So easy to use, and incredible video quality. – Conbrov’s T9 1080p Full HD Car Dash Cam.


This is my first ever car dash camera. I was just too excited when it got here. I had already purchased a micro SD card in preparation. Needless to say I was just thrilled to be afforded the opportunity to review Conbrov’s T9 1080p Full HD Car Dash Cam. in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. This product will have in the box: 1 HD camera, 1 12V power cord, 1 USB power cord, one window/dash mount, and 1 instruction booklet. The English instructions are toward the middle of the book.
I purchased a class 10 micro SD card. I found that if you do any video, you need to get a class 10. I also purchased a 16gb one. I feel that if you are going to be running this a lot, you should get a couple or get one bigger one. I went out today and used up just under 13gb of my card. I drove about 50 miles roundtrip. The instructions are so easy to follow. I used it today without even looking at the booklet. It arrived right as I was heading out, so I grabbed it and through it in my car. I was just so excited to use this today. The slot is open on the left side of the camera, if it’s facing you, for the micro SD card. The keys are clearly marked for power, M for mode, arrows for up and down scroll, an ok key, and a menu button that looks like a menu button on a phone. I love how simple those are. You use the USB cord to attach it to your computer. It will come up on the camera to choose between pc to USB to transfer files, or pc to camera, to use this as a computer camera. This camera has audio, night vision recording, picture taking. When it powers on, it comes on recording. I would power off when I got to my location, but when I started my car, it would power itself on, and start recording. I love that ease of use. The 12V power cord is really long. Depending on the size of car you have, you could probably set it up record out your rear window or side window. I cannot believe how clear the video actually is. I was so impressed. This camera is easy to use, takes incredible photos and video. It’s a win, win. I love it!

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