One refined Razor and Shaving Brush Stand from Slate Shave.

This is a very sharp looking stand. We already have a regular chrome one, but I am really liking the sharp look of Slate Shave’s Black Chrome Razor and Shaving Brush Stand. I was sent this stand for the purpose of inspection and review. I attached a photo of a set I had made for my son this past Christmas. I really think this stand looks fantastic with it. It’s very masculine and refined looking . The base is solid and weighted. You will not be accidently knocking this over. If it goes over, you did it on purpose, lol. The brush side fit our brush perfectly. I do know that some brushes have a fatter handle. We have one like this. These are normally the cheaper brushes. All you need to do is tie a leather or paracord cord around the handle tightly and leave a loop. Now you can hang it from the stand so it can dry properly and not have it’s bristles damaged. You can also do a leather loop to hang your straight razor from the razor side, if that is what you use. So with creativity you can use a disposable razor, a reusable razor, a safety razor and a straight razor, with this stand. I also like how the black chrome finish doesn’t leave nearly as many fingerprints. A definite plus in my book. I feel very comfortable in recommending this for any man who shaves.
If you would like to see more about this, you can see it here on Amazon:

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