An easy way to decorate your cake!. – DecoPac, Iron Man 2, Cake Decorating Kit, Includes Topper and Ring.



I think everyone in my house likes Iron Man. He is pretty darn amazing. I love quick and simple, when it comes to cake decorating, because I am normally the one doing everything from scratch, when it comes to the cooking and baking. This cake topper really stands out too. It is literally only 2 pieces to place on the cake, and that is perfect. It is such a great piece,  thst it really makes an impact without too much flare. The ring is about 1 ½” long. It has the opening on it to expand, but was definitely made to fit a child’s finger. The face itself looks great on the cake. I am honestly surprised at how well made the child’s ring it. It’s quite sturdy, and should last more than a day with my son, lol. The cake topper is definitely the main attraction in this duo. It is a tiered piece, and is approx.. 6 ½” in diameter. The tier is about ½” in depth. The effect is great though, and the colors are really vivid. The topper is made out of a thick clear plastic, and the decoration is encased in it. I like how they did that. It has the nice shiny appeal to it this way. It is also so easy to clean this way too, which is really important. It’s made so well, that it can be reused. That is one of my favorite characteristics about it, as a parent. I hate all of the wasteful stuff that accompanies a birthday party. I can see this being reused for other birthday parties, a Halloween cake, movie night cake decoration, and even as a bedroom door decoration or playroom decoration. Just put some double sided sticky tape on it, and hang it right on up; perfect! That’s what we are going to do after a couple of cakes, anyhow. It’s a licensed product, so the image is a nice one. You can normally tell when unlicensed images are used. This one is perfect.

Ironman Cake deco 2

I received this, at a reduced cost, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. –  DecoPac, Iron Man 2, Cake Decorating Kit, Includes Topper and Ring.

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American Pride! – Prextex Patriotic 4th of July Party Set Deluxe and Decorations Party Combo.


party set 1

We love our Country and think these are great sets to use any time of the year. They are definitely perfect for our National Holidays like Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day, Armed Forces Day, Presidents Birthday, and more. My youngest’s birthday falls on Memorial Day weekend, so they make perfect decorations for both. I love how festive and patriotic our home looks. In the Party Set you get 8 large plates, 8 small plates, 8 cups, 1 tablecloth, napkins, cupcake holders with American Flag picks, and 6 patriotic tattoos. In the Decorations combo pack you get 1 banner, 1 bunting, 3 swirl hanging decorations, and 6 tattoos. The bunting is 12’ long and the banner is 24’ long. They are both a plastic material and are weatherproof. The ties on them are short though. You will need to add some ties to it, to really be able to secure it outside. My husband used Paracord. I love these two sets together. It really ties everything together. The large plates are actually large too. You can fit a real meal on them. They are 12” long and 10” wide. They are not thick, heavy duty plates though, so you will want to watch the weight of the food, if your guests have to carry them around. If you are having people sit at a table with their food, then no issues. The smaller ones are 9” round and are perfect for desserts or appetizers. My son has been eating cookies and his bday cake off of them. He loves the red, white, and blue theme. The little flags are so cute too. I did not decorate cupcakes with them. I integrated them into his cake decorations, for his birthday. You don’t not have to use the cupcake holders only for cupcakes. You can make muffins, and use them for snacks, like M&M’s. You can line little glass bowls with them, and then serve yummy chocolate snakes in them, or candies too. What a cute look that would be.  These sets really are nice. I live on the coast, and my outdoor decorations have to put up with high wind, and even rain. They are still standing strong, and look great. I can’t recommend these sets enough.

I was afforded the opportunity to review these products, at a discount, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. : Prextex Patriotic 4th of July Party Set Deluxe- and Prextex 4th of July Patriotic Decorations Party Combo.


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Dress up time for your baked goods. – LiStyle’s Cupcake Wrappers.


