Tryazon’s USAopoly Blank Slate Board Game Review


Being able to relax with family and friends, or just family, is such cherished time nowadays. Everyone works so hard, it’s just so hard to find that time. USAopoly is a company that makes a multitude of games. So, I was so excited to be able to be part of Tryazons’ USAopoly Blank Slate Board Party event. Unfortunately, mother nature thought we would enjoy Hurricane Florence much more. So, we evacuated, and were not able to come home for a couple of weeks. With clean up, work, and the effects we are currently feeling from Hurricane Michael, we ended up just enjoying family time. This game, Blank Slate, is the type of game that allows you to be silly, to relax, to not have to think too much, enabling you to just enjoy each other’s’ company.
In the box you will get:
1 Score Board
1 Directional Pamphlet
8 Dry-Erase Slates
250 Double-Sided Word Cue Cards with Box
8 Dry-Erase Markers with Erasers

The directions included are easy and quick to read. It took my husband only a couple minutes to read them, and then another minute to give us the directions, right before we played the first time. You need a minimum of three people to play, and can play with up to 8 people. My youngest was our third player. He was a reluctant participant since he prefers video games/computer games over anything else. As soon as we started playing, he started smiling, and laughing. My husband and I had a great time that night. Being able to interact in a game with our youngest, without electronics, was and is so amazing.

This game is so simple to play. Give everyone at the table a little whiteboard card and dry erase marker, included with the game. One person keeps ahold of the scorecard, to be the official scorekeeper. I seem to always get that job, but I do not mind. It is so easy to do. To play, everyone takes turns pulling out a card. You place the card either white side up, or grey side up. We have done games with white side up only, and the next game, grey side up only. The card states a word on it, with either a line before the word, or after the word. Then, everyone writes on their little whiteboard card a word that correlates to the word on the card. You need to think about what you think the others would write down. When everyone is done writing, then the person to the left of the person who drew the card, shows what their word guess is.

Then everyone else in a row, one by one. If everyone wrote the same word down, then everyone earns a point on the scoreboard, if no ones’ words match up, then no score is given that turn. Now, if multiple people guess the same word, then each person gets 3 points. The person to earn 25 points first, wins the game! See, so easy!

A game example:
Word drawn is: Ice_________
Example word guesses: cubes, cream, skating…..

This game is not only fun, but really allows you to have and enjoy a social experience at the same time. My youngest loved this game so much, he made us play another round as soon as we were done with the first game. This is now a family game, and I love it. I also love this game, because you can play it over and over. There are so many word options, that no game will ever be the same, and you can play it again and again! This really is the perfect game for game night, be it with your kids, or friends, or both at the same time.

As time goes by, and our town heals, and life gets back to normal, we will be able to have friends over for really fun game nights. We were so blessed to be introduced to this game. It really is a winner in our eyes!

Awards this game has won so far (Not Surprising):
2018 Parents’ Choice Award
2018 Family Choice Award
2018 Creative Child Magazine Preferred Choice Award

You can see what this great company has to offer here: USAopoly: . They have a vast array of fun games to experience.
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I received this to test via Tryazon and USAopoly. I was in no way monetarily compensated for this review. All opinions are honest and my own. I will not and do not earn any money from any of the sales of USAopoly.

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Godfather’s Pacific Whiskey Decanter Set


Nothing spells bar, like having a Decanter set. I’ve seen them in everything from old Black and White Movies, to todays modern sitcoms and movies. It has been one item that has been on my long-term wish list. This set from Godfather is just gorgeous. I cannot find one thing that I do not love about it.

First off, the way this set arrives is 100% Gift Worthy! It is quite impressive before even opening it. I am not exaggerating either. The box is a large white box, with the words Godfather Quality Glassware, done in large and eloquent font. I thought that alone was gorgeous. To my surprise, when I opened the white box, my jaw dropped. There was another, very prestigious looking box, inside of the white box. Be careful pulling this out. The top has the magnetic closure. I ended up ripping the white box off of it, so I didn’t have to risk dropping anything. The interior box is large, black, and has the same inscription as the outer box. When you left the lid, you will see a layer of foam. Pick that up, and your decanter, and 4 glasses are visible. To see the topper, you actually need to remove a piece a foam. The foam is almost as thick as the box. The decanter and glass fit completely into the foam. The packaging is awesome. This is a company that truly loves their product. That is quite obvious. It’s so nice, I am now thinking of how I can reuse it. It is too nice to throw away, now that the decanter and glasses have found a home.

The decanter and glasses are made out of lead free ultra-clarity glass. Perfect and safe for everyday use. Unlike leaded Crystal, this set is safe and comes with no chemical concerns. I am a big fan. The Decanter is a 27oz Decanter. You can use it for any liquor of course. I put Rum in ours. Rum is a great liquor for summer time. Bourbon is another great choice. My husband is loving the new addition to our home. He immediately played bartender for me. Diet Cuba Libres are quite delicious, in my opinion. We decided to test out our new glasses and decanter by making them. I’ll tell you what. Our diet Cuba Libres tasted amazing in our new Godfather glasses!

To make a Diet Cuba Libre, just fill a glass with ice. Place an ounce of rum in it, and fill with diet Coke. We then placed a packet of True Lime into each glass. Let me tell you what, pure yumminess!

The glasses and the decanter are thick in stature. These pieces are not thin and overly delicate at all. They should last a life time. There is a delicate curvature to the sides of the glasses. This makes them very comfortable against the lips, and easy to drink from. These are not thin, like wine glasses. There was no getting these to sing. I absolutely love the design. The decanter has 4 thick ridges on the bottom portion, and the glasses have 3. The bases are heavy, so there are no worries of tipping them over. It’s an eloquent and timeless European design. Both feminine and masculine. It should please everyone in home or office.

This product is availabe here for purchase: #Ad #MoonlightReviews #CrystalDecanterSet #Entertaining #WhiskeyDecanter #GodFather #PacificWhiskeyDecanterSet

I received a discount on this product. My opinions are honest and my own. I do not profit at all from any sales or referrals of this product, or True Lime.

Be Holiday Ready with MOT Global’s Christmas Photo Booth Props.


Christmas time is such a fun and festive season. It brings so much joy, laughter, and creates so many wonderful memories. I really think the world is a better place during this time. Photographs are such an integral part of the holidays, too. With all of the new selfie gadgets, photos are really changing. There is a whole new perspective we are getting now. Not everyone can afford to have professional photos done for large parties, and family gatherings. I give props to these Christmas Photo Booth Props from Mot Global. Not only is this an affordable set, but they are cute, fun, and easy to use. In their set you get 52 pieces to spice up your photos with, as well as 4 festive, holiday bookmarks to use. They include the sticks, and double sided sticky tabs to attach the sticks to the props, as well.

It is so easy to attach the bamboo sticks to the props. Carefully peel one sticky dot off of the sheet, and place it onto your prop. Then, take one of the sticks, and place the end onto the sticky dot. The dots really are sticky and hold the sticks perfectly in place. I was very happy and relieved to see how well they worked. The props are made out of card stock. They all have a sheen to them as well. The colors are pretty vivid, and the props are hilarious. There are even props that can be used throughout the year. There are mustache props, pipes, bowties, a present, silly glasses, and even a tongue sticking out. These would all be appropriate for other seasons and occasions. They do, however, sell 3 other different options on their sale page, that are not Christmas themed. Overall, these are really fun, and would be great for simple photos to all out parties. We sure do love them.



I received these props for free, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. – MOT Global’s Christmas Photo Booth Props 52 Pieces DIY Kits Party Supplies with 4 Free Bonus Bookmarks


If you would like to purchase this set, they are available here:

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A meeting of the minds with Tryazons’ SmartGamesUSA party.



I am so excited to be a part of the Tryazon SmartGames Party. I am 100% a family oriented person. My kids are my world, and will always be, no matter what the age. We have been playing games together, and with friends, for as long as I can remember. Everything has become so electronic oriented, though, and it is harder to stay connected because of that. That’s why I really love, we really love, board games, hands on games. These three games from Smart Games are not only fun, but they are also exercise for the brain. That is suggested for all ages now, too. No matter how old we get, we need to exercise our games, and the best way to do that is with games. The games that were sent to us to try out and experience are:

• 2 sets of IQ XOXO

• 2 sets of Busy Bugs

• 2 sets of Ghost Hunters

These games are slated for 1 player each, so it’s great to have more than one, so you can compete and challenge each other, if so desired. Games like this are great for large and small families. A child can keep themselves occupied by themselves this way too. Which is great for my youngest! We had a lot of laughs, and silliness throughout the party. It was a lot of fun. My favorite comment of them all, at the end is: “Wow, that was a lot more fun than I thought it would be.”

IQ XOXO is a game that entails challenges. You are given a booklet of challenges that you need to complete. There are 120 challenges too. Each board consists of 10 puzzle pieces that fit into a built-in grid on the game board. The pieces are solid plastic and highly durable, and everything is self-contained in a small plastic container, for storage. This is a 1 player games slated for children ages 6 through adulthood. My son really like this game. This one is pretty neat. The pieces are nice vibrant colors. You have to fit them into the matching sequence as shown in the puzzles. It’s actually very fun, and enjoyable to do. My son loved the pieces. Probably because they reminded him a lit bit of Legos, lol.

BUSY BUGS is a 1 player game for ages 7 through adulthood. It is also self-contained game, in a book like form, which snaps shut. There are 4 magnetic game pieces that you move around the magnetic board to solve/match up to the many, many challenges set up in this book. There are 48 to be exact. They can be redone, and redone, too. By the time you work your way through, the first one will again be a challenge. The further up you move in the numbers, the more challenging it becomes, too. This is a great one for traveling, and for sitting on the couch, because it can be done on your lap. It really doesn’t get more convenient than this one. There is even answer pages in the back of each puzzle section. Don’t look until you’re done, or you’ll just be cheating yourself.

GHOST HUNTERS is also a 1 player game for ages for ages 6 through adulthood. I love the name of this game, and was drawn to it immediately. This one was my first choice. There are 60 challenges to this game. The challenges, or puzzles, are printed in a foldout pamphlet. I am going to cut the pages apart and laminate them, eventually, so they last longer. You need the puzzles to last, since they are integral to the game. The bottom half of the board opens up to reveal the other game boards, that rest on the top half of the unit. After you place your chosen game board on the platform, you have 6 hard plastic games pieces that cover the board. You will need to find the coordinating puzzle challenge that matches your chosen game board. You need to move them around to reveal the ghosts as shown in your current challenge. I love everything that is Halloween, so I love the game boards, lol.

These games are great to boost and strengthen your cognitive skills and abilities. It’s great for kids, because they don’t even know that they are doing this. It’s just fun for them. The colors, and designs are fun, and engaging. From what I have seen, this applies to all ages. Most brain games for adults are boring to look at, and it’s easy to lose interest. I have been enjoying this set as much as my son. His favorite is different from mine, and it’s fun to see who can do the challenges faster. Overall, these games are well thought out and put together. They most definitely can be used from child through adulthood. They can be used solely, or as entertainment in a group environment. You can create a game/event, where you have to complete a challenge to move on to the next event. That would be fun at birthday parties, rainy days, and more. These have really been an enjoyable set of games. I was very pleasantly surprised, and I am truly glad I was able to share them with you.


Check out their games here:

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Serving it up in style with Virginia Kitchen Boys’ Large 1 1/2 Quart Ceramic Casserole Dish.


I have been lucky enough to be able to review Virginia Kitchen Boys’ ceramic cookware in their Lavender theme. This is the 4th piece I’ve received. It’s their 1 ½ quart casserole dish. I absolutely love it. It is also such a useable piece. As like the other pieces, this product is handcrafted here in the USA. It is made out of “100% lead free, cadmium free, non-toxic, all natural sustainable clays and paints.” It is microwaveable, oven, and dishwasher safe as well. You can cook with this in the oven up to temperatures of 450 degrees Fahrenheit. It can be picky about drastic temperature changes. For example, do not take it out of the oven, and put it straight into the sink to wash. Also, don’t take it from being wet from washing it, and place it into the oven. Even though it is dishwasher safe, and has a hard finish on it, I like to hand wash my ceramic wear. I’m afraid of other items in the machine chipping my cookware. This casserole dish has the beautiful lavender decoration going all the way around the outside if it. It is really pretty to serve it. The slick ceramic coating goes around all of the dish, except for the underside, on this one. Since you can cook and serve in this same dish, do not forgot to place a trivet down on the table. Then, when you are done serving from it, when it cools of, you can wrap it and place the leftovers in the fridge, in the same casserole dish. I love convenience like this. You can do so much with this dish. You can just serve cadies, or snacks in it. You can make hot dips, casseroles, salads, baked omelets, and cook meat dishes in it as well. You can make your yummy fruit crisp dessert in this dish, and be proud to serve it to your guests. Hummus is the new craze, and you can definitely serve it proudly in this dish. I love baking brie with fruit preserves, and that can be done easily in this casserole dish. You really can’t go wrong. I love cooking in stoneware like this, because it heats up so evenly, this cooking your food dish so evenly. I am absolutely loving their line of lavender themed ceramic cookware. This casserole dish is going to get a ton of use.

I received this product at a discount, in exchange for my honest review. Opinions expressed are 100% solely my own.”– Virginia Boys’ Kitchens’ Large 1 1/2 Quart Ceramic Casserole Oven-to-table Deep Baker and Serving Dish with Decorative Hand Painted Lavender Design.

If you would like to purchase this product, it can be found here on Amazon:



Serve it up in style with Virginia Boys kitchens’ Large Ceramic 2 Quart Pasta Serving Bowl.


Wow, this is my third stunning piece from the Lavender line of ceramic cookware, from Virginia Boys Kitchen on Amazon. I absolutely love it. This is a 2 quart serving/cooking bowl. You can do so much with it too. The quality lives up to my high expectations. My piece arrived with no imperfections. I am always so relieved when pottery arrives in perfect condition, lol.  I also love the fact that this piece was handcrafted here in the good ole USA. That is something I love to get behind and support. Especially when the product is so wonderful. Cooking in ceramic wear like this is so wonderful. It heats up evenly and cooks evenly. The cooking quality is worth the little extra care you need to maintain it. Now, that said, this bowl is highly user friendly. It is dishwasher safe, microwave safe, and oven safe up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s so great that you can cook in it, then bring it to the table to serve in it. Just remember to use a trivet. I love how the Lavender design wraps around the entire bowl. The entire bowl is ceramic coated, even the underside. Always avoid extreme temperature changes with this ceramic wear. Do not take it from stove to sink, or from sink to oven. The drastic change will make it crack, or split in half. You can do so much with this bowl. You can cook casseroles, vegetables, desserts, and more in in. It’s a great pasta serving bowl of course. You can serve soups, salads, fruit salads, and snacks as well in this bowl, too. A large bowl is one of the most versatile pieces you can own in a kitchen. You can even cook a cake in this bowl. I would grease it down with butter, before cooking the cake in it, so it’s easier to get it out when you flip it over. Overall, this is a wonderful piece. I have absolutely no complaints with it, except that I only have one, lol.

I received this product at a discount, in exchange for my honest review. Opinions expressed are 100% solely my own. – Virginia Boys kitchens’ Large Ceramic 2 Quart Pasta Serving Bowl with Decorative Hand Painted Lavender Design.

If you would like to purchase this product, it can be found here on Amazon:



Serve in style. – Quality of Life’s Hiware 68oz Stainless Steel Thermal Coffee Carafe.


If you like to entertain, or enjoy your coffee and tea, then you might really enjoy this Stainless Steel Carafe from Quality of Life. It can also be used to keep cold drinks cold, longer too. This is a 68oz carafe. It is pretty easy to fill, and will help keep your beverage hot, a lot longer. Aesthetically, I think this is a gorgeous piece. It is very sleek, and modern looking, while still holding a traditional flare, in case you like to have the ladies over for tea. It is made out of 18/10 Stainless Steel, and has double wall construction for an insulation factor. It not only is double walled, but there is also a vacuum seal, which creates the great insulation factor everyone is getting to know and love with the Yeti Tumbler. This Carafe is very well made. Mine has no imperfections, and feels quite solid in hand. When you close the lid, just double check to make sure it’s pushed down all the way, to ensure the utmost insulation of your beverage temperature. The opening is large enough for me to pour boiling water into it from my kettle. I was concerned about the size at first, but I had no issues the first time I tried it. I tried it while holding a camera in one hand, so I could film it, lol, and the boiling hot water in the kettle, in my other hand. If I can pour the water into the carafe like this, successfully, and without a stray drip, then anyone can. Now, even though it is double walled, it still gets hot to the touch when you fill it with hot water. It doesn’t get hot enough to burn you, but it still gets hot. The handle stays cool to the touch though, so that is all that matters. The bottom doesn’t get hot either, so you can place it down on the table. About 2 ½ hours after I filled it with boiling hot water, the carafe was getting cooler on the outside, and the top portion was still a little hot to the touch. It really retains its heat. I was happy to see that this carafe is actually dishwasher safe. I wasn’t sure because of the seal, but it is. It is definitely restaurant quality too. I hand wash everything, and it’s easy to reach down into the bottom of this product, with a bottle brush. Stainless doesn’t naturally harbor fungus, bacteria, or mold, so it’s a great material to be used in the kitchen/food environment. Now, I did a long term test on the carafe with hot water. It is great for casual dining, and entertaining. It will not by any means keep your water hot, like coffee or tea hot, for a long span. I let it sit for 7 hours, with never opening it up. The water was tepid at that point, and I had to microwave it in my coffee cup, to make a cup of tea. I think it’s perfect for social entertaining. You can get your coffee, or tea, or pitcher of cold drinks ready, and be able to set the table and sit down and enjoy with your friends and family. It’s perfect for that.  

