These write beautifully. – Angel Liquid Chalk Markers by Shenzhen ShangQiu Technology.


I have become such a big fan of chalk markers. They are so fun to use, and there are so many mediums you can use them on. These Shenzhen ShangQiu Technology Liquid Chalk Marker’s are no different. I was sent this set of 10 liquid chalk markers for the purpose of inspection and review. I do have to say, I had a lot of fun playing with them. They are now in our craft supply for fun to come. These markers are non toxic, odorless, dust free, washable, eco friendly and hypoallergenic. Now, they are washable, but off of solid surfaces only. Remember that, lol. These are liquid, so they will seep into porous areas. These areas are obviously harder to clean.
The colors in this pack range from primary to earth tone. They are bright and afford many decorating and crafting options. I homeschool my youngest, so our options with these are even broader. Chalk boards, white boards, glass, mirrors, any solid surface, all scream to be decorated with these chalk markers. I absolutely love how liquid chalk markers work on glass. I think they work better than most paints on glass. They go on without any dripping. They allow more precise writing and drawing. Liquid chalk definitely dries faster than paint too. You can even use a spray fixative and your creation will be permanent. These markers are chisel tipped, but you can easily write with precision. To clean the chalk marker off your solid surface when you are done, all you have to do is wipe it down with Windex or a wet cloth. Besides crafting, you can use these to write notes to your kids on their bathroom mirror. You can write love notes for your spouse. You can also decorate for the holidays and write messages on your car windows. There are so many fun options besides regular chalkboard and white board ideas.
I obviously really enjoy these liquid chalk markers and I definitely recommend them for hours and hours of creativity and utility.

If you would like to purchase these, they can be seen here on Amazon:

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