May 23rd, 27th, 28th, and 31st. – Too many reactions close together.


I can definitely say my body is tired, and hurting. I have been having way too many anaphylactic reactions. And I have been having them way too close together. Between inhaling food smells, and touching lotion that I ended up being allergic too, I have had to fight way to much this week.

Some of these reactions have been slow onset. This type of onset, may not seem as severe to family members around you, but they can tend to be the scariest ones to battle. What you are not realizing, is because the onset was so slow, you’ve delayed administration of your medication needed to stop it. Then you are always trying to catch up. It’s like a never ending battle. You are also prone to more relapses.

My symptoms are still always different. You would think with so many, I wouldn’t have any surprises, lol. This week, I’ve had a lot of trouble walking with a couple of my reactions. Some due to intense muscle weakness, and some combined with incredible dizziness. It took about a week to get control of a wonderful infection that went from the inside of my mouth to my lip. The key to getting rid of that one was a combination of a topical acne treatment, which is really an antibacterial cream, and organic emu oil. I tried tea tree oil mixed with coconut oil, but that combination dried out my lips too much. Emu oil is absolutely incredible for your skin. It is so healing. I use organic rosehip seed oil and organic emu oil. The two of these are just so nourishing for your skin. They are full of vitamins and antioxidants.

What’s driving me nuts the most, is that it’s so hard to sleep. I always try to go to sleep more upright, but within 30 – 40 minutes after I fall asleep, I jolt awake as my air flow is stopped. When your throat is so swollen, lying down is hard. If you lean back, you can feel pressure on the front of your throat. Now imagine if your throat is highly swollen. Even just turning your head to the left or right can cut off your air flow. I end up taking Benadryl throughout the night also, because of relapses. I can’t stress enough, to always have a supply of meds throughout the house. You shouldn’t have to run and search for your meds. It could cost you your life.

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