Sculpey – Shape it, Bake it, Wear it! Party with Tryazon


My husband and I do like to craft, and enjoy making many things. We, however, have not crafted with clay yet. Just the usual, playing with clay, that one does with their children. The Sculpey brand has been around for over 50 years. It is a tried and true way to craft with clay. So, it most definitely is a great brand to dive into the clay world, with. I was just so excited to be a part of the Sculpey – Shape it, Bake it, Wear it Party campaign.

We received an expanded version of their Bracelet Kit. The bracelet kit, for purchase, has enough for 4 bracelets to be made, and each bracelet to have 3 charms on it. From their website, each kit contains:

“Make 4 stylish charm bracelets
Clay colors included – Teal pearl and Pearl
Kit includes: 2 oz. Sculpey III clay, 12 decals, 4 plastic squeegees, 4 metal circle cutters, 4 metal bangle bracelets, 12 eye pins, 12 6mm jump rings, 4 plastic rollers, 4 toothpicks, and instruction sheet.”

If you are new to this clay crafting world, I highly recommend watching their YouTube video for the bracelet kit. It is so well done, and easy to understand. After watching it, I was very confident that we would all do well and have a great time. You will need additional supplies. You will need a little container with water for each person to soak their decals in, an index card, or thin piece of cardboard, to place their charms on, as they are made, and then to bake on, at least one paper towel each to dab the water away off the applied decal, and to clean off the squeegee and hands, a pair of small needle nose pliers would be great. A pencil to outline the decals with, and a pair of scissors to cut out the decals. I prepared the decals prior to my guests arriving, to both save time, and to make it more relaxing and easier for everyone. I even wrote everyone’s name on the index card, so when I baked the charms, no one’s charms got mixed up. I placed the charms on their perspective index card, onto a baking sheet, and then into the oven for 20 minutes. It went so smoothly that way.

The included instruction pamphlet is bright, well-illustrated, and written. It has cut lines in it, so you can cut it apart, and then you and your guests can easily share it around the table. I decided to laminate mine, so the instructions would both, not get ruined, and be easier to use with wet hands. Also, when laminated they are sturdier, and easier to prop upright, if needed. The charms need to be baked for 20 minutes at 275 degrees F. They stress to not overbake them, so set a timer, and make sure your oven was preheated thoroughly, first. The laminated sheets ended up being so perfect. We even placed a block of clay to be cut, by the outline of how to cut one, so each was done perfectly.

Now, the clay can damage some surfaces, so make sure you put a smooth work surface down, prior to working with the clay. You can use smooth cutting boards, wax paper, foil, baking trays, and the like. You will also want to make sure you wash your hands prior to working on the clay, and wipe them in between each color, so you don’t accidentally mix the colors.

Now, we chose to invite couples to our party. Many couples love to craft and do things with each other. It is no different than the pottery and wine nights, or the paint and wine outings, that you see everywhere. This, I think, is more fun, because it can be done in home. You can relax and cut up more. Serve food and drinks that everyone will enjoy, and really make an evening out of it. It really is a no brainer. We unfortunately had 1 ½ couples cancel last minute due to both illness and family obligations, but we still had a blast.
I also chose to buy some glow in the dark clay, in case anyone wanted to use that for one of the charms, instead of the included clay. I went to our local Micheals, and they had almost an entire aisle done in just Sculpey clay and accessories. Soooo many colors to choose from. I couldn’t decide, until I saw glow in the dark, and I thought that was just too much fun, so I bought that pack quickly and then bolted, lol. One can easily get carried away with all of those choices. You can check out the Sculpey website and see all the different things they offer. You will be amazed, I promise you.

I am really impressed with the decals. They come in sheets, so you do need to cut them out. The pamphlet and the video show you how to do so. You just place your circle cutter on the sheet, starting from the bottom edge, so you don’t waste any of it. Then, take a pencil, and outline the inside of the circle cutter with the pencil. Now you just need to cut out the circle with a pair of scissors, place the decal in some water, and wait until it starts to flatten out in the water, and the decal should come right off the paper, with a little swipe of your fingers. Now, you just place the decal on the cut circle of clay you have prepared, dab with a paper towel, to get the excess water off of it, and a light scrape with the squeegee to get out all of the air bubbles. That’s all you have to do. Then, when you are done baking your beads, you have a beautiful design on your bead, that would have been impossible to do without it. I think the decals are truly ingenious.

Some of us did go a little rogue from the kit. I had holiday themed clay cutters that I bought, so we made bat designs with glow in the dark clay. One made an Easter themed charm, and my husband made a couple actual skull shaped charms. You can really be so creative with this product.
Overall, I am really impressed with both the product, and the company. They really have done a fantastic job of creating well thought out kits, individual product, incredible instructional videos found on Youtube, and instructions that are easy enough for a complete novice to understand. Thank you Tryazon and Sculpey for such a wonderful experience.

