These make decorating so easy. – Twisty’s Tie-Free Balloon Kit.


My son is a balloon nut. They are fun to do, but I am not a fan of popping them when they are done, or waiting for them to be popped, lol. I have a past history as a nurse, and the popping always provides a possible choking hazard. This doesn’t remove the popping altogether, but it is a much easier way to keep them blown up, and reuse them as needed. This kit arrives with 20 – 7” Latex balloons and 20 twisty ties. To use these, the included directions are easy to follow. They also have directions on their ad page as well. Take the end of the balloon, push it through the center hole of the twisty tie. Now blow it up, and snake the end of the balloon through one side, and then around through the slit opening on the other side of the twisty tie. It really holds the air in too. The double loop helps keep it intact, and if it gets knocked out of one side, the air won’t immediately start to escape. There is a little fold up hanger in the center of the tie. You can hang them on a string this way, which makes decorating really easy to do. I love the fact the balloons are twisty ties are reusable. I had gone to getting the more expensive Mylar balloons because of the popping issue. Now I can use a combination of balloons, which will make festive occasions more enjoyable. This will also cut down on trash, which makes it an eco-friendlier option in regards to decorating for parties. Otherwise, there is always so much decoration trash alone. If you are setting up off site, and don’t want a car full of pre-made balloons, this will also be a fantastic option for you. These are a must have, and I am a new fan!

I received this product at a discount, in exchange for my honest review. Opinions expressed are 100% solely my own.

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