An easy way to decorate. – InPack’s Wall Sticker Lovely Cartoon Style Removable Mural .


Peel and stick decals are so easy to do. It’s a fun way to decorate, and perfect for those who change their minds a lot. These are literally peel and stick vinyls. They do not leave any residue behind. This particular set arrives rolled up, not bent and folded up. You need to apply these to a clean, flat, and smooth surface. This particular set has a garden like feel to it, with the two windows and garden bench. The graphics arrive true to the ad page. There were no surprises in coloring or design. They do look like water color paintings; soft coloring with a soft brush stroke design. Be creative. They can stick to any smooth surface; washing machine, fridge, windows, headboard, shower doors, walls. Doors. You can dress up dorm rooms, since these do not mar the walls or require any adhesive. You can decorate your loves one’s Nursing Home room. You can easily clean thee off. Just get some paper towels and some Windex. Remember, these are vinyls, so you will need to push them down once and awhile. They will start to pull away after a bit. The price of vinyls have way down too. I love that this set is under $20. It really is an easy and inexpensive way to redecorate.

InPack has a variety of designs as well. That includes precious children’s designs. It’s fun decorating your kids rooms. I know my kids have always changed their minds about their favorite things frequently. I wish I had this inexpensive option years ago. At least I have it now for my eight year old.

I was afforded the opportunity to review InPack’s Wall Sticker Lovely Cartoon Style Removable Mural Wall Decal Art for Home Wall Décor, at a reduced cost, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

If you want to order this decal, you can get it here on Amazon:

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