How to video via Sculpey:

Scupley sites to check out and follow:
Bracelet Kit:


I received this product to test. All opinions are my own and honest. I received no monetary payment for my review, and I do not make any money off of the sale of the product.

An easy way to decorate your cake!. – DecoPac, Iron Man 2, Cake Decorating Kit, Includes Topper and Ring.



I think everyone in my house likes Iron Man. He is pretty darn amazing. I love quick and simple, when it comes to cake decorating, because I am normally the one doing everything from scratch, when it comes to the cooking and baking. This cake topper really stands out too. It is literally only 2 pieces to place on the cake, and that is perfect. It is such a great piece,  thst it really makes an impact without too much flare. The ring is about 1 ½” long. It has the opening on it to expand, but was definitely made to fit a child’s finger. The face itself looks great on the cake. I am honestly surprised at how well made the child’s ring it. It’s quite sturdy, and should last more than a day with my son, lol. The cake topper is definitely the main attraction in this duo. It is a tiered piece, and is approx.. 6 ½” in diameter. The tier is about ½” in depth. The effect is great though, and the colors are really vivid. The topper is made out of a thick clear plastic, and the decoration is encased in it. I like how they did that. It has the nice shiny appeal to it this way. It is also so easy to clean this way too, which is really important. It’s made so well, that it can be reused. That is one of my favorite characteristics about it, as a parent. I hate all of the wasteful stuff that accompanies a birthday party. I can see this being reused for other birthday parties, a Halloween cake, movie night cake decoration, and even as a bedroom door decoration or playroom decoration. Just put some double sided sticky tape on it, and hang it right on up; perfect! That’s what we are going to do after a couple of cakes, anyhow. It’s a licensed product, so the image is a nice one. You can normally tell when unlicensed images are used. This one is perfect.

Ironman Cake deco 2

I received this, at a reduced cost, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. –  DecoPac, Iron Man 2, Cake Decorating Kit, Includes Topper and Ring.

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Loving my Copper Moscow Mule Mugs from Kangaroo!


I love Copper Moscow Mule Mugs. I love the look, and we are copper fans. These are a little different than some on the market. They state 100% Copper in their name, but they are not copper, nope. These are stainless steel mugs, plated with real Copper. The handles are solid brass though, and quite handsome at that. It annoys me when labeling is misleading. Their real product description is on their packaging though. These mugs are 16oz mugs, and are a great size for a traditional Moscow Mule drink, or any other drink you would like. Just remember, with all metal mugs, they pick up the temperature of the drink you put in them. So, unless you like holdingkangaroo Copper Mule 2 hot mugs, like me, I would stick to cold drinks in these mugs. I also recommend hand washing them with a non-abrasive soap and sponge. They do give you the Moscow Mule recipe on the packaging. I tweaked it a bit for what I am used to. They do not give an amount for lime juice, and I stated one. Here is it:

1oz lime juice


2oz Vodka

4-8oz of Ginger Beer they state 4 – 6, but most recipes say 8.

Then garnish with a lime slice.

These mugs are very handsome. Aesthetically, they are spot on. I do not feel that the metal alters the flavor of my drink at all. I use stainless steel straws all of the time as well. The rim is rounded, and comfortable on the lips. The inside opening of the handle is on the smaller side, but is comfortable to slide your fingers through it, and cradle the mug in your hand. Overall, I like these mugs. There are no chemical worries with these mugs. Copper is actually healthy for you, and is recommended to drink water out of one daily for health benefits. They will need some gentle care to them to make sure the plating doesn’t come off. These style mugs always impress. They are perfect for entertaining.

I was afforded the opportunity to review Kangaroo’s 100% Copper Moscow Mule Mug; Copper Mug; Hammered, Stainless Steel Interior, Brass Handle (2-Pack), at a reduced cost, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

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So eco-friendly. – iZEEKER’s bent stainless steel straws.


This pack of straws is awesome. I love that it is an 8 pack. It is a useable size for a family. You don’t have to buy 2, which is great. We use stainless and glass straws all of the time now. They are so healthy to drink out of. No chemical worries with these stainless straws. They even have the comfortable bend built into them like regular straws. In this set you get 8 stainless steel straws and 2 straw cleaning brushes. The straws are a breeze to clean with these brushes. I store mine in my dish drainer, so they are always there. These are 9 inch straws and have a 5mm opening. They fit in my Mason Jar glasses perfectly. These straws can go into the dishwasher. I only hand wash though, lol. They arrive in 2 individually wrapped packages of 4 with 1 cleaning brush each. I love that these are eco-friendly, and we are not contributing to the landfill every day. Plastic straws leach chemicals both into you and the landfill. These are made out of thick stainless steel as well. They are not bendy in the least. I also do not have any issues with the straws changing the flavor of my drinks. They are comfortable on the lips as well. You can drink almost anything out of these. Thick milkshakes or smoothies, may not be your best bet though. My whole family made the conversion right away. I have never had any complaints. This is a great set from iZeeker.

