The perfect way to dress your fireplace – Deal Sumo’s Zecko Black Scroll Design Panel, Wrought Iron Metal Fireplace Screen.


This is a really pretty fireplace screen. It’s lightweight, so easily positioned too. I am thrilled that I was afforded the opportunity to review Deal Sumo’s Zecko Black Scroll Design Panel Wrought Iron Metal Fireplace Screen, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. This product arrives nicely packaged, as shown.
I was surprised, and relieved to see how lightweight this product is. It’s easy to lift and move into position. The feet turn out for a very sturdy hold. It doesn’t wobble or lean. It is made out of wrought iron. The mesh screening is also metal, and firm, not flimsy. This is a great way to update the look of your fireplace. If you moved into a home, with the old fashioned brass insert, than you can remove the insert and use this screen. It’s easier, way easier, to add a screen like this, then to buy a new insert, that will just get outdated. It’s larger enough to cover the regular size of a fireplace opening. It will help stop ashes, or burning embers from the flying out. Everyone once in a while, when the fire is burning, you get that one loud pop, from the wood, and things can fly. This would even be gorgeous if all you burned behind your screen, were candles. It is 36 inches long, and 31 1/2″ tall. It has a really pretty dark brown coloring to it, burnished. The feet fold flat to store it, if you needed to. The feet turn one way really, and sit in place firmly. The wrought iron work was done so well. It’s really pretty. The seems/welds at the joints were also done well, nice and smooth. I am a big fan of  straight fireplace screens, like this one. I think it has a more modern look to it that way, more streamlined. And it definitely takes up minimal space. And if your animal or child knocked it over, it wouldn’t hurt them. I am really happy with the quality of this fireplace screen. It’s so pretty in person.

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