Perfect to brighten up the night. – Triumph Innovations Xtreme Bright Pro Series Elite Lantern with Remote.


My family and I definitely believe in being prepared. The easiest way to start preparing for emergencies, is lighting. This remote controlled lantern, is perfect for this. I am just thrilled that I was afforded the opportunity to review Triumph Innovations Xtreme Bright Pro Series Elite Lantern with Remote, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. In this package you will receive 1 lantern, and 1 remote controller.
The lantern takes 3 D batteries, and the remote takes 2 AAA batteries. You will need to provide these batteries. The are not included. No tools are required to access the battery compartments, either. The handle of the lantern has two great features. It has a compass built onto the handle, and the handle has a pull out hanging hook. This is a great feature for camping and more. Anywhere you need to hang a light, this hook should definitely work. The remote clips onto a side loop built onto the top of the lantern. It has a great metal hook, and it’s easy to use. The battery compartment is on the back of this IR remote. Just open it and put in 2 AAA batteries. There is no on/off switch for the remote. To place the batteries in the lantern, the bottom unscrews. The battery holder slides out. Just insert the batteries, slide it back in, and screw the bottom back on. This lantern has 24 bright, and clear 24 LED lights. They offer 300 Lumens of light. This will really light up our room, tent, workspace, treehouse and more. Push the power button on the lantern once. Now you can use the remote to operate the lantern. TO deactivate the remote, press the power button on the lantern off. Test the remote to make sure. This IR remote will work up to 20 feet away. I love the remote feature. it is really going to spoil me, and now I will want a remote for all of my lanterns. The bottom of the lantern has a rubberized texture. It pretty much stands put. That feature I really like. I have a very bouncy son. My house is also on stilts, and in a storm it sways. This is a solid, well built, and very bright lantern. I absolutely love it.

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