I was afforded the opportunity to review iZEEKER’s bent stainless steel straws, 9 in x 5 mm premium metal drinking straws, set of 8 with 2 free cleaning brushes, at a reduced cost, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. This product arrives as shown.

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Color it up with Soucolor’s Premium Colored Pencils.


I love color. So it only makes sense that I like to use colored pencils. I homeschool my son, and nowadays almost all of the curriculum is on the computer. Colored pencils are inspiring and used for fun, but is also helps him with his handwriting skills. This Soucolor pack is a 48 pack of colored pencils. They arrive well sharpened and ready to roll. All of mine arrived in perfect condition as well. They are nontoxic, so your children can use them. These also have a 3.3mm core, and the colors are true. They cover pretty well while drawing. I did not have to go over an area to get coverage. I love the deep and vibrant colors. You can use these anywhere from doodling to art work. Premium pigments were used with these pencils, and you can tell. They write soft, and with easy coverage. The really cool feature to these pencils is that they were made out of reforested quality cedar wood. They have a hexagonal shape to them, and they are comfortable to hold and draw with. You really can’t go wrong with this set.

I was afforded the opportunity to review Soucolor’s Premium Colored Pencils Marco Raffine Coloring Drawing Pencils, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. This product arrives as shown.

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Solar power, perfect for homeschooling and more. – iLoonger’s T4 Transforming Solar Robot Kit.


I homeschool my 8 year old. I love kits like this one. They can really inspire and teach. I talk about solar power to him all of the time. But, seeing his face light up with excitement over the toy coming to life, was amazing. When we brought it out into the sun, and the dinosaur jaws started opening and closing, and the feet started moving, he glowed. We kept moving it from the sun to the shade, over and over. It was like an instant on/off switch, lol. When they say full sun, they mean it. We made the dinosaur option, but you can also make a drilling machine, robot, or insect. You can only make one at a time.

At first glance, when you open your kit, you may say to yourself, “Nope!” Let me tell you this, even though at first glance, the instruction book looks daunting, it isn’t. I was able to go through it and easily assemble the dinosaur. My son watched, lol. The gear box is the main assembly. The solar wires are fine, so if you have a bruiser like my son, you may want to do the gear box, and let your child finish the rest. This kit does not store power. It uses it immediately to power the product. You will get 1 green sheet of parts, and 1 grey sheet. You also get a little bag of parts and stickers. Each sheet is clearly labeled. For example, you will see A12 or B6. You have to look closely though. The letters and numbers are imprinted in the plastic itself. The loose parts are listed out in the beginning of the instruction booklet. To change forms, you will not have to redo the gear box, just the added pieces to it. The even show you how to undo your pieces. The instructions are all illustrated out, which makes it really easy to do.

My son knew about solar power. But seeing the dinosaur start moving, and quickly too, was impressive. He really was able to grasp the actual sheer power of the sun, first hand. You need to have full sun too. We went out in the evening too, when the sun was low, but it still worked when we aimed the solar panel at the sun. He had the most fun this way. It was so easy to use the shade as an off switch this way; on, off, on, off, over and over again, lol. This first hand truly teaches the power of the sun to your children. It makes solar power come alive for them.

I was afforded the opportunity to review iLoonger’s T4 Transforming Solar Robot Kit- Robot Insect T-rex Drill Vehicle, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. This product arrives as shown.

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Fun emoji Stampers from Yagoozon.


The emoji craze is here! They are coming out with everything in the Emoji theme. For kids, they are just the updated version of the smiley face. They love them because they are silly and cheery. These stamps definitely fit that category. You need to remember though, that they are a stamp, and a solid color. This package has 50 stamps in it. In it you will find 10 different faces, and each face comes in 5 color choices. They are not scented. Each stamp is individually wrapped, so they arrive in great shape, not dried up. The down side to this is that I needed scissors to unwrap each stamp. The colors included in this set are: pink, blue, green, red, and purple. Since each one is sealed, you can use these as party favors. You can give the set to a teacher for marking papers. Or, you can just let your kids enjoy and have fun crafting with them. They do have small caps, so they would be a choking hazard for little ones. The box is not stamped non-toxic anywhere, either. But, for older children, these are a lot of fun. I got ink all over my fingers opening them for the first time. It washed off your hands very well. I was actually able to wipe the excess right off with a napkin as well. It’s a pretty nifty set overall.

I was afforded the opportunity to review Yagoozon’s Emoji Universe: Plastic Stamps, 50 Count Emoji Stampers, at a reduced cost, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. This product arrives as shown.

If you would like to purchase this product, it can be found here on Amazon: