Yoga with a little flare. – Poshsquares’ Women’s Fashion Wide Leg Flare Comfy Yoga Pants.


I rarely wear yoga pants when I head out on the town, but I wear them at night and to sleep. They are quite comfy!. I was interested in this pair, they looked so different from the basic pair of yoga pants. These have a flared leg, instead of the tight legs, which are a lot dressier, and more relaxed. The material they are made out of is clearly printed on the label as well, which is nice. I’ve received other clothing items in the mail, and there has been no material listed at all. These pants are made out of 95% Rayon and 5% Spandex. So, they won’t shrink on you, and are comfortable against your skin. My yoga pants arrived with no odor to them at all either. That was a big relief for me. With my asthma and allergies, I am very sensitive to fabric that has been heavily treated in chemicals. I’ll tell you what’s hard to believe. They have these pants available in 35 different colors. Lol, I ordered black, my favorite color with yoga pants. I mean, I don’t have any in any other color. To top it off, they are also made here in the USA. I love that!. I can say that these pants have unique laundering instructions for them. They suggest hand washing them, and line drying them. They also say to never iron them. Let me say, I am a machine wash kind of gal, so that’s what I did. Yes, I am rebellious, lol. They came out just fine. The material is soft though, so make sure there is nothing that will snag them if you do. I also do not have an agitator in my machine, and that does make a difference. I am only 5’3”. The inseam is 31” long, and the waist, straight across is 12”, not stretched out. These are my measurements with my tape measure. These are too long for me to wear out and about, but are perfect for hanging around the house in the evening. I will say, that being 5’3”, and the pants having a flared leg, that these pants make you look thicker than you really are. I wear a size small too. So, you need to make that personal choice on your own. Now, all of the stitching on my yoga pants was done tight and on point. I had no snags, holes, stains, or tears. I do have to admit, they are very comfy on. They also, do allow you great freedom of movement like yoga pans are supposed to.

I received this product at a discount, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. – Poshsquares’ Women’s Fashion Wide Leg Flare Comfy Yoga Dance Fold Down Waist Pants USA.

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