May 7th and May 9th, two more anaphylactic reactions. They just keep coming.


I wasn’t even close to being healed from my weekend past with 2 reactions, when Wednesday’s hit. I ran out to my car to get some information I needed. It turned out that my mom had gone out onto the porch to eat some food I’m highly allergic too. Lol, she put a microwave in a cabinet on the porch, so she can do that from time to time. She really needs to let me know before hand, so I can plan on not going outside for a couple hours. When I ran past her down the stairs, I got in my car and closed the door while I looked for what I needed. But I had to walk past it to walk into the house. Within minutes, my throat slammed shut. Within having my nurse history, I still tend to be analytical. I so didn’t want another epi-pen. I looked in my throat with a flashlight to make the decision. Doctor’s have a chart they can look at for severity. There was no opening, no chart needed. I quickly made the decision to take my epi-pen. I had already chewed ephedrine and had it sit in my mouth, and the same with liquid Benadryl. Never delay the epi-pen. I thought I might not it through the night. It was terrifying actually, and I’m used to it. No matter which way I turned my head, it was almost just too much pressure for my throat. Albuterol, allergy meds, eucalyptus oil, and a ton of liquid Benadryl were used throughout the night.

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