Everyone needs a Santa Chair. – Marljohn’s Christmas Children Gift Sofa.


Not only is this chair too cute, it has brought a lot of happiness to my son. And that is priceless. I am beyond thrilled that I was afforded the opportunity to review Marljohn’s Christmas Children Gift Sofa, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. This item arrives as shown.
My son was so excited when I told  him what it was. Then the hunt for my handheld air compressor began, lol. This little baby has 3 separate areas to blow up with air: the bottom, the arms and back, and the head. I used my 12V handheld air compressor, and filled this chair up in about 5 minutes. I tried doing the bottom by mouth, nope, lol. My 8 year old is a big boy too. He’s bigger than most kids his age, and he fits in here beautifully. We have no leaky seems. The air plugs are nice and tight, and secure. They are not the flimsy ones either. I was worried about that. He has been bouncing around on it, and he’s good to go. It does not make weird sounds every time he moves. He can’t sit still, so if it did, it would be gone. There was no strong vinyl odor that there can be with some inflatables. We didn’t smell anything at all, so that’s awesome too. Fully inflated this chair is 32 inches wide, and 32 inches tall. It will fit a variety of sizes. And, there is that nice indentation for where the tushy can settle into. That way you won’t just slide right off. We are so happy with this chair. I am very comfortable recommending it.

If you would like to purchase this chair, it can be found here on Amazon: //ws-na.amazon-adsystem.com/widgets/q?ServiceVersion=20070822&OneJS=1&Operation=GetAdHtml&MarketPlace=US&source=ac&ref=tf_til&ad_type=product_link&tracking_id=cspprorevblo-20&marketplace=amazon&region=US&placement=B013W944R0&asins=B013W944R0&linkId=NUHHYC7WUPXZJMOK&show_border=true&link_opens_in_new_window=true

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