organized, you can roll it up, and Velcro it shut. If you do it right, then when you get to the store, you can just open it up, and roll out the bags onto the carts’ sides. It really is that easy. The 4 bags are all pretty large, and one of them is an insulated bag for your frozen, and perishable goods. The bags are not all the same size. The Orange is the largest, and wraps around all of the other bags, when you are done with them. Then comes the green bag, then the red bag, and last but not least, the blue insulated bag. Each bag has Velcro along its’ sides to connect them to each other. They all have their own handles as well, for carrying them into the house, after your shopping is done. The only bag that velcros shut is the blue, insulated bag, that is to help ensure that your goodies stay cold. However, it can only be shut for the trip home, if you do not have that much in it. Unfortunately, they did not incorporate a flap closure, to allow more product in the bag. Maybe, with feedback, they will alter that. If you are handy, you can also make one for the bag. The material is thick and sturdy. It’s not a natural fabric at all, but since it reduces the waste, by alleviating the need for so many disposable bags, is still highly eco-friendly. The bottom halves of the three, non-insulated bags, is made out of a mesh material. Very reminiscent of beach bags. This helps to keep the weight down of each bag, and allows airflow to the food, which is important for produce. As it is, since the bags are pretty large, they will not be good for those with physical impairments, where it’s harder to handle a heavier bag. For example, my older mother, could not carry these larger bags full of food.

          Orange bag is 21” wide, 20” long, and 11” deep

          Green bag is 19” wide, 19” long, and 9 ½” deep

          Red bag is 15 ¾” wide, 8” deep

          Blue Insulated bag is 13 ½” wide, 15” long, and 7 ½” deep

trolley bags 7

I measured the bags, and got these measurements myself. For example on how much can fit in the orange bag: 6 2 liter Diet Coke Bottles and 1 large 3L bottle of Cranberry Juice. All of the plastic dowels, sewn into the bags, are 26” long. They are weatherproof, and sturdy, and rest along the basket sides, really well. If you break one, they are replaceable. They left the underside of the bar area open. So, you could easily remove the broken one, and replace it with another. You can always at least find wood dowels at the hardware store. I am very happy and impressed with these overall. The company even offers a lifetime money back guarantee! That’s pretty impressive. You do not always have to use these bags as a set, either. Just un-velcro one, and use it at will. They store so easily in home and in car. They are just too handy. FYI – My husband was actually stopped leaving the store using these, by someone who was in awe and in love with these Trolley Bags.

I received these, at a discount, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. – No. 1 Supplements’ Trolley Bags Pack Of 4 with Insulated Cooler Bag.

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An easy way to organize. – No. 1 Services’ Marvel O Bug Set of 6 Foldable Cloth Storage Cube Basket Bins.



We like using pop up bins like this. They are lightweight, and an easy and affordable way to organize our items. They last a lot longer than I initially thought they would. I’ve personally ordered bins like this online before, and they were thin, flimsy, and cheap. I haven’t ordered bins online since then. So, when I was afforded the opportunity to review them, I was a bit hesitant and a bit curious, lol. Fortunately, the 6 bins in this set are wonderful. They are the thickness I prefer, and are quite sturdy for a collapsible fabric bin. These bins are made out of a nonwoven polypropylene and cardboard. There is one handle sewn onto the front side of each of these. Handle is too strong of a word, because you can lift or carry it by the handle. It is great to grasp and pull it toward you, if it was further back on a shelf. You want to support the bin from the underside when you lift it up. These measure 11” tall and they are 10.5” square in shape. They are made the usual way. You open the bin, and then push the fabric coated cardboard to the bottom, to support it. Mine arrived all in perfect condition. They were all clean. No snags, tears, or stains on them anywhere. They did not have any weird odor to them at all. At my local store, I pay $6.oo per bin of this quality. This set is currently priced at 16.99. Of course, that can change at any time. But, wow, that is an unbelievable price. The types of items I store in my bins are supplements, toys, and more toys, lol. Magazines, papers, review items, and more toys. They are great to place in the trunk to organize your small roadside items. You can pop one in your car during your trip to carry snacks, and papers in. My mom likes to do that. I love being able to store them flat when they are not needed. We have gone to using bins like this as our Easter baskets every year. Then they can store their new toys in the bin, or whatever else they need. If you do not like to use a dresser in your room, you can store socks in one, undershirts in one, underwear in one, and bras in another. These are so useful, and the quality is perfect. I am very comfortable recommending this product.

I was afforded the opportunity to review this product, for free, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review: No. 1 Services’ Marvel O Bug Set of 6 Foldable Cloth Storage Cube Basket Bins.

bins 7

If you would like to purchase these bins, they can be found here on Amazon:

Convenient storage. – Best B’s Jumbo Vacuum Space saver Storage bags. [BONUS] Free travel Vacuum hand pump.


Vacuum saver bags like these are so handy. They definitely have their plus and minuses. I have used some in the past, and found using them for moving purposes, to be very handy indeed. This set is so unique to me, in the way that they include a hand pump with them. Is the hand pump the easiest thing to use, no. Is it the hardest, not for me. It takes persistence and a lot of pumping, lol. Think of it as a good arm workout. I alternated between arms. It’s not so bad, lol. I am pretty weak with constant anaphylactic reactions. I do love being able to use these bags without a vacuum cleaner. My current vacuum cleaners aren’t the type that I could attach to a bag like this. I love this option. They are like other bags I have used. The seal is finicky. You really have to work it to make sure it’s tight. One end opens like a giant zip lock bag. If there is one tiny spec not clicked sealed, your bag will be puffed full of air in a few hours. That happened to me with these bags as well. There is a plastic piece on each bag that you can squeeze and pull along the whole zipper area to help you seal it. Do not rely on it though! I also had to use my hands to fully run along it, and finish clicking these spec like areas closed. This is common with these type of bags, no matter what the brand. This is from my personal experience too. When filling them, you need to remember not to overfill them. If you do, the pressure of pulling the air out, may pop the seal on the zipper area. The valve cap area on my bags are holding very well. I have not had a leak through this area as of yet. It is still holding as I type, lol. You can use these to make packing easier for trips, too. Just remember to pack the hand pump, for the return trip.

