Great comfort and grip with these LMP Products Women’s Half Toe Bella Style Grip Socks.


These are fun socks to wear. They are also very comfortable. Watching me put them on for the first time was a tad comical though. My foot kept going through the top opening of the socks. I am quite happy that I was afforded the opportunity to review LMP Products Women’s Half Toe Bella Style Grip Socks in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

These socks are actually 90% cotton and 10% spandex. It is so hard to find socks made from mostly natural fabrics now. Most socks, especially fitness related socks, are polyester and even acrylic. I mean really, those fabrics do nothing but stifle your skin. Your skin cannot breathe well through those fabrics. It just sweats, and your pores get nasty and clogged. Exercise is supposed to be benefit you, not give you hot, stinky, smelly, itchy feet. Skin needs to breathe, and cotton lets it do just that.

These toe socks are incredibly comfortable to wear. The fabric is soft. They fit beautifully, and don’t slide around. Since your ankle is fully encircled by the sock, it stays in place perfectly.  The entire under sock is covered in silicone grip spots. With the ends of your toes exposed and the grip spots, you really have a solid feel of the ground your standing on. My son likes to bound onto me, lol. I can actually hold my place. I think my son still thinks he’s tiny, and he sooo isn’t. Be it vinyl, carpet, yoga mat, tile or wood, you are going to be able to hold our ground in these socks. They are surprisingly comfortable between your toes. I haven’t had any rubbing or chaffing. To wash these they suggest hand washing, and flat drying. I put them in a small lingerie bag and washed them in our machine. It has no agitator, so that works fine. These are definitely perfect for exercising, and yoga. I am very happy with these grip socks.

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