So warm and cozy. – Natural Feelings Oblong Woven Cotton Soft Frilly Winter Scarf Shawl for Women.


Fall is here, and winter is around the corner. I love the comfortable, cozy feeling of winter clothes. I am all for comfort during the winter months. I hate being cold, though. That’s where warm clothing comes into play. I tend to wear mostly cotton nowadays, due to my long list of allergies. It is so had to find quality, and warm winter clothing made out of cotton. I understand that manmade fabrics can be warmer, but they are unhealthy for your skin and body. Some of the fabrics have such loose fibers, that you actually end of inhaling them, which is also so bad for your body.

I was so thrilled to find this winter scarf from Natural Feelings. What an appropriate name, too. It is soft, thick, and plush. The size of it lends to the ability to do so many styles with it, too. Thank goodness for our online. You can find so many ways to wrap a scarf online, nowadays. I grew up with the basic tie knowledge, so I am loving the new trends. This scarf measures out at 6’ long, and 2 feet wide. That includes the fringe. My scarf arrived in perfect condition. I had no holes, odor, loose threads, snags, or any imperfections on mine. It arrives in a black plastic bag. The bag has a ziplock feature to it, and minute holes in it. This allows you to reuse the bag for storage and travel. I love the idea of less waste.

They state that the fringe has an oblong design to it, and is handmade. You can tell where it was hand pulled to create the fringe, and it does indeed leave a pretty pattern to that specific area on the scarf. I’ve honestly never paid that much attention to fringe before. I guess I’ve been taking it for granted, lol. I ordered the scarf in their pretty “Silver” color. The Silver color is really a soft palate of grey, pink, blue, white and beiges. The grey is the base of the scarf, and the other colors make up the pattern. Since the palate is so soft, these colors can go with almost anything. I really love it. There are two bolder color choices to choose from, also. One of which reminds me of the color scheme from a Burberry scarf. This is their “Black” color choice. Then, the last choice they have the scarf available in is their “Red” color choice. This one has a lot of dark burgundy tones in it. It’s very rich in color. Overall, this is a well-made all cotton scarf. It’s soft, and comfortable, and surprisingly thick as well. It’s definitely going to be a warm and pretty scarf this winter.

I received this, at a discount. I was under no obligation to leave my honest and unbiased review. – Natural Feelings Oblong Woven Cotton Soft Frilly Winter Scarf Shawl for Women


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A Fall beauty. -Ivku Commercials’ Women Plaid Blanket Scarf.


Fall is among us, and the cold breath of winter is at our backdoor. The positive side of all that, is the pretty winter clothing that comes along with it. It’s nice to snuggle up and be warm and cozy. I know I love it. Unfortunately, you can’t always stay snuggled up, and you do need to venture outside, where you are quickly reminded about how much you love the summer time. Your winter outerwear is very important. For most people, fabrics aren’t an issue, and Acrylic is definitely a warmth keeper. This shawl/scarf is made out of acrylic, and it’s huge. I measured it at 57” x 57”. I could be a little off, and by a little, I mean a tiny bit. Every time I tried to measure the scarf, it would move with the measuring tape, lol. It was quite comical, actually. The colors of this shawl remind me of fall. You have such pretty shades of beige, red, green, blue, yellow, and white in here. It really would go with pretty much any color. You do not only have to wear it as a scarf with your winter jacket. It’s so pretty, and flows so nicely, it can easily be an important part of your wardrobe, as well. You can add a pin to it, and style it just so, over your shoulders. They have pretty shawls slides that they sell, that you can add to this as well, for a special look. You can wrap it around your waist line, for another dramatic look as well. You can really do so much with it.


Since it is really large, you could be non-conventional and drape it across your couch, chair, or bed. You can do a no sew window treatment for the winter months. You are pretty much limited to your own imagination with this product. There is a little bit of fringe on this shawl, but it is very short fringe, about ½” in length. I prefer the shorter fringe. It frays less, and your product lasts so much longer. If you have to machine wash it, I highly suggest cool water, and placing it into a lingerie bag. Then, just drape it through a hanger and let it air dry. Acrylic has a distinct smell to me. Some more so than others. This product was much lighter on the “sweater” smell than other acrylic products I came across shopping today. It’s that time of year, and our stores are filling up with warm acrylic clothing and accessories. To top it off, they even include a pair of stretchy gloves with this shawl. The color of my gloves is a deep, bright pink. It’s a fun color, and my mom loves that color, so they will be hers. It’s a fun added bonus, and a great perk. You can never have enough gloves during the winter months. They get wet, dirty, or, more than not, you lose one glove, at a time, constantly throughout the winter, lol. That is a common occurrence. I really can’t find any negatives with this product. My set arrived with no imperfections, and arrived quickly. I can’t do acrylic due to odd allergies, but my mother can, so she is the big winner here.

I received this, for free, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. – Warm Winter Tartan Wrap Shawl Gorgeous, Stylish

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Fashion forward with aHook’s 2016 Georgette Chiffon Solid Colors Infinity Scarf.


My mother is a fan of infinity scarves. They are popular all over the world too. I consider these scarves like jewelry. They can really change the look and feel of an outfit. We all have our favorite pieces that we wear to death. Just by adding an infinity scarf, you can change up your usual look. That way you can keep on wearing your favorite pieces, without people realizing, lol. This particular scarf from aHook is lightweight, and well made. Mine arrived in perfect condition. Even with the lightweight, polyester Chiffon fabric, all of the stitching was done tight and on point. The scarf arrived with no odor to it whatsoever, as well. They do have this scarf available in other color choices. This is an extra-long infinity scarf. You can double loop it, wrap it around your waist, shoulders, hair, and more. You can add scarf jewelry, and broaches to achieve your desired look. With a scarf this long, you really have so many design ideas. If you aren’t feeling creative enough, you can find all types of ideas online. You can wash this scarf in a machine on gentle, and alone in a lingerie bag. Then lie flat to dry. Or, just wash it by hand. Another great point about infinity scarves like this one, is that they are great for any occasion. Especially since they are so comfortable on. Overall, I am really happy with this scarf from aHook.

I was afforded the opportunity to review aHook’s 2016 Georgette Chiffon Solid Colors Women Girls Fashion Long Scarf Shawl, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

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