The fun way to keep your drinks cool. – Kollea Drinks’ 6PCS Stainless Steel Chilling Reusable Ice Cubes.


Adult drinks are yummy, but are not usually chugged on down. I love my drinks cold, but regular ice can and does, water my drinks down. Adding stainless steel ice cubes, a.k.a., Whisky Chillers, can really be helpful. They help keep your drink cooler, for a longer period, without watering your drink down. The stainless steel version, is the new updated version from the soapstone ones. This particular set arrives in a great storage case with 6 stones and a pair of stainless serving tongs. I store mine in the freezer, but if you don’t want to do that, just remember to place them into the freezer about an hour before using them. When my gorgeous set by Kollea Drinks arrived, it came with a plastic storage case, 6 stainless steel chilling cubes, and a pair of stainless steel serving tongs. I washed my cubes and tongs, and placed the entire set into the freezer. Now they are perfect anytime I want to use them. These can be used with any type of drink. Even with your children and their apple juice. First off, these do not add any chemicals to your drinks. They do not add any weird flavor to your drink either. Each ice cube has a nontoxic gel inside of it, which is what freezes and keeps your drinks cooler. These are not ice cubes, and won’t cool your drink as much as they do. They definitely help keep your drink cooler than without them though. It’s a fantastic alternative. To really cool and keep your drink cool, I recommend using 4 -6 of the cubes, depending on your drink size. I am really happy with this set overall. They work perfect in my glass of wine. Overall, I love this set. I already had one set, and now I don’t have to share, lol. This are perfect for pulling out when company is over. They are definitely attention getters.

I was afforded the opportunity to review Kollea Drinks’ 6PCS Stainless Steel Chilling Reusable Ice Cubes for Whiskey Wine Drinks, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

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