One for the ladies! – New Design Beverage Can & Bottle Cooler Insulator Stainless Steel Koozie.



It’s time to be pretty in pink. Well, for me anyhow, lol. The competition has begun in the double walled construction, stainless steel beer koozies. This is number two for me to review. Yes, we even have the original Yeti one as well. My older son made sure of that. This one is not built up to the overall ruggedness of the Yeti, or even some of the competitors. It is however, made well, and functions well. The largest difference in construction and design is the “lid” of this koozie. It is completely made out of silicone. Even though it has threads built into it and the stainless itself, the lid just pushes on. The threads help keep it firmly in place. It stays put pretty well too though. A bottle can fit in here, but cans are really the forte of this holder. That is what I would stick with this product. The silicone is thick, and soft on the face. If you tip this into drink, and it rests on or hits your face, while drinking, this lid is soft and warm against the skin. Not hot from being outside, or cold, because it’s not made out of metal, like a lot of others.

This product is available in a total of 4 colors as well. So, you can get multiple, and everyone can be designated a color. They have the pink, black, navy blue, and red available. These are insulated, and will help to keep your drinks cold for a longer period than without. I can’t think of a hot can, lol. But, if you have heated coffee in a can, or bottle, this would help to keep it warmer, longer as well. You will not get that horrible can sweat anywhere, since this is a stainless insulated tumbler. They gave a cool tip on their ad page. They state to get the maximum coolness out of this koozie, to fill it with ice water prior to using it. Then let it sit for 5 – 10 minutes beforehand. That never would have occurred to me. It’s easier to just put ice in it, or to place it in the freezer. But then it is so cold to hold, lol. This is not made for the slim cans, but the regular old fashioned shaped soda and beer cans. Depending on the can that you have, it may be harder to shove the silicone top on, than with others. But, it won’t go anywhere once on. Overall, it’s not the best stainless can koozie out there, but it works, is comfortable on the face, and it’s priced well.

I received this, at a discount, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. – New Design Beverage Can & Bottle Cooler Insulator Stainless Steel Koozie – Best Sleeve for Beer Bottle and Cans (Hot Pink).

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Beer time. – Solstus’ Double Wall Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated 12oz Can Colster



It is not a secret that my family loves its’ stainless steel tumblers. Since the tumblers have become widespread and heavily used, new forms have emerged. My older son gave the Yeti stainless can kozies, as gifts for Father’s Day this past year. So, we even have those, lol. This particular Solstus koozie is a competitor that has hit the market. There are some differences to this one, that makes it more usable for bottled beers, than the Yeti can koozie. This one’s shape is just slightly different. So, it can easily accommodate both 12oz cans and bottles. It is made out of plastic and stainless steel. There is even a secret, thermal lock gasket, that helps to secure your bottle or can. It definitely held our Corona really well. It didn’t rock at all, in the Koozie; a perfect fit. The stainless steel is 18/8 stainless, and it is vacuum sealed, double wall construction. That is what gives it it’s great insulation properties. The plastic is part of the screw on top. It is threaded well, and easy to do. Just unscrew the top, and place your bottle or can inside of it, and screw the top back on. Then, just enjoy, relax, or party. Whatever is on your agenda. It is stated that this koozie will keep your drink cooler 10X longer than without. It definitely keeps it cooler longer, I can attest to that much anyways. I like the little added green color of this holster. We like to call it Zombie Green, lol. It’s a fun twist to a stainless koozie. I love the no sweat factor this koozie delivers. And, you do not have to worry about it rusting here on the coast, since it is made out of quality stainless steel.  It is just like our stainless steel tumblers. It’s comfortable to hold and use. It’s sturdy in construction, and highly durable. We have no complaints.

I received this product, for free, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. – Solstus Double Wall Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated 12oz Can Colster / Koozie / Insulator.

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Water fun! – Kids To Discovers’ Prextex Mini Foam Water Guns.


We do not have a large pool right now, but my son loves to splash around in his small pool with water toys. These are also great for that. These can also be used even if you don’t have a pool. You can fill buckets with water, and the kids can fill these up with that. There are 4 in a set, and they are made much better than I thought they would be. I have seen cheap ones at our local store, and I though these were going to be the same. My son is a bruiser, without even trying to be, so I am happy with the quality. These are made out of foam, like our foam pool noodles. They are a lot of fun as well. Since people are ridiculously gun phobic, these are better to run around with, than a water gun. You will get 4 water foam guns and 1 inflatable beach ball in your set. Each foam gun is a different color. I received a green, orange, blue and yellow guns in my set. You can also just shoot puffs of air at yourself when not playing in the water. My son gets a kick out of that for some reason, lol. The insides are made out of plastic, which gives them their rigidity and durability. The water blasters are 11 inches long, and easy to operate. All you do is place the blaster into the water, and pull back on the end. Then to shoot, just push forward on the end. So, perfect for all ages and skill levels. The beach ball is pretty big; like the traditional size we grew up with. It’s about a 12 to 14” ball. If your kids end up throwing these at each other, they really shouldn’t hurt. Only the outside ends are plastic. The rest of the plastic is inside of the foam. We think these are a lot of fun. The water shoots a lot farther than I thought it would. My youngest was definitely happy about it. It shoots approx..10 – 15ft depending on the wind. We categorize these as a summer must have, if you have kids.

I received these, at a discount, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. – Kids To Discovers’ Prextex Mini Foam Water Gun Light Weight Soaker Cannon Shooter With Beach Ball , Pool Party Supplies, Favors, Gifts, Toys (4 Pack)

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