The torch will leed the way. – Outlite’s 878 900 Lumens CREE XML T6 LED Portable Zoomable Tactical Flashlight


This is a great and really unique lighting package. Especially at this price point. It’s really bright and durable too. I am not new to the Outline line of flashlights, and I have been quite pleased with them. So, needless to say, I am very happy to have the seller mail this Outlite 878 900 Lumens CREE XML T6 LED Portable Zoomable Tactical Flashlight – Rechargeable 18650 Battery, Charger and Free Lantern Accessory Included, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. This product arrives nicely packaged and as shown. In your package you will get 1 18650 battery charger, 1 18650 battery, 1 AAA battery adapter, 1 battery sleeve, 1 torch attachment, and 1 flashlight. It can also operate off of 2 26650 batteries, but they are not included. This battery compartment is a tad larger than others, and it’s for the purpose of fitting the 26650’s. You can hear a little noise when shook, of the battery movement. I’m using the 18650 with the battery sleeve. It’s only slight, and it does not effect the flashlight’s operation at all.

When my package arrived, I was excited to see that the batteries had some charge on it. I was able to play with my light right away. I hate waiting, lol. I am a tad of an LED nut. We do, as a family, believe in being prepared. And one of the easiest ways to be prepared for an emergency, is to have plenty of back up lighting. We believe you should have at least one handheld, one headlamp, and one lantern, per person in your family, and a set for at least one guest. Emergency’s tend to take place at night, and the power seems to be the first thing to go. We all also have an inverter in our car, so we can easily charge this battery on the go too. My husband and older son are both commercial electrician’s. They are almost always the one’s pulling the new wires, and have no conventional lighting already in place. They depend on portable and rechargeable lighting sources. This light is bright. It has a Cree XML-T6 LED in it. Cree LED’s are our favorite. They seem to have the brightest, clearest LEDs that we have come across. This light has 5 modes too. The first press turns it on high, the second – medium, and the third – low. Now, the fourth press takes it to strobe, and the 5th is SOS mode. This light also has a great and easy zoom function. Just pull on the front bezel of the light. That’s all you have to do. Your lumen count can fluctuate from 500 – 900 lumens depending on the zoom. It’s higher when you zoom in. The on/off button is the tail cap button. It is tight and responsive. The body of the light is made out of aircraft grade aluminum. It has a wrist strap already attached to it. I hate threading the wrist strap on. Sometimes it can be such a hassle. And, the front of the bevel has a jagged edge. We call this a DNA catcher. If you are out for a walk, ad get confronted by an attacker, you could use this flashlight to defend yourself, if you had nothing else. The edges are sharp, and would most definitely catch some of the attackers DNA on them. This only needs the one battery to operate. Put the 18650 in the sleeve , and so the flat side is at the tail cap end. This light is water resistant, not waterproof. It’s ok if you get caught in the rain, just don’t submerge this flashlight. The torch attachment just pushes onto the cap, that’s it. And it stays put pretty well. My son is in love with this attachment. He yelled, “a Minecraft Torch”, lol, when he first saw it. He has since claimed this as his. It does turn this flashlight into more of a lantern, which is pretty handy. I don’t have the ability to test the lumens, but it is definitely bright. I really like this light, and the price point is amazing. I feel very comfortable recommending it. Again, I was sent this light in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

If you would like to purchase this light, it can be found here on Amazon: //

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