Perfect for keeping your drink cool or warm. – Number One-Shop’s Neon Mini Red USB Fridge.


Sometimes there is no option available for a cool drink. This is a fun and efficient way to have one. This will also help keep your beverage warm too. Be it in the work place, away with the military, or on a job site and more, there may be no other way to have your beverage cooled. In other words, I am quite pleased to be afforded the opportunity to review Number One-Shop’s Neon Mini Red USB Fridge in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. This fridge will arrive very well packaged. There is also an instruction pamphlet in the box. The USB power cord is attached to the fridge.
On the front of this USB powered fridge is a LCD screen. On this you will find the temp of the room, the time of day, the day of the week, year and calendar date. There are also 3 buttons: up, mode and set. You will use these buttons to set the information. I was able to set the date, time, and more by myself, without using the instruction sheet. You can chose from a 12 hour clock or a 24 hour clock. You can also choose if you want to set the degree temp in Celsius and Fahrenheit. I prefer Fahrenheit. To run the fridge, just plug it into a USB adapter. Then, on the power cord, you will see a switch. Push the button to the 1 line symbol, and the cooling function of the fridge comes on. There is a metal plate on the bottom, inside of the fridge. This is the part that gets cool, and warm. The outside of the fridge, miraculously doesn’t get cold or hot to touch. If you press the power button to the 2 line section on the switch, you will turn the fridge to warm. This plate gets pretty warm. It is definitely a perfect place to keep your coffee or tea warm. The inside of the fridge is smaller. My 10oz bottles of cranberry juice and apple juice fit into this fridge perfectly. It also fits a regular sized soda can in this fridge. I couldn’t believe how quiet this fridge runs. You can barely here it run. My laptop hasn’t strained at all using it. I still can’t get over how cute it is. It really comes in handy for people who have no other way to keep their drink cold or warm. This little red fridge will make it’s way to Kuwait to help a soldier I know keep his drink cool. I feel very comfortable in recommending this product.

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