You will get 6 bags and 1 hand pump in this set. The bags come in two sizes: Three 35X28 inches and three 28X20 inches. These are handy for blankets, sheets, towels, clothes, scrap material for crafters, and more. They are really handy. Fair warning for animal owners. Do not store these in an area where they can get there little claws or beaks into them. They will quickly inflate this way, lol. For example, my moms friend stored them under her bed, and her cats found them. She came home to her bed elevated off of the floor, lol.

I was afforded the opportunity to review this product, for free, in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.: Best B’s Jumbo Vacuum Space saver Storage bags. [BONUS] Free travel Vacuum hand pump.

If you would like to purchase this product, it can be found here on Amazon:

Cable management with Airsspu’s Desktop Cable Management Cable Organizer.


I was afforded the opportunity to review Airsspu Desktop Cable Management Cable Organizer for power cords and charging accessory cables, black, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. This product arrives as shown.

This little guy is actually quite heavy. I knew it was weighted, but I was still surprised. The outside has a rubber coating, but when you turn it over you can see the metal threading in case you want to mount it. So, it is obviously metal on the inside. This holder will help keep up to 4 wires more organized, and thus hopefully, tangled free. This holder does not hold onto thin USB wires in a snug manner. They are loose fitting, but they remain there as they should. If you position this, where you would be moving the wires in an upward motion a lot, they will come out if they are thinner wires. I hate getting my wires tangled. I test a lot of items, and I am always moving and inter changing plugs and USB wires. This does help the insanity when you have multiple wires in a small space. Just position it well. I like how small it is, it really doesn’t take up much space at all. It measures out at just over 3 inches long and just under 2 inches wide. It is definitely a durable and long lasting piece.

If you would like to purchase this item, it can be found here on Amazon:

A modern edge in the kitchen. – The Checkered Chef’s Stainless Steel and Silicone Utensils.


I am a big fan of stainless in the kitchen. It is such a durable material, and so easy to keep clean. Unfortunately, not all pans love stainless. So this silicone/nylon and 18/10 stainless combination is perfect. Aesthetically, I love the modern, clean look. You get 1 holder, 1 spatula, 1 tongs, 1 slotted spoon, 1 spoon, and 1 ladle in this set. I love the stainless holder with the square cut outs. It is really sharp looking, and pretty sturdy as well. There is even room for more cooking utensils in this container as well. Which I find very handy. All of the tools are stainless but the ends have a thick coating of silicone coated nylon on them. They are all a good usable size and are comfortable to hold and use. The tongs do not have a lot of resistance built into them. They are very easy to use, and grip well. Even though you get the holder, each utensil even has a loop to hang them from. I am personally not a utensil hanger, lol, so I am loving the actual holder. Only the very tips of the utensils are soft. Just shy of the edge of the utensil is just silicone coated nylon, but the actual body is solid with the interior stainless body. These are full size, quality made cooking utensils. Overall, there are all approx.. 13” tall. They are even a good size for a man’s hand. They say the nylon gives the strength for the coating, while the silicone give the utensil a strong heat resistance, so there won’t be any worry of it melting. Silicone has a very high heat tolerance rating. I have a set of pans that have a ceramic nonstick coating on them. I love them, and this set of cooking utensils ae perfect for my pans. They are gentle on the finish, but are very sturdy utensils, and do not bend or flex on me. The can handle any meal you throw at them.

I was afforded the opportunity to review the Checkered Chef’s Stainless Steel and Silicone Utensils with Metal Holder, at a reduced cost, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

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So much more than a watch box. -Satella’s Watch Box, Large.


Watch boxes can be so handy. I am a fan of using watch boxes for my jewelry. My older son also has one he uses for his watches and jewelry. This particular box is now being used by my husband. It is a 10 bay box, and the outer covering is pleather. It has 10 open compartments in it, and each compartment has a watch pillow in it. These pillows are removable. You can take the ones you don’t need, out, and use the compartments to store rings, necklaces, bracelets, tie bars, cuff links, and more. I love using these for earrings and bracelets. I can fit so many earrings in one compartment. Since the sides are so high, they can’t be lost, or roll away, when I’m looking through them. My husband has some watches, necklaces, bracelets, and extra watch links in his, so far. You can fit so much in a 10 bay box like this one.

This particular watch box is made quite well. I love the contrasting stitching on the case. It makes for a real sharp look. The case arrived with no odd odor to it at all. The pleather is in perfect condition. The top of the box is clear glass. I like being able to see in the box. The hardware is metal and has a silver, high polish chrome finish. This particular box does not have a lock on it. The lining has a soft velvet, cream colored finish to it. It’s pretty nice. It has a nice, clean look to it. This watch box measures out at: 10” long, 8 inches deep, and 3 ¼” tall. I find these boxes to be handier than a regular jewelry box. I was quite surprised by this the first time I received one. I am personally a convert now.

I was afforded the opportunity to review this Satella Watch Box Large 10 Black Mens Womens Leather Display Glass Top Jewelry Case, at a reduced cost, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

If you would like to purchase this product, it can be found here on Amazon: