Godfather’s Pacific Whiskey Decanter Set


Nothing spells bar, like having a Decanter set. I’ve seen them in everything from old Black and White Movies, to todays modern sitcoms and movies. It has been one item that has been on my long-term wish list. This set from Godfather is just gorgeous. I cannot find one thing that I do not love about it.

First off, the way this set arrives is 100% Gift Worthy! It is quite impressive before even opening it. I am not exaggerating either. The box is a large white box, with the words Godfather Quality Glassware, done in large and eloquent font. I thought that alone was gorgeous. To my surprise, when I opened the white box, my jaw dropped. There was another, very prestigious looking box, inside of the white box. Be careful pulling this out. The top has the magnetic closure. I ended up ripping the white box off of it, so I didn’t have to risk dropping anything. The interior box is large, black, and has the same inscription as the outer box. When you left the lid, you will see a layer of foam. Pick that up, and your decanter, and 4 glasses are visible. To see the topper, you actually need to remove a piece a foam. The foam is almost as thick as the box. The decanter and glass fit completely into the foam. The packaging is awesome. This is a company that truly loves their product. That is quite obvious. It’s so nice, I am now thinking of how I can reuse it. It is too nice to throw away, now that the decanter and glasses have found a home.

The decanter and glasses are made out of lead free ultra-clarity glass. Perfect and safe for everyday use. Unlike leaded Crystal, this set is safe and comes with no chemical concerns. I am a big fan. The Decanter is a 27oz Decanter. You can use it for any liquor of course. I put Rum in ours. Rum is a great liquor for summer time. Bourbon is another great choice. My husband is loving the new addition to our home. He immediately played bartender for me. Diet Cuba Libres are quite delicious, in my opinion. We decided to test out our new glasses and decanter by making them. I’ll tell you what. Our diet Cuba Libres tasted amazing in our new Godfather glasses!

To make a Diet Cuba Libre, just fill a glass with ice. Place an ounce of rum in it, and fill with diet Coke. We then placed a packet of True Lime into each glass. Let me tell you what, pure yumminess!

The glasses and the decanter are thick in stature. These pieces are not thin and overly delicate at all. They should last a life time. There is a delicate curvature to the sides of the glasses. This makes them very comfortable against the lips, and easy to drink from. These are not thin, like wine glasses. There was no getting these to sing. I absolutely love the design. The decanter has 4 thick ridges on the bottom portion, and the glasses have 3. The bases are heavy, so there are no worries of tipping them over. It’s an eloquent and timeless European design. Both feminine and masculine. It should please everyone in home or office.

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I received a discount on this product. My opinions are honest and my own. I do not profit at all from any sales or referrals of this product, or True Lime.

The best wine glass ever! – The Lone Star Store’s Good Day – Bad Day – Do NOT Ask – Shatterproof – Wine Glass.


I absolutely love this glass. I try to be a positive person, and I don’t label my days as bad days on purpose, but even if I have a fantastic day, this glass will just make it better. Something about it just makes me smile! I love the non-breakable Tritan glasses, like this one. I am not new to them at all. Most of the name brand sports bottles are made out of Tritan material as well. I am famous in my home for breaking glass wine glasses. Not when I’m drinking out of one, but when I wash them. I have no worries about that with this glass. It arrives in a basic brown box. Not really a “Gift Box”, like they stated in their ad, lol. But, it is easily wrapped because of the box it arrives in. So, I actually really like that. This is just like a regular wine glass. The shape is elegant, and it holds like a stemmed glass. But, since they are not real glass, this one is perfect for outside as well. You can use this poolside, patios, picnics, traveling in a RV, and more. This glass is 12oz. There are three markings on it: Good Day, Bad Day, and Do Not Ask!. We all know we are filling it to the top line, which is the Do Not Ask! line. I have a glass similar to this, but stemless. My 21 year old son loves it and immediately stole it from me. He drinks everything out of it but his coffee. My husband took one look at this glass and laughed. He says my son is going to steal this one too. This may be a hazard at your home too. It’s a glass that everyone ends up loving. It’s fun. This glass even fits into my wine glass lawn stakes I have. Since they are just like a wine glass, it fits perfectly. But, I have the added safety of the Tritan security. I can drop it in my sink, or on the ground, and it doesn’t crack at all. I hand wash everything, but this glass can go into the dishwasher as well. It is EA and BPA free. I love that this company donates money to St. Judes. That hospital is amazing! This is from the company’s ad page, “$1 for each item purchased will be donated in honor of Team Samuel at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.” This really makes me love everything about this glass.

I was afforded the opportunity to review The Lone Star Store’s Good Day – Bad Day – Do NOT Ask – Shatterproof – Wine Glass – Unbreakable Eastman Tritan – Gift Box Included – 12oz, at a reduced cost, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

If you would like to purchase this awesome glass, it can be found here on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Good-Day-Shatterproof-Unbreakable-Included/dp/B01DTR6KIQ?ie=UTF8&psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_search_detailpage