One for the ladies! – New Design Beverage Can & Bottle Cooler Insulator Stainless Steel Koozie.



It’s time to be pretty in pink. Well, for me anyhow, lol. The competition has begun in the double walled construction, stainless steel beer koozies. This is number two for me to review. Yes, we even have the original Yeti one as well. My older son made sure of that. This one is not built up to the overall ruggedness of the Yeti, or even some of the competitors. It is however, made well, and functions well. The largest difference in construction and design is the “lid” of this koozie. It is completely made out of silicone. Even though it has threads built into it and the stainless itself, the lid just pushes on. The threads help keep it firmly in place. It stays put pretty well too though. A bottle can fit in here, but cans are really the forte of this holder. That is what I would stick with this product. The silicone is thick, and soft on the face. If you tip this into drink, and it rests on or hits your face, while drinking, this lid is soft and warm against the skin. Not hot from being outside, or cold, because it’s not made out of metal, like a lot of others.

This product is available in a total of 4 colors as well. So, you can get multiple, and everyone can be designated a color. They have the pink, black, navy blue, and red available. These are insulated, and will help to keep your drinks cold for a longer period than without. I can’t think of a hot can, lol. But, if you have heated coffee in a can, or bottle, this would help to keep it warmer, longer as well. You will not get that horrible can sweat anywhere, since this is a stainless insulated tumbler. They gave a cool tip on their ad page. They state to get the maximum coolness out of this koozie, to fill it with ice water prior to using it. Then let it sit for 5 – 10 minutes beforehand. That never would have occurred to me. It’s easier to just put ice in it, or to place it in the freezer. But then it is so cold to hold, lol. This is not made for the slim cans, but the regular old fashioned shaped soda and beer cans. Depending on the can that you have, it may be harder to shove the silicone top on, than with others. But, it won’t go anywhere once on. Overall, it’s not the best stainless can koozie out there, but it works, is comfortable on the face, and it’s priced well.

I received this, at a discount, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. – New Design Beverage Can & Bottle Cooler Insulator Stainless Steel Koozie – Best Sleeve for Beer Bottle and Cans (Hot Pink).

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Beer time. – Solstus’ Double Wall Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated 12oz Can Colster



It is not a secret that my family loves its’ stainless steel tumblers. Since the tumblers have become widespread and heavily used, new forms have emerged. My older son gave the Yeti stainless can kozies, as gifts for Father’s Day this past year. So, we even have those, lol. This particular Solstus koozie is a competitor that has hit the market. There are some differences to this one, that makes it more usable for bottled beers, than the Yeti can koozie. This one’s shape is just slightly different. So, it can easily accommodate both 12oz cans and bottles. It is made out of plastic and stainless steel. There is even a secret, thermal lock gasket, that helps to secure your bottle or can. It definitely held our Corona really well. It didn’t rock at all, in the Koozie; a perfect fit. The stainless steel is 18/8 stainless, and it is vacuum sealed, double wall construction. That is what gives it it’s great insulation properties. The plastic is part of the screw on top. It is threaded well, and easy to do. Just unscrew the top, and place your bottle or can inside of it, and screw the top back on. Then, just enjoy, relax, or party. Whatever is on your agenda. It is stated that this koozie will keep your drink cooler 10X longer than without. It definitely keeps it cooler longer, I can attest to that much anyways. I like the little added green color of this holster. We like to call it Zombie Green, lol. It’s a fun twist to a stainless koozie. I love the no sweat factor this koozie delivers. And, you do not have to worry about it rusting here on the coast, since it is made out of quality stainless steel.  It is just like our stainless steel tumblers. It’s comfortable to hold and use. It’s sturdy in construction, and highly durable. We have no complaints.

I received this product, for free, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. – Solstus Double Wall Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated 12oz Can Colster / Koozie / Insulator.