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review. Opinions expressed are 100% solely my own. – Quality of Life’s Hiware 68oz Stainless Steel Thermal Coffee Carafe, Double Walled Vacuum Insulated Carafe with Press Button Top.

If you would like to purchase this product, it can be found here on Amazon:



Brings your wine to the next level. -Moderna Housewares’ Ozeri OW05A Prestige Electric Wine Bottle Opener.


Wine anyone? I wish, right. We do drink wine on occasion in our household. I normally just use my “everyday” corkscrew bottle opener too. This wine bottle opener from Ozeri, takes it to the next level; the fancy level. This is a fun item to pull out with company. In your package you will get 1 electric wine bottle opener, 1 AC power cord, 1 charging base/stand, 1 foil cutter, 1 pourer/aerator, and 1 instruction booklet. Yes, a charging base. No batteries required. This is a rechargeable unit, and the plug that attaches to the base/stand is a US 2 prong plug. Even though the wine opener looks really large, it is actually pretty lightweight and easy to hold. It is made out of a mixture of materials, and the main body is coated in a rubber like material, like some phone cases are. It really helps for a sturdy grip. To operate it, there is only one long button. It has both up and down directional abilities. Press the top of the button to remove the cork from the wine bottle, and press the down button, to remove the cork from the opener.  It’s really easy to operate with your thumb too. This is their 2nd generation addition. The state they improved the battery size on this unit, and it can open 80 bottles on one charge. I am not buying 80 bottles, lol, so that will not be tested. I however, keep pressing the button to make it go, and it does last a long while. The base it sits on is pretty neat. It is coated in the same material, and has a cut out on the back of it. The foil cutter, slips into, and fits into this slot perfectly. It really makes for great and convenient storage. The base is very stable, and actually looks very nice as well. Having a foil cutter can really come in handy. We just opened a bottle of wine that had the toughest foil I’ve had to deal with in a long time. I had to use a knife, to make a break into it. I am so happy I have the foil cutter now. There is no slipping and cutting yourself with this one. Just wrap it around the top of the bottle, squeeze it, and turn it around the bottle. It will cut right through the foil, and let you remove the foil blocking you from the yummy goodness that’s inside. It is not super quiet. It sounds like an electric can opener. I feel that is a good comparison to the noise level. That is not an issue for me at all. The wine pourer/aerator will fit into most bottles. Just pour through it and it mildly aerates, as it pours. I do fully find that aerating your wines increases and brings out the favors in it. This is mild aeration, but it’s better than none. Especially when you buy cheaper wines, like we do, lol. The battery in it is not replaceable, like with a lot of electronics, so when it goes, it goes. The key is to not overcharge it. This will prolong the battery life. Since the power cord is separate from the base, just remove the plug with using it just as a stand. Just wait for the battery to drain down before recharging. Overall, this is a great working unit. It removes the cork within seconds, and with ease. It’s definitely a show piece for company too.

I received this for free, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. – Moderna Housewares’ Ozeri OW05A Prestige Electric Wine Bottle Opener with Aerating Pourer and Foil Cutter

If you would like to purchase this product, it can be found here on Amazon:

Slice and dice with Moderna Housewares’ Ozeri OZK1 Elite Chef Ceramic 3-Piece Knife Set, Black.


I remember when my husband bought me my first ceramic knife. It had that white blade that they all came out with. I wasn’t sure what to expect by a ceramic blade, and was quickly awed by how sharp they were. I am still in awe. They really are sharp, and they really do maintain their sharp edge for a long, long time. I absolutely love this set from Ozeri. It is not only gorgeous, but it functions just as great as it looks. The three knives are done with gorgeous black ceramic blades. They look like regular knives. They are really eye catching! In this set you will get one 3” Paring Knife, one 5” Slicing knife, and one 6” Chef’s Knife. Basically a knife to meet all your cooking needs. One thing that I cannot reiterate enough, is that these knives are beyond sharp. Be careful using them. I have sliced myself so many times with ceramic knives. Much, much more so than regular knives. The handles on these knives are great to hold onto. They have what I call, a finger guard on them. This keeps your hand from sliding down the handle on to the blade, if the blade slips. The handles are firm, but coated, so they feel soft and comfortable in hand. I’m actually very happy with the handles. They title these handles, Ergonomic Handles. I would have to agree with that. The ceramic blades are thick. They do not bend side to side from the handle, even if you push on them, to test them. These are not metal, and will not rust, or break down any metal into your food. Ceramic blades are stated to keep their edge about 10 times longer than regular metal blades. The finish on these blades look like metal. It’s pretty amazing. My older son, who loves knives, still looks at these in awe, since the blades are sleek and shiny like metal blades. He always says they are lying about them not being metal, lol. These really are great for slicing, chopping, mincing, and cutting. I can’t say enough positive, and I really have no cons about them. The only con I have is that these highly sharp knives should come with plastic sheaths, or blade guards, as some people call them. Be very careful if you just throw them into your utensil drawer. Also, if you chip these blades, they are not easy to sharpen like regular knife blades. You could use a knife block, or the storage box they come in to store them. The foam they arrive in is really, really thick, and reusable for storage purposes. They also recommend only hand washing these knives, to ensure the blades fine edge. Since I hand wash everything, that is not an issue for me. This set of Ozeri ceramic knives are a great addition to my kitchen.

I received these for free, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. – Moderna Housewares’ Ozeri OZK1 Elite Chef Ceramic 3-Piece Knife Set, Black

If you would like to purchase this set, they can be found here on Amazon:

Boost the flavor of your wine with this KCP Products’ EDGY Wine Aerator Gift Set.


We like to drink our occasional glass of wine in our home. So, we are not new to wine aerators. I like this set. It definitely makes a nice gift, along with a bottle of wine. This product arrives in a bright red box, which is nice because wine products tend to arrive with the black color scheme. The red adds a fun twist. The metal label on the product itself, was also done in red. The first time we received a wine aerator, we kind of laughed, and figured it wouldn’t do anything noticeable to the wine. My husband and I couldn’t wait to disprove it. Fortunately, we were wrong. Wine aerators do actually benefit the wine. We only buy cheaper wine from the local grocery store, lol. That’s what fits into our budget. We normally purchase Moscato, too. We notice that wine aerators bring out the fruity flavor in the wine. It really does bring out the flavors in your wine. We were totally shocked the first time we used one, and this one is no different. Wine aerators are easy to use. I like the little mesh strainer that comes with this one. If any bits of your cork fell into the wine when you were opening it, the strainer will catch it. All you do to use this is hold it over your wine glass, and then pour the wine through the aerator, into your cup. That’s it. It’s so easy to use. It makes a silly little sound when the wine is working it’s way through the aerator. Just rinse clean the aerator when you are done, and let it dry. They include in the set, the gift box, 1 drawstring storage bag, 1 aerator with strainer, and 1 stand. This aerator comes with a nice stand, so you can set it up in your kitchen or bar area. It holds it really well, and is a very stable base. The storage bag is small and is just for the aerator. The stand isn’t fitting. But, if you want to take it on a picnic, or to a friend’s house, that will definitely work. It’s great to add some life back to your previously opened wine too. We will get the bigger bottle, so there’s some for another day. You can pep the flavor up just by pouring it through the aerator. I’m a real believer in the product. My Edgie aerator is working very well. It’s well made, and I have no flaws in mine. The strainer basket is removable, so if you know you have no cork bits, you don’t have to use it. I am very happy with this product.

I received this product for free, in exchange for a unbiased and honest review. – KCP Products’ EDGY Wine Aerator Gift Set with Stunning Red Box, No-Drip Stand, Travel Pouch, and Cork Filter.

If you would like to purchase this product, it can be found here on Amazon: