Sculpey – Shape it, Bake it, Wear it! Party with Tryazon


My husband and I do like to craft, and enjoy making many things. We, however, have not crafted with clay yet. Just the usual, playing with clay, that one does with their children. The Sculpey brand has been around for over 50 years. It is a tried and true way to craft with clay. So, it most definitely is a great brand to dive into the clay world, with. I was just so excited to be a part of the Sculpey – Shape it, Bake it, Wear it Party campaign.

We received an expanded version of their Bracelet Kit. The bracelet kit, for purchase, has enough for 4 bracelets to be made, and each bracelet to have 3 charms on it. From their website, each kit contains:

“Make 4 stylish charm bracelets
Clay colors included – Teal pearl and Pearl
Kit includes: 2 oz. Sculpey III clay, 12 decals, 4 plastic squeegees, 4 metal circle cutters, 4 metal bangle bracelets, 12 eye pins, 12 6mm jump rings, 4 plastic rollers, 4 toothpicks, and instruction sheet.”

If you are new to this clay crafting world, I highly recommend watching their YouTube video for the bracelet kit. It is so well done, and easy to understand. After watching it, I was very confident that we would all do well and have a great time. You will need additional supplies. You will need a little container with water for each person to soak their decals in, an index card, or thin piece of cardboard, to place their charms on, as they are made, and then to bake on, at least one paper towel each to dab the water away off the applied decal, and to clean off the squeegee and hands, a pair of small needle nose pliers would be great. A pencil to outline the decals with, and a pair of scissors to cut out the decals. I prepared the decals prior to my guests arriving, to both save time, and to make it more relaxing and easier for everyone. I even wrote everyone’s name on the index card, so when I baked the charms, no one’s charms got mixed up. I placed the charms on their perspective index card, onto a baking sheet, and then into the oven for 20 minutes. It went so smoothly that way.

The included instruction pamphlet is bright, well-illustrated, and written. It has cut lines in it, so you can cut it apart, and then you and your guests can easily share it around the table. I decided to laminate mine, so the instructions would both, not get ruined, and be easier to use with wet hands. Also, when laminated they are sturdier, and easier to prop upright, if needed. The charms need to be baked for 20 minutes at 275 degrees F. They stress to not overbake them, so set a timer, and make sure your oven was preheated thoroughly, first. The laminated sheets ended up being so perfect. We even placed a block of clay to be cut, by the outline of how to cut one, so each was done perfectly.

Now, the clay can damage some surfaces, so make sure you put a smooth work surface down, prior to working with the clay. You can use smooth cutting boards, wax paper, foil, baking trays, and the like. You will also want to make sure you wash your hands prior to working on the clay, and wipe them in between each color, so you don’t accidentally mix the colors.

Now, we chose to invite couples to our party. Many couples love to craft and do things with each other. It is no different than the pottery and wine nights, or the paint and wine outings, that you see everywhere. This, I think, is more fun, because it can be done in home. You can relax and cut up more. Serve food and drinks that everyone will enjoy, and really make an evening out of it. It really is a no brainer. We unfortunately had 1 ½ couples cancel last minute due to both illness and family obligations, but we still had a blast.
I also chose to buy some glow in the dark clay, in case anyone wanted to use that for one of the charms, instead of the included clay. I went to our local Micheals, and they had almost an entire aisle done in just Sculpey clay and accessories. Soooo many colors to choose from. I couldn’t decide, until I saw glow in the dark, and I thought that was just too much fun, so I bought that pack quickly and then bolted, lol. One can easily get carried away with all of those choices. You can check out the Sculpey website and see all the different things they offer. You will be amazed, I promise you.

I am really impressed with the decals. They come in sheets, so you do need to cut them out. The pamphlet and the video show you how to do so. You just place your circle cutter on the sheet, starting from the bottom edge, so you don’t waste any of it. Then, take a pencil, and outline the inside of the circle cutter with the pencil. Now you just need to cut out the circle with a pair of scissors, place the decal in some water, and wait until it starts to flatten out in the water, and the decal should come right off the paper, with a little swipe of your fingers. Now, you just place the decal on the cut circle of clay you have prepared, dab with a paper towel, to get the excess water off of it, and a light scrape with the squeegee to get out all of the air bubbles. That’s all you have to do. Then, when you are done baking your beads, you have a beautiful design on your bead, that would have been impossible to do without it. I think the decals are truly ingenious.

Some of us did go a little rogue from the kit. I had holiday themed clay cutters that I bought, so we made bat designs with glow in the dark clay. One made an Easter themed charm, and my husband made a couple actual skull shaped charms. You can really be so creative with this product.
Overall, I am really impressed with both the product, and the company. They really have done a fantastic job of creating well thought out kits, individual product, incredible instructional videos found on Youtube, and instructions that are easy enough for a complete novice to understand. Thank you Tryazon and Sculpey for such a wonderful experience.

How to video via Sculpey:

Scupley sites to check out and follow:
Bracelet Kit:


I received this product to test. All opinions are my own and honest. I received no monetary payment for my review, and I do not make any money off of the sale of the product.

Beads, Beads, Beads! – Liberty Imports’ 10,000 Beads DIY Bracelet Making Kit Mix & Match Style Jewelry Designer Studio.


This kit is so cute. I do not have any little girls though, just boys. So, I got to have all the fun playing with this myself. There are so many little beads that come in this kit too. So, try and make sure you can play and create with this set, in an organized manner. Well, as organized as you can be with 10,000 little beads, lol. No, I did not count them! They state this is for ages 6 and up. I’m not so sure about that. You would really have to set them up with more tools to help them, at age 6. This comes with no jewelry, beading tools, clamps, or stand. It all has to be done by hand, and that requires a lot of hand eye coordination, which normally isn’t that developed by age 6. What you do get is:

3800 decorative beads

 6200 crystal accent beads

1 roll of elastic cord

3 rolls of embroidery threads (pink, red, and orange)

1 plastic Butterfly jewelry designer work station tray


Now, do not try and poor the little beads into the tray. The tray is thin plastic, and it makes for the perfect trampoline surface for the beads, lol. Boy, do they ping, ping, ping, everywhere. I was not overly happy about it, either. So, take a few out at a time, with your hands, and place them in one of the compartments directly. I had the bag close to the tray too, when I tried to pour them. I made one bracelet and one creation that can attach to a hairclip, for this blog. I made the bracelet with the elastic, and the hair accessory with the embroidery thread. I could only get so far with the embroidery thread though. That type of thread starts to unravel, and unravel. I placed all types of emollients on the end to keep it together, so I could thread the beads, and it didn’t work. You could use a needle if you had one with a bigger eye, for that type of thread. There are so many designs and how tos, that you can find online. Our internet is a great resource tool. This set is a great source of beads. The tray can definitely help you organize your beads, especially if you have a specific design planned. You can count out, and place the beads into their own compartment on the butterfly tray, making them easy to spot and use. If you are getting this for a child, you will need to help. I also advise getting some additional jewelry making tools to make the process more efficient and easier. With those additional items, this would really be a fun and creative hobby to participate in.

I received this kit for free. I was under no obligation to leave my honest and unbiased review. – Liberty Imports’ 10,000 Beads DIY Bracelet Making Kit Mix & Match Style Jewelry Designer Studio      


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Smokin Hot! – Sywon’s 6-in-1 Soldering Iron Kit with Carrying Case.


Soldering irons can be used for many tasks from jewelry making, to electronic repairs, and LED lighting projects, and more. We are pretty happy with this set up from Sywon. It comes with a great storage case as well as solder, a solder sucker, solder stand, and 6 soldering tips. The soldering iron is a 60W iron. The Y solder stand probably won’t last very long though. It’s thin metal, and comes in a credit card form. You unfold it to make the stand. You can just lay it down so the tip area is on the metal card. That might be safer. My husband says there’s tips that would also be great for wood burning as well. This soldering iron is also adjustable from 200-450?, which is equivalent to 392F – 842F. So, be careful if you haven’t used one before. Make sure your work surface can tolerate the heat. It works on our traditional 110 US voltage. The soldering vacuum is pretty cool. It is made out of aluminum and plastic, and provides solid suction. Press it against your skin to test it. My husband really likes how fast this soldering iron heats up. He said he has to wait so much longer for his old one. He is able to accomplish a lot of his wiring jobs on the lowest of the settings too. In other words, this is new soldering iron.

I was afforded the opportunity to review Sywon’s 6-in-1 Soldering Iron Kit with Carrying Case, Including 60w Temperature Adjustable Soldering Iron, Solder Wire, Solder Sucker, Solder Stand and Soldering Tips, at a reduced cost, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

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Ties for everyone! – Winnerbuy’s Mens Wholesale Groomsman Solid Color Skinny Ties Lot of 5.


