Incredible sound and quality. – BrainyTrade’s 3.5 Jack Gaming Headset & Connection Convert Cable Adapter For PlayStation3 PS3 Xbox 360 PC .


This headset is amazing. We own both a PS3 and an Xbox 360 in our home. Of course, we all have laptops too. These are light weight, and super comfortable on. And it doesn’t hurt that aesthetically, they are pretty sharp looking. I am so pleased that I was afforded the opportunity to review BrainyTrade’s 3.5 Jack Gaming Headset, Sades SA-928 Stereo Lightweight PC Gaming Headphone 3.5mm Jack with Mic for Laptop PC/MAC With Free Headset Splitter Adapter and their Sades 3.5 mm Gaming Headset  Connection Convert Cable Adapter For PlayStation3 PS3 Xbox 360 PC,  in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. These headphones and adaptive wires arrive as shown. Together, these are a beautiful headset for either the PS3 or Xbox 360.
This headset was made well. The ear pads are thick and cushy. They use a pleather material. They do not make your ears sweat. If you are normally a sweaty person, I can’t promise this for you. Some people just have those internal heaters in them. They fit a man, women or child well. The headset is adjustable. The wires are all done well. The connection points are not flimsy in the least. The mic is nice and clear. It is quite flexible and easy to move out of the way. The sound quality through this headset is also crystal clear, stereo sound. I was amazed, and my older son was quite pleased. He has an expensive, Razer brand, headset too. He really like this headphones. And he is ultra picky!!!!!!!!! You can mute your TV, and computer, but hear the sound through the headphone. These are going to my youngest, because he can’t do that with his current pair. So I get to hear the game, and him yelling into his headset. It’s so much fun, lol. I love, love, love the flexible design of the actual headband. Almost everyone pulls off their headset one handed. This alone puts a strain on the headset, causing it to bend and flex. This headset was built to built to flex and twist. It’s called their split type de-compressive belt. It works, and I love that. These are noise cancelling too, and it works. It works both ways. I couldn’t hear the game playing through the headset until my son put them on my ears. It’s quiet for everyone involved. The microphone has a silicone covering. I love that material. It’s easy to keep clean, and durable. They include a splitter adapter in the package too, which works perfectly as well. The packaging is very professional and gift worthy. So many online orders have simplified packaging. These are perfect with our computer gaming, PS3 gaming and our Xbox 360 with the additional purchase of their adaptive wires. I love been able to use one set of headphones for both. The wires to do NOT diminish any of the headset quality at all. I didn’t know there were wires out there that could do this. It has really made my life more simple. Headsets are expensive, and these wires let you use one pair for both mediums. These are a great quality gaming headset. They sound is fantastic, as well as the mic. They use high magnetic NDFEB driver units. They are durable, affordable and can put up with a child’s wear and tear. I really cannot say enough positive about them. I whole heartedly recommend this gaming headset.

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