This steam cleaner cleans beautifully, and without chemicals. – SKG Electric’s 6-in-1 Carpet Cleaning Machines with Heat.


I love this steamer. I had one years ago. I have missed it dearly since it has stopped working. I am so thrilled that I have not only come across this one, but it works so much better than my last one. I am so thrilled that I was afforded the opportunity to review SKG Electric’s 6-in-1 Carpet Cleaning Machines with Heat in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. This product arrives as shown. You get so much included in this package. You will get 1 book of directions, multiple cleaning heads, 1 base to stand the steamer up in, 1 belt to use it handheld, multiple cleaning head pads, 1 measuring cup and funnel, and tubing for handheld use. This product can be used in multiple forms.
I love cleaning my floors with a steamer. It sterilizes to clean. No chemicals are needed. It is so much safer for you, your family, children and pets. You don’t have to worry about chemical interactions, fumes, bleaching of your fabrics, or waiting for people to go to sleep, so you can safely clean. The instruction booklet is easy to follow. They even have illustrations. Although, it was easier for me to apply the handheld belt without looking at the instructions. The instructions made it harder, lol. Glance at the photos only for this, and then just do it on your own. It’s really self explanatory, lol. The steamer is so easy to separate from the main unit too. Just push up the obvious tab, and pull out on the handle. The steamer unit will pull straight out. There are many handheld ways to use this steamer. you can steam press your clothes, curtains, carpet and more. You can clean and steam your grout lines and tiles. You can clean anything that’s safe to steam clean. You need to remember that the water tank is small. It is on all steamers. I think it’s a safety feature. You will need to add water to the tank if cleaning for a while. It takes no time to reach the steam level, so don’t worry about that holding you back. I steamed my kitchen floor and my smaller bathroom floor last night on one tank though, which is great. They even include the funnel and measuring cup to fill the tank. The tank is on the front of the unit, by the grab handle for using it handheld. It turns to the side, and then pull to open and fill. Very easy to do. The white cleaning pads are all washable. They are made out of microfiber. I washed my steamer mop one already, and it washed and dried perfectly. That is my favorite, most consistent use for this machine. I wish it came with multiple mop head attachments, lol. That is literally the only thing I would change about it. It does make noise when you use it. When the tank runs out, it makes a loud noise. I like that. It grabs my attention immediately. You can see into the tank, so if you can’t hear, you can visually check your tank while you are using it, too. This unit is solidly made. The power cord itself is thick and sturdy. It does not require a three prong outlet, so you can use it in any room. The handle height is adjustable, so if you are very tall, or perfectly petite, you should be able to comfortably use this unit. I absolutely love it. I have intense life threatening allergies, and I love not having to use chemicals when I clean. I whole heartedly recommend this unit.

If you would like to purchase this unit, it can be found here on Amazon:

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