This could help you survive. – Triumph Innovations’ Emergency Automotive Escape Tool & LED Flashlight.


My family and I believing in being prepared. Last year my son, who is a commercial electrician, has all kinds of tools. But he emptied his truck before heading out of town for the weekend. Two hours into his drive, he broke down, and it was 1 a.m. Just like being prepared at home, you need to keep supplies in your vehicles. Needless to say I was thrilled to be afforded the opportunity to review Triumph Innovations’ Emergency Automotive Escape Tool & LED Flashlight in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. This tool arrives as shown. It requires AAA batteries. They are not included. The top end unscrews, and an adapter slides out. Just install the batteries into the adapter and you are ready to roll. My mom had purchased these for the guys in the family, this past Christmas. My son now keeps this and other tools handy in his vehicle. She has been wanting one for herself, so this one is going to her. They work wonderfully, The multi-tools on the end are a little tight at first. As soon as you start using them, they loosen up. This is not uncommon. The tools are great, and made out of stainless steel. They have the usual finger nail ridge in them to pull them out. The tools included are: hex wrench, flat screwdriver, scissors, knife, slotted screwdriver, and a can and bottle opener. On the side of the hammer, up towards the tools, you will see a little button. Push it down, and the safety hammer pops out. This can break glass and ice. Further down from this button, you will see the belt cutter. This can help you cut your seatbelt loose as well as car seat straps. If you have a large car,  I would highly recommend having one in the back seat area. I used to live in Florida, and we would hear constantly about people drowning in their cars. You also want to keep it handy, but in an area that it won’t fly out in an accident, like the center counsel.  And attaching Velcro to one, and placing another one in a side cubby, towards the back of the car.  This is an LED flashlight. I love LED’s, they are so much brighter and clearer than regular bulbs. They are also very long lasting and durable. This flashlight affords 250 Lumens of light. It has three modes. Press fully for full on, press lightly for low mode, press lightly again for strobe mode. The blue ring is removable. With this on and the strobe mode on, it is a beacon for help. The light shines through the blue section. It should attract someone faster than a regular strobe. You can also use the bevel to defend yourself. It’s jagged and has sharp edges. This part is also nick named the DNA catcher. If you hit someone with it, the authorities will be able to get DNA from the flashlight. This is a reliable, and all around great tool to own.

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