Perfect for any outdoor gathering. – Nova Microdermabrasion’s Portable Easy Pop-up Event Party Gazebo Canopy Tent V-series.


I am so thrilled that I was afforded the opportunity to review Nova Microdermabrasion’s Portable Easy Pop-up Event Party Gazebo Canopy Tent V-series 10x10ft , at a reduced cost, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. This product arrives as shown. In your package you will get 1 tent frame, 1 tent awning, rope, 4 sand bags, 4 stakes, 1 sheet of instructions, and 1 storage bag.
We live on the coast, and a tent like this is perfect for the beach. We go as a family, and a big area like this to gather is wonderful. Otherwise, too many umbrellas are needed, and we all know how well they work when it’s windy. It is always windy around here too. I am not new to pop up tents. I was so happy to see how well this one is made. It is well made, and up to the challenge. It took two of us to assemble it. I did most of it myself, but toward the end, I needed my son to help me expand it to it’s fully opened position, and then again, to help close it up. It’s easiest when one person grabs one corner, and the other grabs the corner diagonally across from you. To set it up, you first stand the frame upright, and then open it up somewhat. Then you place the top canopy on it. This is so easy. There is a large Velcro strip on each corner of the frame. On the canopy, on the underside, there is a coordinating piece of Velcro to attach the canopy. You do this for every corner, and now you are set to fully expand the canopy. Now, you need to pull each corner of the canopy into it’s locked position. You pull the top portion for this part. This was a little hard to do. It took my older son’s strength the first time we did it. Once all four upper corners are locked into position, you can then work on raising the poles. There are a few holes on each pole to reach your desired height. After it’s all set up, on the inside of the canopy, you will notice other Velcro straps to set up. This fully keeps the canopy on while in use. We set it on the lowest hole for our photos, because on a very windy day at the beach, that’s a good spot to set it. It’s great at this height since everyone is normally sitting anyways. The outside of the canopy is a bright blue. The underside is a silver color. It should help reflect the heat off. This pop up tent helps block up to 95% of the sun’s UV rays. The canopy is water proof 210D Oxford material with silver coating. The frame has a rust proof white powdered coating on it too. It’s made to withstand the elements, but don’t forget to take care of it before placing it back in the storage bag. On each outer corner of the pop up tent, you will see a plastic D ring. This is where you tie the rope to, that you also attach to each sand bag. There are also holes in each leg of the tent, at the base. You place a tent stake through each hole. These two items help keep the pop up stent stay put int he wind.
You can use a pop up tent like this for gatherings, the beach, picnics, art fairs, flea markets, bake sales, and more. They are just so useful, and so easy to store. I am amazed how something that is so easy to put up, folds up into a bag that is very compact. I am 5’3″ and on the thinner side. I have no trouble carrying the bag. It’s a great unit, and I am very comfortable recommending it.

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