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Time for a cold one. – Buy Chiefs’ Stainless Steel Beer Bottle Koozie Insulator Twin Pack



We have become fans of the stainless steel tumblers on the market, and use them daily. Stainless Steel is such a durable material. It does not rust. It does not naturally harbor fungus, bacteria, and mold. That is why its’ the material of choice in professional kitchens. I am so happy to see the market expanding. If we buy specialty drinks or beer, they normally come in glass bottles. Drinks taste pretty darn good out of the glass bottles too. So, we were very happy to see this set. It is fantastic. Just unscrew the bottom of the container, and slide your bottle in, and close it up. This set is amazing. It has a screw top for the top to keep out nature debris, and bugs, and then the bottom opening, to place your drink into it. This set is a 2 pack. In it you get: 2 Stainless Steel Bottle Holders, 2 Stainless Steel Bottle Openers, and 2 Neoprene bottle sleeves, along with an ebook on brewing beer. You really can’t beat it. The beer bottle holders will hold most 12oz bottles, so you don’t have to drink beer to use these.

Here is a list of some beers the company says fit these stainless koozies:

Angry Orchard Hard Cider


Ballast Point




 Big Sky

Black Diamond



 Bud Light

 Bud Light Lime

 Bud Light Platinum

 Bud Light Aluminum



 Coors Light

Dogfish Head



 Goose Island

Gordon Biersch



Henry Weinhard’s Root Beer

Johnny Appleseed Cider


 Michelob Light

 Michelob Ultra

 Miller Genuine Draft

Miller High Life

 Miller Lite

Pepsi Glass Bottle

 Redd’s Apple Ale

Samuel Adams

Shiner Bock


These koozies are insulated. They have a neoprene liner, and the bottom cap, also has a neoprene liner in it. This also helps keep the bottle seated, quietly in the koozie. I love that they added a neoprene external sleeve, to put the stainless bottle holder in. Each neoprene sleeve has a stainless steel bottle opener attached to it too. This is the ultimate holder for parties/bbqs outside in the summer. This set up definitely helps keep your drink colder, longer! I had an unopened bottle stay cold for 10 hours in this set up. And that external holder, makes it so easy to hold onto them as well. Since they attached the bottle opener to the holder, you also always have that handy as well. It really is a well thought out set. So far, I haven’t noticed any problems with the threading on the bottom opening. Could they improve on it, yes they can. But, it is working well so far. Otherwise, I have no complaints. It’s a great, and highly useful set. Perfect for gift giving.

(The Corona bottle is a little too tall for the Koozie. It fits, but the screw on top does not.)

I received this, at a discount, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. – Buy Chiefs’ Stainless Steel Beer Bottle Koozie Insulator Twin Pack + Two Bottle Openers + Two Bonus Insulated Bags + E-Book + Gift Box. Pack of 2.

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Introducing The Hog. – SES Limited’s THE HOG 30oz Stainless Steel Tumbler.


