Provides such ease and convenience with multiple electronics. – KabelDirekt’s 4K Ultra HD High Speed HDMI Switch.


Where have you been all my life, lol. This is what my husband and I are saying about this incredibly useful KabelDirekt 4K Ultra HD High Speed HDMI Switch 5×1. I am so grateful that I was afforded the opportunity to review this product at a reduced rate in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. I don’t know about you, but we as a family have quite a few electronic gadgets. Now we easily have the ability to hook everything up and be able to use them without difficulty. Advances in technology are just incredible. Sometimes it can be intimidating to jump on board with the new items on the market. I’ve had friends say it would be too difficult to have all that set up, so I’ll just pass. I have a hard time trying to set up multiple items, where it’s easy to switch between items too. But I still have a family and thus, more than a couple electronic items to hook up to a tv. For example: on one tv, we have a cable box, Blu-ray, and a couple vide game machines.
The 5 port hdmi is equipped with an automatic switch that switches to the newest activated port by turning on a device and returns to the original when turning off the new feed. If you are one who likes to keep all your devices on, then no worries, it also comes with a remote. No more hunting and pecking with your remote for the right feed for your particular item you want to use. Now you have a separate remote with numbers up to 5, that’s it. With keeping your cable box running through the first port, you’ll have no need for that pesky input button on your cable remote anymore. Now this box has a smart sensor in it. So when you turn your xbox on or dvd player on, this hdmi box will go directly to that unit. So technically you don’t have to use the included remote each time. If you are so lucky to have a 3D TV, this high speed hdmi switch box can handle that too. It handles great resolution and since it’s high speed, let’s your components run beautifully.
This box is so small too. You only need to leave approx. 4 inches clear around the box when set up, for proper ventilation. It really affords such ease and convenience with our electronics. We haven’t been able to find any negatives with this hdmi box. The quality appears quite solid too. I feel very comfortable in recommending it.

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