Boost the flavor of your wine with this KCP Products’ EDGY Wine Aerator Gift Set.


We like to drink our occasional glass of wine in our home. So, we are not new to wine aerators. I like this set. It definitely makes a nice gift, along with a bottle of wine. This product arrives in a bright red box, which is nice because wine products tend to arrive with the black color scheme. The red adds a fun twist. The metal label on the product itself, was also done in red. The first time we received a wine aerator, we kind of laughed, and figured it wouldn’t do anything noticeable to the wine. My husband and I couldn’t wait to disprove it. Fortunately, we were wrong. Wine aerators do actually benefit the wine. We only buy cheaper wine from the local grocery store, lol. That’s what fits into our budget. We normally purchase Moscato, too. We notice that wine aerators bring out the fruity flavor in the wine. It really does bring out the flavors in your wine. We were totally shocked the first time we used one, and this one is no different. Wine aerators are easy to use. I like the little mesh strainer that comes with this one. If any bits of your cork fell into the wine when you were opening it, the strainer will catch it. All you do to use this is hold it over your wine glass, and then pour the wine through the aerator, into your cup. That’s it. It’s so easy to use. It makes a silly little sound when the wine is working it’s way through the aerator. Just rinse clean the aerator when you are done, and let it dry. They include in the set, the gift box, 1 drawstring storage bag, 1 aerator with strainer, and 1 stand. This aerator comes with a nice stand, so you can set it up in your kitchen or bar area. It holds it really well, and is a very stable base. The storage bag is small and is just for the aerator. The stand isn’t fitting. But, if you want to take it on a picnic, or to a friend’s house, that will definitely work. It’s great to add some life back to your previously opened wine too. We will get the bigger bottle, so there’s some for another day. You can pep the flavor up just by pouring it through the aerator. I’m a real believer in the product. My Edgie aerator is working very well. It’s well made, and I have no flaws in mine. The strainer basket is removable, so if you know you have no cork bits, you don’t have to use it. I am very happy with this product.

I received this product for free, in exchange for a unbiased and honest review. – KCP Products’ EDGY Wine Aerator Gift Set with Stunning Red Box, No-Drip Stand, Travel Pouch, and Cork Filter.

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