Yesssssss, another stainless steel tumbler enters the arena. Please welcome The Hog! There are so many brands going head to head now. I love it. I am a huge fan of this tumblers.  I heavily rely on my icy cold drinks throughout the day, to help keep the swelling in my throat down. I have frequent anaphylactic reactions. So, if the cup doesn’t live up to my expectations, I won’t use it anymore. I do own and use the original 30oz Yeti tumbler, so I know what the name brand does, and I expect the competition to live up to the Yetis’ level. This cup even arrives with some goodies. It comes with a stainless steel straw, and a splash proof lid. The splash proof lid has the slider that you can push shut to cover up the mouth/straw opening. This further helps to maintain either the coldest level, or heat level, depending on your drink. Even if you pour hot coffee into this tumbler, your hands will not get hot holding this double. You can thank the double walled and vacuum sealed construction. It is always comfortable to hold. The cup will not sweat and make rings on your wood table. My cup arrived in perfect condition. The top has a nice seal on it. It fits and seals very well. I love that they include the straw. I always use one, and the longer stainless steel straws have been harder to come by in the past. Stainless steel is the material of choice in a lot of professional kitchens. It does not naturally harbor fungus, mold, or bacteria. It’s a healthy, eco-friendlier material to use. This cup is quite durable. Mine arrived in perfect condition. The straw has a lip on the bottom edge, and this helps keep the straw from falling out of the cup, as long as you have the lid on it. Do not try to pull the straw out of the cup through the lid opening. I tried it, and the second time I did it, it sounded like I was cracking my lid. So, in that respect, I do not know if the lid will be as durable around the opening as other lids I have used. If you do not attempt the straw pull, you should be more than fine. The lid is clear, and seals so well onto the cup. You can actually hold the cup by holding onto the lid only. It did not budge for me. There is a tiny air hole in the lid. This allows you to have a carbonated drink in your cup, and allows you to maintain that vacuum seal. There is also a double gasket on the lid. They did use food grade stainless in the construction of this tumbler. It is BPA free as well. They state that the entire tumbler is free of all toxins, so it is healthy to drink out of. The lid is made out of BPA free Tristan plastic. The included straw has a large enough diameter, to allow smoothie drinking.

(These are the photos of the ice test over a period of 24 hours)

I filled the cup with ice, and I did have some ice and icy cold water in the cup 24 hours later, as promised by the manufacturer. It fits into my car cup holder perfectly. I can also use my add on handle that I use with my Yeti. The top diameter is also the same as the Yeti. You can interchange lids on it. I have used 30oz tumblers in the past, where the secondary lids you can order, would not fit on it. So, since the lids all eventually get fine line cracks in them with use, this is an important feature. Overall, I love the name of this cup. They have it proudly displayed with a raised texture on the stainless steel side wall; The Hog. I also find it to be reliable in keeping my drinks icy cool. Overall, it’s a true competitor that can hold it’s own.

I received this at a discount, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. – SES Limited’s THE HOG 30oz Stainless Steel Tumbler, with Splash Resistant, Clear Lid & Stainless Drinking Straw.

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The perfect way to entertain. – Copper-Natural’s Luxury Moscow Mule Copper Mugs – Set of 2.


This gal is a fan of copper. I love the warm color; it really calls to me. Fortunately, these Copper Mule Mugs, have really hit the scene and are so popular now. They are everywhere. No, you do not have to drink a Moscow Mule to own one, lol. Any drink will do. In matter of fact, it turns out drinking water out of a copper cup is very healthy for you. If you fill your cup the night before and drink the water in the morning it will have not only killed off some bacteria in the water, but adds some of the copper goodness to it. You can of course just drink water out of it throughout the day too. It’s called Ayurveda. Here is a quote from one article I read: “Scientifically speaking, when water is stored in a copper vessel for over eight hours, very small quantities of copper get dissolved in this water. This process is called “oligodynamic effect” and has the ability to destroy a wide range of harmful microbes, molds, fungi etc. due to the toxic effect it has on living cells.” Now, let’s talk about the Moscow Mule. It brought about the copper mug as it’s drinking vessel years, and years ago. The Moscow Mule is a Ginger beer concoction.  A basic recipe I know is as follows:

8oz Ginger Beer

2oz Vodka

1oz Lime Juice

Pour over ice and serve. You can also garnish it with a lime slice.

