Makes it easy to start playing music. – Bentoni 16 Keys Nickel Plated Plateau-Style (Closed Hole) C Flute.


I have a background with music. I really still enjoy it. I homeschool my son, and now that he can pay attention more, and not be such a bruiser, lol, it’s time to start him in music. I played an instrument throughout my schooling, and I feel it really makes a difference. It really helps to open and expand the brain. Needless to say, I am just thrilled that I was afforded the opportunity to review Coolig’s Bentoni 16 Keys Nickel Plated Plateau-Style (Closed Hole) C Flute w/ Case, Screwdriver, Cleaning Rod and Cloth, Gloves in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. In the package you will receive the flute. Each piece is meticulously wrapped inside the flute case. There is 1 cleaning rod. You will find this located in the large body piece of the flute. Also included is a small screwdriver. You will find this underneath the large body of the flute. And you will also find a small container of grease, a microfiber cloth, and a pair of gloves.
The cleaning rod has a slit in it, that you just slide the microfiber cloth through. It’s important to swab out your flute after every time you play. It also important to remember not to place your hands over the bars, or keys while putting the flute together. You could easily bend the bars, and keys, causing expensive repairs. Also, you should screw the flute parts on when putting it together. This way you won’t bend the openings. Each piece comes with a black end cap to help pr0tect them when being stored. Keep the case for the grease after your done with it. Just refill it, since there is a slot it fits in perfectly.
It’s been a while since I have had the pleasure of picking up a flute again. I had a lot of fun. My son was shocked at how loud one could be, lol. He had a great time. I finally just gave him the head to blow through, to practice mouth position. That’s half the battle. The closed key style is great for little fingers, and smaller hands. It’s a personal preference really. There really isn’t a difference. The keys all worked smoothly and beautifully for me. The pads were all in great condition. The flute itself is beautiful. The sound is crisp and clear. I am really impressed with this Bentoni flute package.

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