Cute, fast and entertaining. – Holy Stone’s R/C Cement Mixer Truck/Dump Truck,Radio Control Toy for Toddlers


This is such a cute remote controlled car. I have three boys, and I have been through the gambit of them. This one is so cute. It just makes you smile. I am thrilled that I was afforded the opportunity to review Holy Stone’s Holy Stone® R/C Cement Mixer Truck/Dump Truck, Radio Control Toy for Toddlers, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. In this package you will get 1 RC vehicle, 1 construction worker, and 1 remote control. This toy requires a total of 5 AA batteries. Batteries are not included. The remote takes 2 AA batteries, and the car requires 3 AA batteries. You will need a very small Philips head screw driver to access the battery compartments. You will either receive the dump truck or cement truck in your order.

The car has an on/off switch underneath the car.  The cute construction worker is a solid piece and safe for linger fingers to play with. He is a friendly looking guy. He makes you smile, lol. He fits on a peg in the drivers area of the truck. It’s easy enough for little hands to do. There are no small pieces for little ones to get into trouble with. I love the colors. They are bright and cheery, and very friendly. I know some kids respond better to different colors. My youngest used to like toys that had friendly faces. The construction guy would have passed the test. He was soooo picky. You will need to turn the vehicle on, and then it’s operable from the remote control. There are only two buttons on the remote control. Forward and backwards with a slight left turn. There is also a little yellow button under the cement tank. If you push it down, or push the cement tank into the button, the car’s headlights flash, and the truck makes what I consider to be train sounds. It cracks me up. I also can’t believe how quick this little truck is, even on my thicker carpet. Most little kid remote control cars are too slow. My son never had a tolerance for the slow cars. He always wanted a fast one like daddy’s. This car is actually recommended for ages 18 months and up. It has to be my favorite kid’s remote controlled vehicle we have had. It moves so smoothly, and quickly. It plays music, and honking sounds. The headlights flash yellow, and even the character that comes with it is great to play with.

If you would like to purchase this vehicle, t can be found here on Amazon: //

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