Serving a drink in a real copper mug, like in this pure copper set from Copper Natural on Amazon, is pretty impressive, and a definite conversation starter. I love this set. It arrives with each much wrapped in a soft fabric, and I love the copper colored spoons they give you in the set. The spoons are a great addition. They state they are stainless steel, so you won’t have to worry about any rusting. They have just been plated in copper. The mugs are 16oz in size as well. I love the hammered texture. You will eventually get a ding and or dent in your mug, and the hammered texture hides these well. These cups are great to serve any drink. I live by the coast and enjoy islandy drinks. So, they contain vodka, but no ginger beer, lol. These mugs are made quite well. They are thick and sturdy, not bendy at al. They are comfortable to hold onto as well. I do want to war you that copper cops pick up the temperature of the drink inside it. So, ice cold drinks make the mug ice cold, and they don’t recommend hot drinks, because the cup gets really hot. I love hot mugs, since I am always cold, lol. So if you choose to serve a hot toddy, make sure you grasp it by the handle, not the body of the mug. They even give you a link to download a free ebook with drink recipes, if you want it. There are so many drink recipes online nowadays as well. The spoons they included in the set are nice and long, and help you stir your drink in style. For care of these mugs, I highly recommend hand washing them. It only takes a second to do, and it will help ensure it’s beautiful finish longer. Copper does change its patina over time. I love that with copper. This really is an affordable and gorgeous set.

I received this product at a reduced cost, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. – Copper-Natural’s Luxury Moscow Mule Copper Mugs – Set of 2 in Gift box, 16 Oz barrel / Cup – 100% Pure Solid Original Handmade and Hammered – Bonus : Two Stainless Steel Stirring Spoons, Recipe E-book.

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Veteran Owned and Operated. – American Brass’ 7.62 and .50 Caliber Bullet Bottle Opener Combo Pack.


I actually already own both the bottle opener and keychain from American Brass. I love them, and use them all of the time. My older son actually confiscated and has kept the bottle opener. The thing is made unbelievably well, and is so durable. It works perfectly, and has a very high cool factor to it as well. The same goes for the keychain. I kept that one though, and never let him touch it, lol. I was thrilled to see them available as a set, and even more thrilled to be able to review the set. This company uses only pre-fired demilitarized, bullet casings, from our US Military. How fantastic is that. I love that! What a story that makes when you present this as a gift. It’s nicely packaged, and ready to go out of the box. The keychain is made out of the 7.62 casing, and the bottle opener is made out of the .50Cal casing. These are brass, thick, and solid. They are not bendy in the least. They are not dirty, or rough to hold. They have a great patina to them as well. The keyring that comes with the 7.62 bottle opener, is a tight and solid key ring. This company is even a “Veteran Owned and Operated company.” It doesn’t get better than that. The surface is smooth. You could have the larger bottle opener engraved on your own as well. Or, you can do it yourself if you are handy. There are no negatives with this set. It’s completely a win, win situation here. You get to open your bottle like a boss, hands down. You’ll even get to carry your keys, like a boss! I most definitely recommend this set.

I was afforded the opportunity to review this product for free, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review: American Brass’ 7.62 and .50 Caliber Bullet Bottle Opener Combo Pack.

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The best bottle opener!!!! – UYIKOO’s Army Man Bottle Opener.


I review a lot of items, and occasionally one comes by that makes you feel so happy about it. This is one of those items. It brings you back to the kids Army men toys. I keep thinking about the Toy Story Movie’s Army men. They are awesome, and so is this bottle opener. It’s a no brainer, really. I think every home needs one, lol. I pretty much started playing with it the moment it arrived in the mail. It is titled the Sgt. Pryer Army Man Bottle Opener. I love pun humor, so the name is perfect for our family. To top it off, my husband is in the Army. See, just perfect. This little guy is only 4 ½” long, so it’s easy to hold, use, and store. It is also made out of die cast metal, and is extremely durable. You really can’t go wrong with it. To use it, just place the rifle over the bottle cap, and then catch the bottom of the bottle cap on top of the rifle. Then, all you need to do, is press down on his legs, and pop, off comes the bottle cap. It’s just so easy to use, and doesn’t look ugly while sitting out. Lol. When I first saw it, I thought of a new drinking game the guys could do. Let’s see them low crawl under a set up obstacle course, to get the bottle opener, to open up their drink. That would be both fun to do, and fun to watch. It’s the perfect bottle opener.

army man 2

I reviewed this bottle opener at a reduced cost, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.: UYIKOO’s Army Man Bottle Opener.

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