The perfect pack for the Urban Professional. – Gosee Tech.’s XMLUG Victoriatourist Luggage X Backpack.


Black pack 2This backpack is perfect for the urban professional / weekend ninja, lol. It has so much detail to it. As I became familiar with this pack, feature after feature became apparent. I am so pleased that I was afforded the opportunity to review Gosee Tech.’s XMLUG Victoriatourist Luggage X Backpack in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. This backpack arrives as shown.

The first feature that caught my eye was how well it was made. That will become apparent to you, as soon as you lay your hands on it. All the stitching was tight and on point. Everything was seamed well too. The outer material is a thick nylon. The denier value (thread count) is 1680D. It’s common to see 600 – 1000D for the better packs. It is far better than what you will see at the general store. We, as a family, own and have owned, many different types of packs, ranging from school packs to military grade packs. This one definitely stands out on the crowd. It has so many pockets, and organized areas. I am really impressed by it. Just looking at the outside of the pack, there are 6 different zippered areas. There is one on the lower back of the pack. This would be a great place to put your  personal belongings like your plane ticket, passport, etc.. This is because no one can pick pocket it from behind. This pocket is literally resting on your backside, and most packs do not have this feature. On each side of the pack is a zippered area. This area is normally designated as a water bottle holder out of mesh. You can still put a drink in here, it’s just s solid zippered area, better for traveling. This pack is TSA approved, and can go through the scanners at the airport. You won’t have to remove your laptop! The other three zippered areas are accessed from the top of the pack. I love the grab handle on this pack. You can see the steel cable through a clear plastic covering. Then layered over this is the black handle. It is comfortable to hold, and affords a secure grip. It is really a sleek, modern design. All the zipper pulls were done in a thick black metal. Even these have a nice design on them. The first set of zippers on the front, top of the pack is where you’ll find the storage for pens, calculator, note pad, ruler, and more. You can even store extra business cards, and fliers here. The middle set of zippers opens to a large storage area, I would like to call, the file folder compartment. There is literally a divider that separates the pocket into 3 areas, with extra storage room. This divider does not have to be used though. It does collapse flat against the interior wall of this pocket. This is perfect for either keeping your class work divided, or your business files, plans, etc., divided. I am really impressed with this compartment. Also in this compartment is a separate storage area for your mp3 player, or phone. It has the exterior hole above it to thread your earplugs through, if needed. The last, and rear set of zippers opens up the laptop storage area. There is a separate padded area for your laptop in here. This laptop pocket has a Velcro closure too. My laptop just fit in here width wise. It is 10 1/2 inches wide. Length wise, I had plenty of room. My laptop is only 15″ long. There is plenty of room leftover to store your wires, mouse, mouse pad, headphones, and more, in this pocket. To top it all off, this pack is pretty comfortable to carry. The straps are very well made, and they are padded as well as the back of the pack. This padding was done to help the airflow, and comfort value of your back and shoulders. Built into each strap is a storage area. On one strap is a slot to thread your glasses through. On the other strap is a mesh pocket slated for a cell phone. It is a narrow pocket, but my phone’s belt clip hooked onto this pocket, so my phone could be carried here while wearing this pack.

This pack is so much better than a briefcase. So much more can be carried and organized in here. It’s easier to carry, and travel with. And then, come the weekend, you have a sturdy, and solid pack to enjoy your weekend activities with. I am highly impressed with this pack. The only thing I would change would be to add a simple chest strap. Other than that, this pack is pretty amazing. I most definitely recommend it.

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