Music and Sports. Synonymous in our home. – Number One Shop’s Red 4GB Waterproof Sports IPX8 Headphone MP3 Player with FM Radio.


Music is synonymous with a lot of things in my mom. My husband is the biggest music fan in our household. He does not like to go out for a run without his music though. And boy, does he get sweaty! I call him a human heater, lol. Needless to say I was quite pleased to be afforded the opportunity to review Number One Shop’s Red 4GB Waterproof Sports IPX8 Headphone MP3 Player with FM Radio in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. In this package you will receive one headband with attached earplugs, one mp3/radio player, one elastic strap, one USB charging and uploading cord, and one pair of spare earplug replacements. Also included is an instruction pamphlet.

It is not always convenient to carry our phones on us so we can use Bluetooth to play our music. Especially when you have phablets like me and my husband. We both currently have the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Having a player like this is much more convenient. We have used this style of headphone before. The pair we have now is Bluetooth though. This one is solely for music. It is a mp3 player and it has a FM radio in it. It comes with two songs already on the player. When you face the actual player, the player is the red part. It comes off the headband to be both charged and downloaded to. When it is facing you, the sole black button should be on the right. This button is the power button. You press and hold it for a good second to turn it on. There will be a blue light on when it is on. The red light is on while it’s charging and when it is first turned off. Now. The buttons on top and on the bottom of the circle are the volume buttons. The button on the top is volume down, and the button on the bottom is volume up. The buttons on the right and left are the scanning buttons, both through your playlist and the radio. The button in the middle changes it from radio to mp3 player. To make the change, press and hold it for a solid second. This player really can get loud! The music sounds really good too. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I read the only review posted on the sight, lol. So, I was expecting the worse. So far so good with this player. I live in an area with poor signal, so I could only pick up a faint radio signal. You need to scroll back and forth. When it stops moving in one direction on the invisible FM dial, you will no longer hear any noise when you are scanning through. Then it’s time to start scanning back the other way. It will not loop around for you. I have had no issues with changing from mp3 to radio and back again. I also didn’t have any trouble scanning through or adjusting the volume. This is a waterproof item, so you need to press and hold these buttons. The electronics are highly covered. I showered with these headphones to fully see how waterproof they are. The sound was crystal clear. My playlist of music looped through without hesitation. It never skipped a beat or displayed static. The water didn’t affect it at all. They say this sports headset is waterproof to a maximum of 3 meters. It is a 2.0 USB, and 4 GB of memory. You can put a lot of music on it or download an audio book. This headphone mp3 set with radio has done nothing but worked perfectly for me and my family.

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