Baked wrappers 10

I love to bake. I find it very relaxing, and fun. These cupcake wrappers really bring baking up to the next level. These are literally clothing for your baked goods, lol. You do not actually bake with them, but you wrap them around your baked goods after you are done baking them. They are open, and are just wraps. These are not cups. They wrap and close with a tab. You get 100 of them in your package. They are made out of pearlescent art paper, in a filigree cut out design. They are quite gorgeous in person. The cut outs are such a fine detailing. It’s impressive what can be done with paper. The bottom diameter is 2.05 inches (5.2cm), and the top diameter is 3.19 inches. They are also 2.17 inches (5.5cm) tall. So, the perfect size for everyday cupcakes and muffins. These are great for parties, brunches, birthdays, get-togethers, anniversaries, weddings, showers, and more. They are even fun to dress up you every day muffin to make yourself feel special. I made a batch of chocolate chip muffins to test these out, and they really did dress them up! I wrapped them around the paper liner cup. If you choose a darker liner cup, that pretty color will shine through, adding to the design. This is really a no brainer way to dress up your baked goods for special occasions. I didn’t realize how easy it was.

I was afforded the opportunity to review LiStyle’s Cupcake Wrappers 100 Filigree Artistic Bake Cake Paper Cups, at a reduced cost, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

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An easy way to decorate. – InPack’s Wall Sticker Lovely Cartoon Style Removable Mural .


Peel and stick decals are so easy to do. It’s a fun way to decorate, and perfect for those who change their minds a lot. These are literally peel and stick vinyls. They do not leave any residue behind. This particular set arrives rolled up, not bent and folded up. You need to apply these to a clean, flat, and smooth surface. This particular set has a garden like feel to it, with the two windows and garden bench. The graphics arrive true to the ad page. There were no surprises in coloring or design. They do look like water color paintings; soft coloring with a soft brush stroke design. Be creative. They can stick to any smooth surface; washing machine, fridge, windows, headboard, shower doors, walls. Doors. You can dress up dorm rooms, since these do not mar the walls or require any adhesive. You can decorate your loves one’s Nursing Home room. You can easily clean thee off. Just get some paper towels and some Windex. Remember, these are vinyls, so you will need to push them down once and awhile. They will start to pull away after a bit. The price of vinyls have way down too. I love that this set is under $20. It really is an easy and inexpensive way to redecorate.

InPack has a variety of designs as well. That includes precious children’s designs. It’s fun decorating your kids rooms. I know my kids have always changed their minds about their favorite things frequently. I wish I had this inexpensive option years ago. At least I have it now for my eight year old.

I was afforded the opportunity to review InPack’s Wall Sticker Lovely Cartoon Style Removable Mural Wall Decal Art for Home Wall Décor, at a reduced cost, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

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These make decorating so easy. – Twisty’s Tie-Free Balloon Kit.


My son is a balloon nut. They are fun to do, but I am not a fan of popping them when they are done, or waiting for them to be popped, lol. I have a past history as a nurse, and the popping always provides a possible choking hazard. This doesn’t remove the popping altogether, but it is a much easier way to keep them blown up, and reuse them as needed. This kit arrives with 20 – 7” Latex balloons and 20 twisty ties. To use these, the included directions are easy to follow. They also have directions on their ad page as well. Take the end of the balloon, push it through the center hole of the twisty tie. Now blow it up, and snake the end of the balloon through one side, and then around through the slit opening on the other side of the twisty tie. It really holds the air in too. The double loop helps keep it intact, and if it gets knocked out of one side, the air won’t immediately start to escape. There is a little fold up hanger in the center of the tie. You can hang them on a string this way, which makes decorating really easy to do. I love the fact the balloons are twisty ties are reusable. I had gone to getting the more expensive Mylar balloons because of the popping issue. Now I can use a combination of balloons, which will make festive occasions more enjoyable. This will also cut down on trash, which makes it an eco-friendlier option in regards to decorating for parties. Otherwise, there is always so much decoration trash alone. If you are setting up off site, and don’t want a car full of pre-made balloons, this will also be a fantastic option for you. These are a must have, and I am a new fan!

I received this product at a discount, in exchange for my honest review. Opinions expressed are 100% solely my own.

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