One very strong and secure magnet. – Direct Deals4U’s Quick Draw Gun Magnet By GERO.


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We have been wanting to try one of these gun magnets since we learned about them last year. There are so many more ways you can secure a firearm with one of these. Needless to say, I was beyond thrilled when I was afforded the opportunity to review Direct Deals4U’s Quick Draw Gun Magnet By GERO in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. This product arrives as shown. There are no instructions included with it, but they are so not needed either.

This magnet is one solid piece. There are two screw holes already in place. The screw or adhesive needed is dependent upon what you are attaching it to. The purpose of the magnet is to safely secure your firearm in an easy way. A way that won’t mar your firearm, and where it would still be quickly accessible in an emergency. For example. You can have a hidden picture frame some where toward the front of your home. So, if anyone was trying to break in, you could unsecure the frame, lift it up, and quickly draw out your firearm. There are an amazing amount of home invasions now They seem to come in groups of criminals, and they are violent on a whole too. The base of the magnet is made out of steel. It is thick, and should most definitely last a lifetime. They say it can hold onto your firearm in a 7 magnitude earthquake. I find that impressive. It does really onto it. They state that if you are going to mount a rifle or a shotgun, that you should use 2 magnets. Each magnet is rated to hold 25lbs. It really holds to. It’s absolutely nothing for this magnet to hold onto a handgun, that has a fully loaded magazine. To pull it off, just turn it to the side. They compare it to a door lever handle. I know a lot of businessmen, or small businesses, like to have one mounted under the counter or their desk. This really makes it easy to do. Always adhere to your state laws regarding firearm handling. Safety first, before convenience. I like there disclaimer and I am using it here: Disclaimer: If a weapon will be mounted to this magnet, please keep this magnet out of the reach of all Children. Please remember buyer takes full responsibility of this product.

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