I have to be honest, it has never occurred to me to look for a grouping of ties to order. I didn’t even know that was out there, lol. It’s a great option for group events though, so I’m glad it is an option. Such an easy one too. This set from Winnerbuy is a set of 5 ties. I picked Navy Blue, but you can choose an assortment of colors, or a set of 5 in one of the other 26 color options. They have a lot of color options. That was impressive to me. There are so many crafting projects to be made out of ties as well. I was amazed when I started doing a search. I love the footstool and chair recovering ideas. You can make really cute skirts out of ties as well. These are more of the skinny tie model, but not nearly as skinny as I remember from the past, lol. These ties are 2 ¾ “ at their widest, so not Miami Vice thin. They are also 59” long and are made out of polyester, and well made. They are even lined. The Navy Blue ones are lined with a pretty black fabric. None of my ties have loose stitching, snags or tears. They arrived with no odor to them as well. These would be great and inexpensive for a wedding party. All budgets can afford these, which is great. Right now they are only 20.99 with free shipping. You can order these to unify a group outing, or event. Even for children, like Boy Scouting special events. It would even be fun to show up at a party with a group of people, all wearing the same ties. They sell all colors, including pretty shades of pink. Think of the fun women can have with those at parities. Overall, I am very pleased with this set of ties. I really can’t complain at all.

Here is one link with some crafting ideas:

And a link to learn how to tie a tie:

neck ties 8

I was afforded the opportunity to review Winnerbuy’s Mens Wedding Tie Wholesale Groomsman Solid Color Skinny Ties Lot of 5, at a reduced cost, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

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These make decorating so easy. – Twisty’s Tie-Free Balloon Kit.


My son is a balloon nut. They are fun to do, but I am not a fan of popping them when they are done, or waiting for them to be popped, lol. I have a past history as a nurse, and the popping always provides a possible choking hazard. This doesn’t remove the popping altogether, but it is a much easier way to keep them blown up, and reuse them as needed. This kit arrives with 20 – 7” Latex balloons and 20 twisty ties. To use these, the included directions are easy to follow. They also have directions on their ad page as well. Take the end of the balloon, push it through the center hole of the twisty tie. Now blow it up, and snake the end of the balloon through one side, and then around through the slit opening on the other side of the twisty tie. It really holds the air in too. The double loop helps keep it intact, and if it gets knocked out of one side, the air won’t immediately start to escape. There is a little fold up hanger in the center of the tie. You can hang them on a string this way, which makes decorating really easy to do. I love the fact the balloons are twisty ties are reusable. I had gone to getting the more expensive Mylar balloons because of the popping issue. Now I can use a combination of balloons, which will make festive occasions more enjoyable. This will also cut down on trash, which makes it an eco-friendlier option in regards to decorating for parties. Otherwise, there is always so much decoration trash alone. If you are setting up off site, and don’t want a car full of pre-made balloons, this will also be a fantastic option for you. These are a must have, and I am a new fan!

I received this product at a discount, in exchange for my honest review. Opinions expressed are 100% solely my own.

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Bling and Beautify your home with Sunshower-Us’ 40mm Glass Furniture crystal cabinet knobs drawer Pulls.


I love these knobs. They are so pretty. I have always loved the old glass knobs from the past, so I am so happy to see glass knobs coming back in style. It adds some bling and sparkle into our lives. Everyone needs some sparkle too. These knobs arrived in perfect condition. They are individually wrapped inside their own box, inside of another box. The set of 10 screws will be in a separate little bag. You will get 10 knobs in this set. These are 40mm in diameter glass knobs. The metal base is 25mm in size. These are great for cabinet doors, and drawers. You can also use them to build your own hanging rack for jewelry, clothes, etc.. These are round knobs, and have so many facets cut in them. Mine arrived in perfect condition. They are sooooooooooo pretty! Because of their size, they are extremely easy to grasp and use. The light plays off of the facets in the glass and really makes them shine. The metal base was done in a silver tone, with a high polish chrome shine. The knobs are secured to the base securely. I do not have an issues with mine. The price point is low for 10 knobs like this. They are currently at $20.99 with free Prime shipping. That is a lot less than my local hardware store; almost by half. They are definitely worth ordering.

I was afforded the opportunity to review Sunshower-Us’ OTTFF dia 40mm Glass Furniture crystal cabinet knobs drawer Pulls, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. This product arrives as shown.

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