The perfect fishing net. – Quick Fox Unlimited’s Bundle, Catch and Release Fly Fishing Net.


My family likes to fish. It’s an activity that all ages can do together, and is quite enjoyable. This fishing net from Quick Fox Unlimited is gorgeous. It comes with a really strong, magnetic release cord too. My husband was actually surprised at how strong the magnet is. The basket of this fishing net is made out of a rubber mesh. It is gentle on the fish if you are doing catch and release, and if you are fly fishing, will help enable an easy Fly removal as well. You can use this for any type of fishing. It does not have to be fly fishing. The craftsmanship of this net is top notch. I love the wood handle and frame. It has a beautiful two toned design, and is highly varnished to ensure the life of the wood. The basket was sewn on, so it is changeable if you damage it. There are little holes through the wood frame where the basket was attached with string. The hoop, area, or basket measures out at: “25 inches (hoop is 10.75″ x 16.75″ and 8″ deep).” The magnetic clasp clips on easily with a metal clip. It measures at 9″ coiled and 72″ stretched out. We do a lot of pier fishing, and this net will definitely come in handy. Besides the magnetic clip, this net also comes with a clip on stretchable neck lanyard. Both of these are perfect for when you are fishing in the water, and leaning over a pier railing. You can even take this net out when you fish from your kayak. Besides having a great reach, you are ensured not losing it, as long as you take advantage of its features. You don’t have to worry about the net dry rotting either because it’s rubber. This really is a fabulous fishing net. It’s a win, win. We are really happy about it, and are looking forward to a lot of fishing with it.

I was afforded the opportunity to review Quick Fox Unlimited’s Bundle, Catch and Release Fly Fishing Net with Rubber Basket and Magnetic Release Cord, at a reduced cost, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

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