Ties for everyone! – Winnerbuy’s Mens Wholesale Groomsman Solid Color Skinny Ties Lot of 5.


I have to be honest, it has never occurred to me to look for a grouping of ties to order. I didn’t even know that was out there, lol. It’s a great option for group events though, so I’m glad it is an option. Such an easy one too. This set from Winnerbuy is a set of 5 ties. I picked Navy Blue, but you can choose an assortment of colors, or a set of 5 in one of the other 26 color options. They have a lot of color options. That was impressive to me. There are so many crafting projects to be made out of ties as well. I was amazed when I started doing a search. I love the footstool and chair recovering ideas. You can make really cute skirts out of ties as well. These are more of the skinny tie model, but not nearly as skinny as I remember from the past, lol. These ties are 2 ¾ “ at their widest, so not Miami Vice thin. They are also 59” long and are made out of polyester, and well made. They are even lined. The Navy Blue ones are lined with a pretty black fabric. None of my ties have loose stitching, snags or tears. They arrived with no odor to them as well. These would be great and inexpensive for a wedding party. All budgets can afford these, which is great. Right now they are only 20.99 with free shipping. You can order these to unify a group outing, or event. Even for children, like Boy Scouting special events. It would even be fun to show up at a party with a group of people, all wearing the same ties. They sell all colors, including pretty shades of pink. Think of the fun women can have with those at parities. Overall, I am very pleased with this set of ties. I really can’t complain at all.

Here is one link with some crafting ideas: http://www.artistshelpingchildren.org/kidscraftsactivitiesblog/2012/04/13-cool-crafts-made-with-neckties/

And a link to learn how to tie a tie: http://www.tie-a-tie.net/

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I was afforded the opportunity to review Winnerbuy’s Mens Wedding Tie Wholesale Groomsman Solid Color Skinny Ties Lot of 5, at a reduced cost, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

If you would like to purchase this set, it can be found here on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Mens-Skinny-Wholesale-Solid-Color/dp/B01ASBUM0S?ie=UTF8&psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o07_s00

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